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Advantages Of Web Applications Computer Knowledge Essay

Web request development is the process and practice of producing web applications. Web applications are business strategies and procedures implemented on the Web through the use of Consumer, Business and Data services. These tools are where the future lies.

Web based mostly applications have progressed considerably over today's years and alongside improvements in cover and knowledge there are plenty of situations where traditional software centered applications and arrangements might be improved by transferring them to a online application.

The following are a few of the core advantages of online applications.

Cross program compatibility.

Majority of the net founded applications are much more extra appropriate across systems than traditional installed software. Normally the least necessity should be considered a web browser which there are lots. (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape to term but a few)

These web browsers are accessible for a variety of working os's therefore whether you utilize Windows, Linux or Apple pc OS you can run the web application

More manageable

The online systems just need to be installed on the server allocating little requirements on the finish consumer workstation. This makes maintaining and notifying the set up way simpler as normally it can all be completed on the server. Each consumer updates can be utilized via the net server easily.

Highly deployable

Because of the manageability and combination platform support, utilizing web applications to the finish user is much easier. They are simply additionally flawless where bandwidth is limited and the system and data is distant to the user. At their most deployable you plainly need to dispatch an individual to an online site address to get on and provide them with internet access.

This has huge implications permitting you to widen entrance to your systems, update methods and enhance links by bestowing more of your clients, suppliers and third people with admission to your systems.

Secure live data

In larger and more complex systems the data is stored and shifted around various systems and data resources. In web based systems these systems /steps can often be consolidated lowering the demand to move data around.

Web structured applications additionally furnish an added covering of protection by removing the demand for the user to have admission to the data and back again end servers.

Reduced costs

Web based applications can lower prices drastically due to diminished support and maintenance, lower the requirements on the end end user system and simplify the structures.

Reduce company prices - less time is put in conversing to clients over the telephone; remove published materials; permit users to upgrade/modify their own details.

With more updating of your business procedures because of your online application supplementary personal savings can frequently be found.

Zero installations - all pcs have a browser

Centralised data - more secure & easy to back-up.

Quick and easy to update.

Reach anyone, anywhere in the world.

Availablility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Low spec Personal computers or smart mobile phones can be used.

Training- Online can be completed at user's own time and pace.

Direct access to latest information - for Employees where it is situated.

Always up-to-date.

Web-based applications are confusing to grasp and maintain. The users of Web-based applications change quite dynamically. Users can all over the place around the globe, managing to a natural assumption that the request has to be highly available. An exceedingly accessible request must on top of that be exceedingly reliable and scalable.

All good Web-based applications reap the benefits of countless features. In this specific article, I will issue some of the aspects and the key features that you have to address in an internet application:





Key features for a Web application

Each enterprise application must have the above-mentioned expertise, as well as affordability, stability, upgradability, supportability, success and marketability.


Scalability of a credit card applicatoin has two autonomous aspects - these are scale up and scale out. Scaling up consists of enhancing the hardware or optimizing the software to guard a solitary server machine that can support extra users. Example, if a machine upheld 100 users before a size up, then, afterward a size up exercise, it might surge to 125 users.

Scale out is when extra servers that present the same functions can be added, without disrupting the software, to rise the number of users upheld by the application form. The users could grow from 100 to 175 afterwards adding yet another set of server machines. The number of users shouldn't double due to overhead of contact between your servers allocating the strain. This additionally implies that the software can have the ability to seamlessly allocate the responsibility of an individual server between more than one server.


High availability is normally used synonymously with supply. A highly available software is the one that's up and running most intervals in a yr, hence elevated potential is assessed in words of downtime across the year. This downtime on top of that includes projected downtime of the request for maintenance and upgrading.


An request is believed to be maintainable if it can focus on almost all of the needs of the users above its life time. If an application can raise the number of users as demanded, improve the features that users demand, and add new features to the submission as demanded, next the application form is maintainable.


The downtime of an application due to insects in the software is usually the unreliability factor. It is extremely vital for a credit card applicatoin to have a elevated trustworthiness factor to safeguard that it is additionally exceedingly available. Availableness is reduced alongside each kind of downtime, encompassing downtime for software pests.

Task 2

Using two languages in each circumstance to critically compare the various types of server-side and client-side scripting language

A scripting language or script vocabulary is a program writing language that facilitates the writing of scripts, programs written for a software environment that automate the execution of tasks which could alternatively be executed one-by-one with a individual operator. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Scripting_language

A client-side script is a progam that could convoy an HTML record or be embedded immediately in it. This program executes on the client's machine after the document loads, or at a little supplementary period such as after a link is activated. HTML's support for scripts is autonomous of the scripting terminology.

Scripts proposal authors ways to pass on HTML documents in highly energetic and interactive ways. E. g:

Scripts could be assessed as a doc loads to change the items of the file dynamically.

Scripts could convoy an application to process type as it is came into. Designers could vibrantly complete portions of a form proven on the great things about supplementary fields. They could also safeguard that type data conforms to predetermined scopes of benefits, that fields are reciprocally steady, etc.

Scripts could be triggered by situations that modify the file, such as loading, unloading, agent target, mouse motion, etc.

Scripts could be related to create handles (e. g. , keys) to create graphical user interface elements.

Server part scripting dialects in an online hosting account

Server area scripting language helps it be probable to craft more advanced web sites. This page encompasses descriptions of the very most public scripting languages accessible in web hosting accounts.

For the making of advanced powerful websites, you need some server aspect scripting. Server part scripts are programs that are provided on the server, and can be utilized in many ways. Template based mostly sites and shopping carts are a few good examples. The languages utilized for these responsibilities are normal software design languages alongside unique libraries/packages for server aspect scripting.

Not all web hosting reports support all public scripting languages, so this is a essential factor in your find for the perfect web host. The following are some of the most general public software design dialects used for server area scripting.

ASP/ASP. net

ASP, or Alert Server Web pages, is a technology industrialized by Microsoft for making more advanced web pages. The most frequent terminology for software design ASP is VBScript. It is obtainable in most web hosting accounts on Microsoft machines. There is additionally a edition for Unix servers shouted Chillisoft ASP, but it isn't as stable as real ASP. There are many online ASP resources too. ASP. NET 4. Matthew MacDonald (5 Sep 2010)

ASP. net is the next creation ASP technology that permits you to use any. net-enabled words to plan a niche site. The two most public dialects for. net web software design is VB. net and C#. Both of these dialects are good options for both desktop and web applications. VB. net is perhaps better to use and learn, and C# is extra utilized for enterprise applications


PHP, or PHP Hypertext Preprocessor can be an open source terms. PHP has obtained large level of popularity the last few years. It is very easy to learn and there are many readymade scripts available. Just about any solo inexpensive web hosting package deal includes PHP. Compared to other languages It is simple to learn for a program writing language with countless catalogs and web sources focused on it.

PHP & MySQL In Easy Steps by Mike McGrath (15 Aug 2012)

The main choice for server part scripting on Unix/Linux durations is PHP. Its easy to learn and quick to program in. Java (JSP/Servlets) is the favorite choice for much larger projects/enterprises. Those who are arranging to become expert Windows programmers can't go wrong alongside ASP. world wide web, alongside language choices for both beginners and extra experienced developers. ColdFusion, Perl and Python are on top of that good software design languages alongside their exceptional advantages.

The dialects are just instruments, and most software design methods can be utilized alongside most software design languages. Programmers should choose one words and stay with it in the beginning. The use of different languages can be mystifying for beginners. For experienced programmers, new scripting dialects are more easier to learn.

PHP vs ASP. online Comparison

Scalability and Simple Maintenance

Scalability and ease of maintenance have nothing to do when a programmer chooses PHP or ASP. world wide web platform. Web program scalability and ease of maintenance chiefly depend on the Programmers' experience

Using the best encoding design practices

Using a solid encoding design framework

Pursuing software design suggestions and expectations.

Performance and Speed

There has been a lot of argument concerning this subject matter and most of the debates have been biased and also have been designed to progress one of the programming languages rather than notifying the audience.

There are so many many supplementary factors to ponder when it comes to computing web application quickness, so the rate of every software design language ought to have no noticeable influence on the swiftness and display of almost all of the websites nowadays.

When it involves the primary and common databases servers, MySQL (now managed by Oracle), PostgreSQL, MSSQL and Oracle are clashing for rate and performance. new features have emerged and better performance by all data source servers in every single model enhance so I will say that the aforementioned databases servers will all have a spectacular performance if the database programmers use optimized and useful SQL concerns and if demanded, use the elevated features such as caching.

MySQL is employed by Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo and very just lately on FIFA world Glass that has consented a huge amount of viewers worldwide. This shows the capability of the MySQL data source server

Other items that can have an outcome on presentation but have nothing to do alongside the software design dialect is picked are:

Capacity and vision of programmer to optimise the code

Potential and perspective of programmer to accurately write properly and optimized SQL queries.

a few functions could take longer to present in the ASP. world wide web platform and less time in the PHP program or the other way round


PHP, MySQL server, Apache server, and Linux OS are free and upgrades are on top of that free. There is absolutely no additional licensing price for possessing one more hot standby server as a back up, or demanding to run several servers for burden balancing or server clustering.

ASP. net is free if you buy Windows OS. There is a extensive licensing price for a Microsoft Glass windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server and approaching upgrades

The licensing prices for Microsoft can considerably rise if the website becomes porpular and there is a demand to run the website on several servers or needs server features such as burden balancing, server clustering or hot standby.

Support and Resources

Since LAMP is open source, you can find a large quantity of dedicated and approachable developers around the world who unceasingly make advancements and updates, and offer added support for the system. Additionally, there are extra support resources and builders obtainable for PHP and LAMP Platforms.

ASP. net depends on an available quantity of coders at Microsoft to make improvements and revisions. There are less support contributors open to solve ASP. online challenges.

Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Active Websites by Robin Nixon (3 Sep 2012)

Time to Deploy

It takes a larger amount (more lines) of code to complete difficult features and efficiency alongside ASP. world wide web contrasted to PHP, adding extra time and cost to the development process.

According to Encoding PHP [Paperback]Kevin Tatroe (Writer), Peter MacIntyre (Creator), PHP is interpreted at the server, so after changing operation, no supplementary steps are had a need to start to see the changes. ASP. net must be compiled every single time the code is customized. The development process is extra time-consuming after using ASP. net as compared to PHP.

Platform Independent

PHP is system impartial that can run on any platform (Linux, Unix, Macintosh personal computer OS X, Home windows)

In contrast ASP. net is only created to run only on the Home windows platform.

Task 3

Discuss three web security concerns and make suggestions for security improvements

Privacy - A term frequently used to delineate a person's anonymity and how safe they feelin a location. if you are refering to privateness on the Internet, this results in to what data is open public alongside the visiting site, how that data is utilised, who that data is shared with, or if that data is utilized to track users on the site. Answers to these inquiries are usually learned on the firm or website privateness strategy

Examples of personal privacy invasion

Identity theft

Identity robbery is the action of an person obtaining information illegally about someone else. Usually the thief will attempt finding such information as first name, surname, address, particular date of birth, sociable security amount, passwords, phone numbers, email, family information, mastercard figures, other credit information, etc. The thief may then use this information to get access to standard bank accounts, e-mail, cell phones, identify themselves as you, or provides your information.

There are various ways of preventing personal information robbery e. g

Using secure pages when on the internet. This are usually suggested with a lock

Do not store debit /credit cards details online

Having active and up-to-date spyware protection program

Having antivirus protection

awareness of false e-mails and phishing e-mails

making sure computer is secure (passwords)


This is a term associated with any change not approved by the product manufacturer or developer that makes the device do something it had not been initially intended to do. Hackers usually use a computer software downloaded to help a consumer execute a hack on their computer or other computer or device. Some software which may claim to do a very important factor may do another. For example, software which may promise to get you access to another individual's computer may allow other hackers to get access to your information (aka Trojan Horses).

Listing of programs which could reveal a hacker has been on the computer.

Backdoors and Trojans are undoubtedly the most frequent programs to be installed on the computer after it's been hacked. These programs allow the hacker to gain usage of the computer.

Spyware, rogue antivirus programs, and malware can be an indication of your hacker.

The pursuing are means of protecting your personal computer system

Verify data is encrypted

Use safe passwords

Be cautious when logging from different locations

Update web browser plugins

Secure kept passwords

Be alert to those around you

III) Destruction - this is a very important reason for securing of data. System can be ruined and thus losing of data. Trojans can cause a system to function slowly and in time crash. This will likely have an effect on other users.

Malicious file execution

Uploaded data files or other data feeds might not exactly be what they appear. Never allow user-supplied source to be utilized in any data file name or way (e. g. URLs or file system references). Uploaded documents may also include a destructive payload so should not be stored in web accessible locations.

According to Computer Security by Dieter Gollmann (Mar 8, 2011)When mailing confidential information such as usernames, passwords or financial/personal details make sure by verifying that it is encrypted. Use of Web address like HTTPS Familiarize you with phishing scams and techniques, which are used to con you into divulging account information. Finally be sure to store passwords and login information in a secure area. Never write login information on a sticky be aware or in a words file that's not encrypted.

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