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Advantages And Disadvantages Of SALES TEAM Automation Marketing Essay

Sales person use sales causes as a step to enhance their online marketing strategy (Gilbert D. Harrell, 2002). The improvements of technology helped sales person able to structure their customers' data managements well. Sales force automation is a system that being develop to helps companies to arrange their customer marriage management with confidentiality. Besides automatically computerized customers' data into computer, it can help enable sales person to plan and structures their offering in the most effective way as well. It creates work easier and sorted out as well as more reliable for sales person. In short, sales force automation system is a good "assistant" for sales person. However, sales team automation system also brings some down sides where sales team automation system is complicated system involving digitalized amount yet new for elderly sales people. Anyhow, it continues to be easier for young sales representatives to learn and function with it.

In order to control romantic relationship between customers appropriately, sales rep have to construct their own personal departments with individual task first. Second of all, have good marketing communications among themselves atlanta divorce attorneys department which is crucial. A better communication is vital for a well organized department to avoid blunder such as calling the same customer for same goal. Therefore, such event can be avoided with embedment sales team automation system. They will save extra spending and further time for duplicating contact with the same customers for the same purposes. Sales force automation system helps sales person conquer their communication system in every department. Following the communication problems atlanta divorce attorneys department are resolved, sales person could work smoothly in their offering.

Besides, sales person will be able to find out about their surrounding opponents better when they imply sales team automation in their company (Gilbert D. Harrell, 2002). Through this technique, sale person become more acquainted with their competitors' products. With better understanding of opponents' company and products, sales person can improve their own company corporation and produce better products than their competitors for their customers. After sales person have overcome each one of these problems, the business can maintain their competitive advantages and also have greater income. Thus, the business can also broaden wider like exporting goods to worldwide consumers'.

The program of sales force automation system could helps an organization to engage with their customers more efficiently (Sales Force Automation. 2009). It helps to manage the relationship between sales rep and customers. The business can offer polls to their customers to vote corresponding to their alternatives and suggestion. With these polls, the business will be able to know their customers' possible and in a position to upgrade themselves. Besides, the business can also gather responses from customers. With those feedbacks, the business will be able to overcome themselves for an improved appearance and products for their customers. Sales force automation system is a system designed to conquer a company's customer marriage management.

The proposal of the company with their customers can help their sales rep to be more familiarized with their customers' needs and needs (Gilbert D. Harrell, 2002). Using the reputation of customers' needs and needs, the company can produce and sell products that suitable to customers' choices. The improvement of products according to customers' demands increase the satisfactory of customers. Thus, the commitment of customers to the business will steadily increase regarding the company's income too. You will see more people purchase the company's products when they know from one another that the company's products are rewarding their needs, desires, and needs.

Sales person have to spent period to learn and type in customers' data to their pcs (Bresnahan J. , 1998). It really is quite a waste materials of time for sales person to type in one by one of their customers' details. This is because the machine is an elaborate system especially for the older sales rep. The time put in is rather longer which instead can be utilized for offering product. But, without implying of sales force automation system, sales person will likewise have some difficulties in their selling. For example, sales representative won't have better knowledge of their customers' needs and needs. Then, they'll not have the ability to produce products that can satisfy their customers. Whenever there are no customers eating their products, the company will have lower income. Besides, they'll likewise have no organized details of their customers. Thus, sales rep have to invest some time to learn how to use sales team automation system to be able to sell more products. When a sales rep unintentionally type in wrongly of their customers' details in pcs, additionally it is considerable a throw away of time. Yet, enough time is thrown away for persuading the wrong customers with the wrong motives. Besides of squandering time wrongly, the company will also lose their money. This is because they put in time getting in touch with and persuading the incorrect customers. But, whenever there are no errors appear, it helps sales person saves a whole lot of their time (Kasper J. , 2005).

In order to use sales team automation system in a business, the company must spend a huge sum of money for sales team automation system set up (Cummings J. , 1992). The company must spend the amount of money on the software installations, IT communication which include systems, server, and software. It is a big expenditure because there are a great number of personal computers needed in a firm and the system are expensive of money as well. Every computer in the company has to install sales team automation system given that they want to apply this system. It is a major amount of spending initially. But, when the business has increasing amount of income, it is an earning to them.

Sales drive automation system can also help sales person to find their target market. Sales person will be able to know demographical, geographical, internal, and behavioral factors that impacting on their products' offering process. With all the current factors that impacting on the sales person sell process, they'll know the issues and able to conquer these problems. The sales rep will placed their target on those customers that with high alternatives to get their products. In this case, the sales person can save tons of time to persuade and convince each with their customers. They'll be able to earn more money than to spend additional time persuading their customers. It is an edge for sales rep to apply sales force automation system in their offering process.

Besides, rather than keep selling and changing the old products, sales person can develop new product after using sales team automation system. This is because the sales rep can know their customers' choices through sales force automation system. Their company's product line can be broadened and grown wider. Therefore, there will have significantly more options for customers to choose with the business's brand name products. Whenever there are more choices of products open to decide for customers, there will be more customers come and buy and consume the company's products that little by little increase the company income.

When sales rep know where you can place their product because of their selling, they may have to start with the promotion tactic. Sales force automation system helps sales person to manage their sales function with their traditional promotional mixture tools which are advertising, public relationship, immediate marketing, personal advertising and sales promotion. There is new promotional mix tools introduced after sales rep apply sales team automation system. The new promotional mix tools are sponsorship, SMS, occurrences, online or websites, and viral. All of the promotional blend tools help sales person to market their products and engage with customers.

In conclusion, sales force automation system does bring both benefits and drawbacks to sales person. In some ways, sales team automation system helps sales rep to conquer their problems, such as customer relationship management, reselling process, knowing better of their opponents and customers. But, sales team automation system also brings disadvantages to sales rep too. For instance, sales person has to spend a large amount of money before they apply sales force automation system for unit installation and gadgets. When there are some errors occur, it will effects sales person's offering process.

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