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Advantages and disadvantages of buying China

'BRIC countries' is the word that was talked about first time in 2003. It means the four countries' group: Brazil, Russia, India and China. These countries are in similar periods of economic development and they attract a huge investors' attention from all around the globe. The analysts who've created the BRIC term forecast that China and India will become the world's dominating suppliers of manufactured goods and services, respectively, while Brazil and Russia can be similarly dominant as suppliers of recycleables. Brazil, Russia, India and China account more than 40% of the worldHYPERLINK "http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/World_population"'HYPERLINK "http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/World_population"s population at the moment and in line with the special forecasts their blended economies will get over the current richest countries' economies by 2050. But we should highlight that the BRIC countries are an emerging economical group (or bloc) plus they do not form any type of relationship or a politics alliance.

I should remember that international investment must be assessed in a great information. An investor needs to have a clear understanding of why is the international investment practice dissimilar to the local one.

The hazards usually balance the probably high rewards of committing and they can vary greatly by country. The potential risks may decrease the investment to zero overnight. These possible hazards of investing abroad include:

Currency risk (the fluctuations of exchange rates);

Lack of local knowledge and communication. The local news highly relevant to your investing field may be difficult to choose. The contact individuals (for example, a colleague or a friend), who can advise you of what is going on in the field is very a good idea to own.

Government insurance policies risk. These emerging countries government procedures could be completely different to the western countries and you also must take that in to the accounts. As an buyer, you need know the specific situations with authorities plans within the marketplaces you are looking to purchase. In Brazil, Russia, India and China government insurance policies are uite different and authorities framework might not exactly be as you might expect;

Taxation changes. Every country has its taxation system and it usually changes frequently. The successful entrepreneur has to be fully aware of the taxation in the local market and also check the likelihood of a two times taxation agreement between your countries you are buying and your resident country, since it may have a substantial influence on your dividends.

Advantages and cons of buying China vs. India

There is a high increased potential both in China and India and their commercial bases are broadening very speedily.

Let's start with China - one of the quickest growing economies on the globe and its own actually the worldHYPERLINK "http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Lists_of_countries_by_GDP"'HYPERLINK "http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Lists_of_countries_by_GDP"s second greatest economy after the US. This country is also the largest exporter and second largest importer of goods in the world and it became the world's top supplier in 2011.

Despite the federal government control over all areas of the Chinese market, there are few very large advantages of buying China. To begin with, China's market is a very attractive marketplace for international assets because of its huge potential consumers amount (China's population presently matters 1. 2 billion people). The living specifications of China's inhabitants are constantly strengthening. On the list of other tendencies, a growing purchasing ability of women can be talked about. Therefore investing in the companies with protection and health image will help to build the trust with this consumer group. Second main advantages is the stableness of China's current economic climate.

Among the substantive disadvantages of investing in China the government's plan can be known as to begin with. You must never underestimate the politics risk that can influence most of businesses there. Although Chinese overall economy was exposed for the international buyers, there are some social issues and real human rights issues that convert away the international business from coping with this country's specialists. (Rein S. , Jul. 20, 2010).

Now let's compare the committing environment on China to the India's trading conditions. According to the latest economic figures, India was called 11th most significant economy on earth by GDP and 4th most significant by Purchasing Ability Parity.

Foreign traders are increasingly drawn by the strong India's industry, increasing consumer self-assurance. This country was known as has been rated at the second devote global foreign immediate investments in 2010 2010 and will continue to remain among the most notable five attractive areas for international investors till 2012. (Investing in India, Apr. 6, 2011).

Major features of buying India also include a huge human population (the second largest in the world, about 1, 12 billion people) and the greatest young workforce at the same time. Besides it, India also has the most secure banking-financial system which guarantees a good financial self-control.

Despite the fact that India's economy is boasting, it encounters having less fossil gasoline resources (on the opposite to Brazil and Russia ). Another downside is having less infrastructure investments that triggers a hold off for the India's further growth.

Conclusion #1

As an professional of a large multinational company in charge of investing issues, I would advise the top management to prefer the India's booming economy because of its rather liberal government policy and secure financial conditions. This country's business environment appears to be more comfortable for the european buyer than China's. However the ultimate decision will definitely rely upon the investing proposal itself and all its details is highly recommended carefully.

Advantages and negatives of buying Brazil vs. Russia

Let's check out Brazil's trading opportunities first. The largest economic electricity in Latin America, Brazil is a great destination for investments. It is the world's seventh largest by nominal GDP and 7th largest by purchasing power parity.

The hyper-inflation and unstable currency situation is over and Brazil can be an investment hotspot along with China and India now. The main positive characteristics of its overall economy are: it is oriented inside the country, it is self-sufficient in olive oil and it's even a leader in alternate energy source as well.

Besides it, Brazil is the top exporter of: sweets, iron ore, soybeans, orange juice, pulp, paper, and today even oil. Brazil's agricultural, mining, manufacturing and service industries are among the largest & most developed in Latin America.

Country's investing attractiveness was greatly affected (in a common sense) by structural reforms (such as much better fiscal and economic policies - reducing inflation, minimizing net, paying down loans) and increased energy independence. (Daltorio T. , Jan. 11, 2010)

The positive thing is also that the middle-class (i. e. a consumer audience with an average+ income who's able to choose the products and use the assistance) has grown significantly in the recent years.

It needs to be emphasized the particular one of the most liberal investment climates for international traders among the appearing countries is truly a Brazil's one. There almost no restrictions for the exterior investment in the financial market.

Speaking about the negative sides of buying Brazil, some specialists say that its stock market can go up and down just like a yo-yo because it's dominated by the changeable demand for recycleables. It could be regarded as to Russia's market as well. (Bloch B. , n. d. )

Russia's consumer market matters over 140 million people. The country has the 12th largest economy on the planet by nominal GDP and the seventh-largest by purchasing vitality. Its main trading advantages are: natural resources, a highly educated labor force, and technologically advanced research and development capabilities.

The political interference and regulations, economical and financial instability will be the major cons of buying Russia. A number of the big companies needed to leave this country because these were forced to do it. But the administration policy has increased recently, so companies which got concerns about Russia's trading climate are actually looking for the opportunities to start the business enterprise there again. (Davis G. , December. 9, 2010 )

Conclusion #2

In circumstance of Brazil and Russia, I'm uncertain which country to like as the investment marketplace, because these countries both have similar advantages and dangers. Probably, the competitive benefits of Brazil are its government effective plan and the low level of corruption in culture.

And finally, I need to remind here the key rule of any successful investment that is not to place "all your eggs in one basket". So, in order to minimize risks, you should strategically propagate your opportunities among few business projects and countries/locations.

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