Agriculture and the Natural Environment Dissertation


Agricultural activity is the first human's activity on the organic ecosystem. It not only improvements the local natural ecosystem but it also has a big impact on the ecological environment. When a large number of scholars find back the historical beginnings of the complications of environmental environment, naturally they will be matter about the conventional mode of agricultural development, even back to the age when the foundation of traditional agricultural technology system was created. Agricultural expansion for thousands of years the two created a wonderful civilization, but also accumulated a lot of environmental concerns. The negative effects both affect the prevailing farming production and left some bad condition to future generations. From this paper, the complete process of the impact of human being activities on natural ecology was talked about to provide even more adequate traditional basis intended for future environmental protection.

Effect on the environmental environment of ancient agriculture

In simple societies, a large number of forests were destroyed. People deforested to stave off the wild animals, develop farmlands and make houses. The disafforestation triggered great damage to the forest and the family pets inhabited generally there. Easter Tropical isle once got lots of jungles. There are a lot of statues made by rock in Easter Island (Hughes, 102). Statue and transportation required a mass of mainpower and resources. Consequently , the semitropical forests in the island disappeared after deforestation. There were zero raw materials intended for shipbuilding and transportation in the statues without edible wildlife because of the termination of tree species. In 1774, Europeans came to this island then, kidnapped local people as slaves, brought infectious diseases such as smallpox and introduced shee...

... ulgated in many countries, which usually play a significant role within the protection of agricultural environmental environment. The "ecological agriculture" is a fresh type of gardening production systems which is the modernization of agriculture will go into a street with affordable ecology and will achieve lasting agricultural creation. The "ecological agriculture" is a only way to promote the sustainable advancement agriculture in modern community.

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