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Ethical problem in the against the death penalty essay

Against the death penalty essay touches one of the most difficult problem – the questions of admissibility of murder. Whether one person can take the life of another or not? This question has been discussed thousand and thousand of time and still remains unresolved. If you are going to write essay against the death penalty you have to clarify your position on this issue at first. Maybe you have it already. In any case, read popular arguments for and against the death penalty essay. Maybe you will find that you have new arguments on this issue – they will make your essay more interesting.

Arguments for the death penalty

People who support the death penalty often use concepts of deterrence and retribution. The concept of deterrence presumes that the very existence of the capital punishment will stop some of the future intruders of a serious crime. The concept of retribution requires the symmetrical punishment for those who have committed a serious crime. This idea is popular since Old Testament times and says that the punishment should fit the crime. Supporters of the death penalty often say that when society cancels the institution of the capital punishment, it underestimates the right to live. By saying this they mean, that society not enough values the right to live of victims. On the other side, the person who has taken someone’s life undervalues the rights to live too. So if this person will escape from the death penalty, the human life will be undervalued. You see, this is a very difficult question, due to the logic of retribution. If you are going to cancel the death penalty you underestimate the human’s life. But if you are supporter of the capital punishment – you are supporting death too. So this discussion requires a certain flexibility of thinking from their panelists. Basically, both of sides build their logical reasoning based on the idea of the highest value of a human’s life. However, they always come to different conclusions.

Arguments against the death penalty

Good essays against the death penalty should include arguments from the both sides. We’ve already discussed the main arguments that supporters of the capital punishment use, now it is the time to talk about arguments against the death penalty. Most of such arguments are ethical in their nature. The main idea - it is wrong to kill any person and people have no right to do this. They think that when the state kills someone it gives the wrong message to the whole country. Think about this. Really, if the state can do this, than killing people is normally permissible? People who oppose the death penalty very often use the example: «If you will hit your child, can you say than that hit somebody is bad?» It is an interesting argument, you should think about it when you will write your essay.

The second strong argument against the death penalty is that such system can possibly kill innocent people. Think about it. Any system can make mistakes and the judicial system is not an exception. If there is no capital punishment in the country, wrongly convicted people can be rehabilitated and returned to a normal life. What you can do in a country where state uses a capital punishment? Can you bring executed people back from death? Nobody can do this. So it is a question, are people ready to such risks?

So, now you know main arguments for and against the death penalty. Have you founded something new for you? Has your opinion about this question changed? Anyway, now you have clarified your position and can start to write your essay. Even if you understand that you will probably support the death penalty, you can write an essay against it. There is no reason to hide your position – you can show it. Just work on arguments from the both sides and open them a bit. There is an interesting question that you can answer during writing the essay. If you or your family or friend were victims of a serious crime, would you support the death penalty? Or you will oppose it? Try to be honest with yourself – it can give you additional thoughts for your essay.

To write an essay on such difficult topic you may require some help. Try to read as many examples of such essay as you can. They will give you good ideas and also will show how to write. Such examples can also show you how to start a thesis. You may also require some professional help. If you need this, our professional writers can help you. They can make the whole essay or just clarify and develop your ideas. Or professional writers will also be happy help you with peer reviewed articles, engineering paper, writing a rhetorical analysis essay or apa paper.

After you will read some example of the topic of capital punishment, you can start to build your essay. First brainstorm all your ideas about arguments against and for the death penalty and write them down. Look at each argument and work on it. Try to find an outsource information to confirm each of your ideas. You can give general quotes here from people who have several credentials in a required topic. Start from the main problem. Describe it and try to make it interesting and nontrivial. Remember, that introduction and conclusion are highly important parts of every work. Work here on every word to make them sound strong. Try to use only those ideas and thoughts without which essay will not work at all. Don’t use weak phrases. Anyway, just believe in yourself and start writing. Good luck!

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