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Advantages And Cons In Hospitality

Hospitality management is both a field of work and a field of research. In the task sense, it identifies management of hotels, restaurants, travel businesses, and other establishments in the hospitality. As being a field of research, it refers to the analysis of the hospitality industry and its management needs. People who are interested in employment opportunities in hospitality management may opt to follow it as a field of review in order to start their careers on stable footing. The hospitality industry is great and incredibly diverse. Any time people travel, stay static in a hotel, eat out, go directly to the movies, and take part in similar activities, they are simply patronizing organizations in the hospitality industry. The management of such establishments is very challenging, as professionals need to be versatile enough to foresee and meet a wide variety of needs. They must also handle tasks such as training employees, managing staff, setting criteria, and so forth.

Question 1

Define the word Hospitality Industry and present examples, benefits and drawbacks of their use in the hospitality industry.

Answer Question 1

Hospitality industry is one of the most significant establishments in both global and national contexts. Hospitality industry is service industry which includes lodging, restaurants, theme area, cruise collection, event plan and http://upload. wikimedia. org/wikipedia/commons/d/d4/Button_hide. pngadditional domains within the travel and leisure industry. The hospitality industry is a several billion dollars industry that mostly is determined by the option of free time and throw-away income. A hospitality product such as a restaurant, hotel, or even an amusement park contains multiple communities such as service maintenance, direct operations (servers, housekeepers, porters, kitchen employees, bartenders, etc. ), management, marketing, and human resources. The hospitality industry protects a wide range of organizations offering food service and accommodation. The industry is divided into sectors based on the skill-sets necessary for the work involved. Areas include accommodation, food and beverage, meeting and situations, video gaming, entertainment and recreation, travel and leisure services, and visitor information.







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Travel and Tourism

Airline Cabin Staff

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Advantage in the hospitality sector is that we now have a great deal of basic level positions available. These junior tasks can provide applicants with the relevant experience that is essential to career development within the industry. A few of these roles include jobs like restaurant assistants, Junior Chefs, Receptionists, Bar Personnel and Hotel catering staff. These roles provide potential to progress into management if you work hard and show that you have got the required skills and experience to take on more responsibility. In addition, should you choose decide to try a new role there is excellent offers of transferable skills you can use across a number of different job tasks in the hospitality industry. Employees working in this industry will also need to be prepared to work fairly extended hours in some roles to be able to prove themselves. For instance Chefs and restaurant managers have to work long and sometime unsociable time. Another gain to working in the hospitality sector is jobs are available from coast to coast and they're not area specific. Naturally there is a sizable amount of fascinating careers available in London but there are hotels, restaurants and pubs all over the country. Therefore if you don't specifically want to work in the hospitality industry in London then you will not have to relocate to get the work you want.


Hospitality :

- everywhere you go, every city in the world

- requires a tendency because of this sector plus some G. K.

- a good presentable personality

- a good team work

- meet new and new people, even they have something in keeping - they need an individual touch

- good potential customer when in the bigger position

- recruit new people and teach them

- combination with similar people like event management etc,

- don't be driven away by the limelights and glamours

- change to others for better pays


The time factor is perhaps the biggest downside to setting up a blog. Blogs are easy to start out but difficult to keep. Submitting a good blog requires a significant amount of time. Obviously, writing uses the most time, but you must allow time for interacting with your readers. Linked to the time factor is the chance of publishing a blog that damage your brand's reputation. Thankfully, you can hedge against this by creating posting guidelines yourself and whoever is associated with the blog. Alternatively, it can be very dangerous to open up your door to strangers for clear reasons. For anybody who are guileless in your ways, I will enlighten you to the ways of the ones that could prove to be a major danger to you if you are a hospitable, good natured person. Such people cannot help but take benefit of those who are vulnerable to them.

Answer Question 2

Find out the factors that impacting on travel and tourism. Explain in detail.

Answer Question 2

Tour operators can be explained as providers and organizers of deal holiday seasons. They normally operate by causing contracts with transfer companies, airlines and hoteliers. After getting the deals, they advertise assembled holidays. Travel agents are worried with booking and advising customers. Travel companies also sell travel related products to customers. They do that with respect to travel companies, hotels, and airlines. Travel agents also deal with local travellers. They perform travel preparations for travelers. There are different types of travel firms; they include Impartial agencies, Miniples and Multiples. Tour operators and travel companies have continued to be dominating in the tourism sector. You will find potential threats to visit real estate agents to and tour operators especially in the hospitality and tourism sector. A close evaluation to the travel and travel and leisure industry shows that one of the actual threats to head to operators and travel agents is change in regulations and policies. You will discover laws and plans that travel agents have to stick to in undertaking their jobs. Every nation has got rules, laws, laws, policies that directly affect guides. There is normally potential risk to tour providers when embassies give advisory regulations to citizens not to travel anticipated to factors like terrorism and bombing. When an embassy changes or advises individuals not to happen to be a country scheduled to various reasons, this becomes a threat to them because individuals normally abide by such advice. It leads to decrease in tourists and for that reason their business actually decreases. Travel manuals and tour providers normally help vacationers to find good hotels and tourist sites in the united states. There are always instances when travel guides help vacationers in finding such services however in the long term the travellers do not acquire quality services. Tourists always communicate one to another and therefore this becomes bad promotion.


Cultural history is the substance of tourism in many vacation spot areas worldwide. Every year, millions of folks travel to view the Acropolis of Athens, the Colosseum in Rome and a great many other ancient sites of international renown. These websites are of general interest to visitors, even although visitors probably have no significant ties to the history sites that they visit. Although world traditions attractions draw large numbers of international and domestic tourists, for some foreign tourists these websites consist only a small part of a far more extensive travel deal. These visitors attractions can evoke emotions of admiration, but they probably do not evoke emotions of personal connection. Visits to historic sites are largely motivated by the fact that such places (and the items at these places) are from the remote past. In addition, millions of other people engage in happen to be experience history of a far more personal nature; most of the planet s traditional sites are not internationally known in support of relatively few ever before attract international tourists, except perhaps in blend with other relevant sights. For every globally renowned cultural interest, there are a huge selection of other not famous sites that are liked at a far more local basis.

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