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All Toys E Business Plan Marketing Essay

Objective: All Gadgets' vision is usually to be the World's Greatest Kids' Brand vacation spot on the internet, not only offering parents and people a broad collection of products but to also create a magical playtime ram along with every day essentials, being able to provide the resources essential to keep their kids safe and happy.

The aim of this e-business plan is to help our business offer with the complicated problems that we may face once we develop a reaction to the e-business obstacle.

Value Proposition

All Gadgets is a new Web-based company that provides toys online. All Toys does not have toy stores, salespeople, or perhaps a delivery system. It requires orders over the net and then uses an established shipping company to deliver products to its customers.


All Gadgets Inc. is a leading online merchant of children's gadgets and products. Though it emphasis is toys and games, its aims to market parents a broad selection of products that their kids may want or need. Their complete product lines consist of more than 50, 000 stock products such as children's catalogs, music, as well as toys and games.

Its extensive selection of toy products contains mass-market items such as dolls and Legos, and also other products to focus in different flavor. Altogether, All Toys and games holds over 500 brands which are sold exclusively on the Internet.

Its internet site catalogs contain a variety of products, and customers may use the site's advanced search capabilities to find items by a variety of strategies. For example, consumers can search All Playthings for playthings of a particular shape, color or brand. On a regular basis the site will be updated with a list of ideas of Bestsellers, Favorites and most popular. Additionally, All Gadgets website allows consumers to sign up and register in which they will get a birthday reminder service. The company notifies consumers by e-mail before a child's birthday, and appends a set of gifts appropriate for that age group.

The site also offers a Wish List service. Children or their parents can utilize it to e-mail friends and family associates lists of the gift ideas they most expect. The site also allows children to try out games and other fun activities, while parents search for tips, advice and other product ideas

The benefits of a fresh company like All toys and games are that they:

Sell products to consumers at the cheapest price possible

It's a area of expertise online toy store - Market items and markets

It hires architects and designers familiar with the latest software techniques. The coders feel safe with items, components, and sent out systems design. They use Java latest program machines to quickly build a powerful, scalable Internet business application, and they design their applications for progress and change.

Costs and Value

As a leading online merchant, All Toys and games must have the ability to deliver whatever is best because of its customers and its prospective customers. This consists of providing excellent customer support, being able to deliver its products in the quickest time and allowing customers to choose and compare the costs amongst the great selection of products that All Gadgets offer.

All Toys as an E-business will have a competitive benefits between other toy companies, as the next process brings value to its business businesses:

Cost-effective communication and online marketing strategy - Because your business environment becomes a center point of your communication, e-business gives you a essential web presence (24/7 web service)

Reaching new markets across the globe - The internet allow businesses to target consumers from across the world and customers can gain access to resources from across the globe

Minimize marketing costs - online advertising is not often less expensive than traditional advertising.

Ordering Process - Implementing an online purchasing system gives you to eliminate the price of paper work and communication costs such as cell phone lines and standard phone calls. It also supplies the likelihood of integrating your sales order system with order fulfillment and delivery so customers can depend on accelerate on the progress of their orders at all times.

Potential market


The explosion of the internet get older has obligated e-businesses to contend with the long ranking structure of traditional businesses (William, 2006). Although e-business offers limitless opportunities for both businesses and consumers. The main one main factor that fluctuate e-business from traditional businesses is the technology that underpins the business enterprise itself. E-business is built electronically over a network, therefore with out a network it's completely impossible for an e-business to make it through.


Local businesses that compete for the same pool of local customers can be quite threatening to online businesses such as All Toys. Unlike traditional business who is able to gain trust from its possible customers through a upright, personal contact, the web removes the customers' privileges to experience such personal connection with both products and corporation they would like to buy the products from. In traditional business, customers come to a store and also have personal connections with the organization through its sales rep and then, possibly, have personal contact with the product. These types of experience somehow develop trust towards the business and are very important for certain types of product.

For example, Customers who purchases toy products at their local toy store will have a much better impression of the store through the connection and communication they have got with the salesperson. Because of this they gain a better understanding of the store itself and folks within it. However, through an e-business store, customers are interacting with a web user interface that shows nothing else but a website within a screen. Thereby, it is more challenging to look for the reliability and assurance of the website. Also, when a product is faulty, with a normal business, customers have the ability to exchange the product immediately during business time. However, it is a lot more difficult to get this done through the web, due to procedures and other methods that should be done. This could take up to several times or weeks following the complaint.

Nevertheless, All Playthings has an advantages in that they aim for to a particular niche or portion of the market, which in cases like this are children and their parents. Traditional businesses have a drawback against e-businesses in that they are pressured to choose a spot where they imagine to draw in their customer basic; however it is a lot more difficult given the amount of adaptability in which a physical store has. For instance, when you yourself have a physical store, there is not a great deal of room for error. You can only just personalize your store, marketing, and product to a small magnitude. With an e-business, you can certainly do significant customization, and change how and what you market, depending on your business performance (William, 2006).

Moreover, the most important difference is the fact e-businesses cost very little upfront in comparison with traditional businesses. Starting a company on the web doesn't have the burden of your physical storefront and any expenses that accompany it. The vast majority of e-businesses are much better to use for the customer, most sales and acquisitions can be done from the comfort of home.


As competition increase in the global market, customers have a wide range of products to choose from and compare. One of All Gadgets major rivals are Amazon. com, Ebay. com and the traditional businesses. These organizations give a similar service with a wide range of products ranging from books, toys to music. However, All Gadgets differentiate itself in that it pledges its customers this "We bring the toy store for you", wanting to highlight the capability of at-home shopping versus the crowded scramble at the shopping center.

William, S. (2006). Traditional Business vs. E-Business. Retrieved 27th Apr 2011 from http://www. ehow. com/facts_5903880_traditional-business-vs_-e_business. html

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