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A typical example of an american culture essay

When talking about American culture we firstly mean the customs as well as traditions of the USA. That’s what we’re going to discuss in this american culture essay.

With the population of 320 million, the United States of America is the third largest country in the world. It’s no wonder this country is one of the most culturally diverse states of the world. Almost every part of the world has made its own contribution to American culture. That’s why it’s often called a country of immigrants. The vast majority of them are the English, who managed to colonize the country in the early 1600s. Today’s US culture has been formed by the cultures of Latin Americans, Native Americans, Asians and Africans.

A melting pot – that’s how this country is often called. That’s the true as it’s the exact place where different cultures have melted into one of the most popular cultures of the world, currently influencing almost all the parts of the world.

As many african american essays state, representatives of different cultures are «melted» in this country in their own unique way. For instance, Catholic Spanish-speaking communities keep their language as well as other cultural family traditions. Nevertheless, they’re perfectly integrated in the US urban community. They have fully embraced the American way of life in many regards. Emphasize this fact in your american culture essay.

According to the US government, America doesn’t have its own official language. The most widespread non-English languages of the USA include Spanish, French, Chinese and German. Approximately, 90% of the US citizens understand and speak at least one of English dialects and the official language of business in this country is English.

As follows from any african american culture essay, in the USA one can discover almost any known religion as religious freedom is one of the well-known achievements of this country. According to an ABC poll, approximately 83% of Americans consider themselves Christians, while 13% told they weren’t religious at all. The next 2012 survey gave the same results. It also unveiled that Judaism was the second most-identified religion in this country. Muslims took only 0,6% of all respondents.

As for American clothing styles, they greatly vary by region, social status, climate and occupation. In the entire world, Americans are mostly associated with such clothing as baseball caps, jeans, sneakers, boots and cowboy hats. The most well-known American clothing brands include Michael Kors, Victoria Secret, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.

In its early history, American cuisine has been under a powerful impact of Native Americans and Europeans. These days, there’re a number of foods commonly identified as American. Any african american essay would point out to hot dogs, hamburgers, potato chips, meat loaf, macaroni and cheese.

There are also types of foods and styles of cooking, typical to a region. Southern-style cooking of often dubbed «American comfort food». That includes such dishes as collard greens, fried chicken, corn bread and black-eyed peas.

The United States of America is widely known all over the world as an undisputable leader in mass media production, including movies and television. As the US Department of Commerce states, the USA holds approximately one-third of the worldwide media as well as entertainment industry.

The television broadcasting industry was started in the USA in the beginning of the 1950s and today American TV programs are popular around the globe. Apart from that, America also boasts a highly developed movie industry, mainly located in Hollywood. Needless to say that American movies are watched almost in every part of the world now. In 2013 Hollywood earned up to $31 billion.

We should stress that American culture extends far beyond TV shows and movies. For instance, Broadway boasts a rich theatrical history. As for American folk art, one can say it’s an artistic style, identified with quilts as well as other hand-crafted things. American music is quite diverse with a rich variety of styles, including jazz, rhythm and blues, bluegrass, country and western, gospel, hip hop and rock roll.

No one denies that America is a sports-minded country with huge crowds of fans following baseball, football, hockey, basketball as well as other sports. Baseball arose in colonial America and by the mid-1800s it became an organized sport activity. That’s the most popular sport in the USA, though for the last three decades it has been being gradually eclipsed by football.

Many holidays are celebrated only in America. Americans are used to celebrating their independence from Great Britain on July 4. Last Monday of May is Memorial Day. This day Americans honor those died in military service. The first Monday of September (Labor Day) commemorates the country’s workforce. Another significant American holiday is Thanksgiving Day (the fourth Thursday of November), dating back to colonial times to celebrate the harvest. President’s Day (marks the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington) is a federal holiday celebrated on the third Monday of February.

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