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The most annoying social thing: an advertisement analysis essay

We can hardly find a more annoying thing than advertisements. Each time we open a magazine, newspaper or turn on TV, we stumble on these nasty messages. Unfortunately, there isn’t an opportunity to escape from them, as they’re everywhere. Write how you’re trying to get rid of them in your advertisement analysis essay .

From any advertisements analysis essay we can know that advertisements have their own target audience, so ad creators specially design their ads for certain people. Though advertisements keep disturbing us from morning till night, that’s not their main purpose. They’re just selling their products. That’s a multi-billion dollar industry. Before placing ads on corresponding resources, ad makers thoroughly study how to attract consumers’ attention. One promising approach taken by them is the use of sex teasers to sell anything. Other marketers employ pathos, ethos as well as logos for this purpose. What ad trick do you know? Inform us in your advertisement analysis essay .

Well, we’ve just told above that the use of sex teasers and anything else on this topic give great results. In this case, the target audience includes both females and males, not to mention teens aged 15. The company actually makes the most of males’ sincere interest to attractive women. So, in this particular ad a sexually attractive woman poses, thus making them stay on the web page. With this approach it’s so easy to make males read whatever they’re given. A typical ad technique suggests showing a plain girl gradually transforming into an extremely attractive woman. In the ad, this awesome transformation is explained by the purchase of a certain brand product, a bottle of Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, for example. What would you tell your target audience if you were an ad marketer? Unveil this in your advertisement analysis essay .

The purpose of the ad mentioned above is to encourage young adults and even teens to drink this particular alcohol product. The commercial also points out the product is aged for up to seven years before it finds itself in retail stores. It’s done to increase the overall value as well as prestige of Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Have you been impressed enough by this ad to purchase this alcohol stuff immediately? We’re looking forward to a straight answer in your advertisement analysis essay .

The author of this commercial actively makes use of the most popular sexual stereotypes, including a very large breasts size and blonde hair. From this, we can make a definite occlusion that sex can sell almost everything. The very essence of this advertisement approach is that the vast majority of people agree that less attractive people are less equal than pretty looking ones. That’s why most commercials exploit attractive sexually appealing people, especially women. As a result, the audience subconsciously agrees that it makes sense to purchase any stuff promoted by sexually attractive people, as they’re associated with success, wealth and even power. Tell in your advertisement analysis essay whether you consider sexually appealing people more persuasive than ordinary ones.

Sure, we can find this particular advertisement not ethical enough, to put it mildly. On the other hand, that’s quite normal thing for our century. As any advertising analysis essay states, the ad’s message is very simple. If you don’t wear sexy clothes and avoid acting sexy, you can’t be good. Do you think the same? Give a detailed answer in your advertisement analysis essay .

If you’re eager to try your hand at this industry, you already have an extremely efficient recipe, which works all the time. Marketers simply contrast a plain girl and a super sexy woman within one ad. The woman looks even ugly in the first photo and after seven years she turns into a real sex-machine, driving crazy all males around. Seven years. Do you remember what’s special in this number? We remind you that Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is aged for 7 years before going on sale. It also took that woman in the commercial seven years to become sexually appealing. As a result, consumers subconsciously agree that the whiskey aged seven is a good stuff worth to try. This advertising approach really works. Analyze its true efficiency in your advertisement analysis essay .

Any advertisement marketer will win if he knows for sure how to play sexual emotions. Anyone wants to become sexually attractive. People see how that woman became a sex bomb having drunk that brand new whiskey and they want to have a try. The worst thing is that the given ad can power human complexes as it’s seen less attractive people are of low quality or something like this. As a result, less attractive people can become less confident having watched that ad. That’s a direct act of discrimination, isn’t it? Explain why in your advertisement analysis essay . Indeed, generating lower self-esteem is a crime. Give solid reasons the advertisement analysis essay . We hope your essay of advertisement will instill a critical approach to ads.
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