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Amazon ways of maintain its inventory

Amazon. com called itself "Earths Biggest Bookstore" because it has been placed as the best consumer e-business. It offers books, music online. From both market and supply string management point of views, Amazon has some problems and strengths. Managing inventory is one of the business opportunities to beat its financial barriers regarding the warehouses and shipping and delivery costs. Amazon employs some ways of maintain its inventories. It acquired your choice to outsource its inventory to reduce its inventory costs and also to sell competitor's products on its site to accomplish both managing its customer romantic relationship and sustaining its competitive benefits. As its competition estimate that Amazon. Com gets the highest percentage of the e-business bookstore. So, Amazon will try to share its information and outsources this area of its business to boost inventory cost and customer service levels.

1- Amazon'strategies to control its inventory:

Amazon found the decision of stocking the stores with all the current possible products was not the right one. Although that the client might choose not to buy if there are not enough goods in the stock, It decided to maintain its inventory in the season of 2000, following certain strategies. It started out from minimizing the warehouses, focusing more on the grade of the merchandise and the maker or the publisher of the merchandise. Then it experienced to decide the center of circulation it can send its products to and know how to receive and monitor the merchandise once it is at the warehouse. Amazon also made a decision to buy its products straight from the manufacturer to sustain its vendor's relationships to get the best offer from them.

Amazon. com developed a circulation infrastructure to provide its customers with the fast delivery from the business directly. Its distribution facilities have the great impact on increasing its products that are shipped and shipped extremely fast to the clients. The quick transport process comes out of the great availability of the goods to accomplish its client satisfaction. This network distribution is called manufacturer storage with immediate shipment which is one of the six specific distribution network designs. They have benefits and drawbacks. Through this network, manufacturer storage with direct shipping can be appropriated for a large variety of low demand, quality value items with several incomplete shipments. Drop-shipping model is also appropriate if it allows the manufacturer to postpone customization, and there must be few sourcing locations per order. Drop shipping and delivery is not be ideal to be used if there are multiple locations which have to shipped right to customers frequently. Amazon can centralize inventories at the production and then save inventory costs. Also, Drop shipment offers the maker the chance to further lower inventories by postponing customization until following the customer order has been put. However, when a customer purchases several items from several manufacturers such as Ingram and Amazon, this include multiple shipments to the customer and therefore increase costs. Also, this business model can has negative influence on Amazon's competitive gain by causing no entry barriers for competitors because of its acceptance and better margins (Chopra, 2001 ). In conditions of handling costs because the manufacturer has to deliver the order right to the customer, Amazon developed its software to control the split shipment if multiple items are bought. So Amazon must promote its information with the suppliers to supply the customers with the merchandise availableness and order control to save time and reduce inventories. However, Cachon and Fisher point in their newspaper" Supply String Inventory Management and the worthiness of Shared Information" that it or software supply the retailer the chance to share demand and inventory data faster and cheaper. They research how information showing whether it's traditional information sharing or full information writing between the dealer and the company affects supply string inventory management regarding reducing lead times and increasing delivery regularity by reducing shipment batch sizes. The consequence of the study they did is that the average of full shard information plan in supply string costs is leaner than of traditional information policy. But from Chopra's and Meind point of view IT must be totally distributed between all the stakeholders; suppliers and dealer. Amazon. com provides its customers with experience from starting to end and own the complete data gives them all the information they want about the product availability although inventory is situated at the manufacturer. At the same time the buyers should have an obvious idea about the order processing that is placed at the retailer. By buying such something, Amazon could achieve higher level of customers services because the info is directly from the customers in the system. As the company expands its functions, these systems are replicated across the circulation centers. Amazon. com's case is a good cases that illustrates how evolving industry specifications can affect data-sharing strategies between customers and suppliers because it will not stock all the books promoted on its site, but shares customers' order data with suppliers to rate customers' orders. . This technique solves the condition of inventory costs because Amazon. com spent US300m in 1999 to clothing the 3 million square toes of warehouse space. Finally Amazon doesn't need to stock every single item in the warehouse. Instead of that, the vendors or their sellers will send the merchandise without ever being stocked on the racks of the warehouses. So, it began to develop its software to increase competitive stresses on all online retailers generally speaking and rearrange its warehouses in different regions specifically. Amazon's unique strategy is described as change and growing strong competition. Its systems and network infrastructure boost the traffic on its Web site and expanding sales quantity through its transaction-processing systems. Amazon's priority regarding its network distribution and software is to prevent the unanticipated system disruptions, slower response times, weakens customer support and impaired quality and velocity of order fulfillment, or the postpone in encouraging the customer with the correct financial information.

2) Outsourcing techniques its inventory management:

I think Amazon got taken the right decision to outsource its inventory management. Regarding Amazon didn't outsourced most of its inventories but it keeps its popular ounces. This was a great decision for most reasons; the major ounces are to decrease its costs and give particular concern on it core activities. It partnered with other marketers for shipping the inventory like Ingram Micro and Cell Celebrity. At the time the partners shipped the items, Amazon concentrated on its e-commerce know-how. Also, Amazon maintained order fulfillment while Toys "R" Us handled the supply processes. Amazon outsourced a lot of its fulfillment. Though it purchased more than 4. 5 million square ft of warehouse space worldwide by the end of 2000, it is using only 40 percent of its warehouse space. Through outsourcing; Amazon boosts its efficiencies in syndication. From a another point of view there are a few risks of outsourcing because of the complexity, bafflement or unclear decision making, and broken information moves in decentralizing, which can be corrected

by redesigning operations and enhancing information systems. Others believes that small companies only can get benefit from outsourcing or alternative party because they want experience and helps in technology. However outsourcing leads large companies to obtain complex resource chains and many syndication managers (Razzaque and Cheng 1998). Amazon' outsourcing inventory contributes to revenue through providing its employees and users with the techniques and ways of maintain the firm's competitive benefit, adding value to the products, enriching customer service and helping in beginning new markets. Among the benefits of third party logistics is providing provide their customers experience that otherwise would be hard to obtain in-house. An company should consider certain criteria in outsourcing process such as quality, capacity, labor, arranging and skill to be important in a make-or-buy decision (Razzaque and Cheng 1998). In Amazon's case, it experienced an arrangement with Ingram Micro Inc because it is one of the largest wholesale of electronic digital goods to provide logistics to services for pcs at Amazon. com. Additionally, they have great experience in distributing process and customer satisfaction.

3- Offering others products on its website

The idea of selling other competitors products on Amazon's site is very profitable because the clients can be familiar with the costs of other's product compared with Amazon. This provides the company with an increase of gains without making advertising with their low price products. It starts new stores on its site to give greater availability of the merchandise and draw more customers. It offers the customers the chance to utilize Amazon to buy more than literature and music especially because Amazon treated the site requests, while the third party company completed the inventory. It could seem at first a customer always wants the highest level of performance along each one of these dimensions. Used, however, this isn't always the case. Customers buying a reserve at Amazon. com are prepared to wait much longer than the ones that drive to a nearby Edges store to receive the same booklet. Customers have advantages to discover a variety of catalogs at Amazon set alongside the Borders store. Alternatively, firms that aim for customers who value short response times need to locate near to them. These firms will need to have many facilities, with each location having a low capacity. Thus, a reduction in the response time customers desire escalates the volume of facilities required in the network. For instance, Borders provides its customers with books on the same day but requires about 400 stores to achieve this goal for most of the United States. Amazon, on the other side, takes about a week to deliver a e book to its customers, but only uses about 5 locations to store its books.

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