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Advantages And Drawbacks Of Globalisation

Job design purpose and objective is perfect for quality, speed, stability, flexibility, cost, health insurance and safe practices. Job design is also mean by application of working rules and techniques humanization of work. This is the way of doing their working style and working techniques. The purpose of job design is to ensure and improved the job satisfaction of the business.

Improved quality of product can be an goal of design. New Balance Company is a company that stress on quality. New Balance can be an athletic shoes company that mainly concentrate on performance as opposed to the prospect and style. The purpose of job design is also to improve the output levels, obstacle and responsibility of ones work. Example is the New Balance shoes come in an array of widths and sizes. The quality can be achieve because New Balance Company have their viewpoint which is hear, learn and refine.

Another method that New Balance Company uses is well-trained individuals. The well teach workers are teach to perform different jobs and jobs. New Balance Company is creative by adapting to new systems to shoemaking. The business also constantly give training with their employee in teamwork and technical skills to allow them to work by posting and helping each other on the duty to make certain everything done promptly.

Dependability is a job design method that New Balance Company stresses on. New Balance Firm is a company that design and produce their product in the United States. Example of dependability is buyer or consumer will look into where the product is produce because consumer depend and trust product that are import from countries such as United States, Germany, Japan as well as others.

Reduce employee problem is also one of the main reason for job design. Job design can be an aimed to lessen or conquering job dissatisfaction and staff bad behaviour arising. Dissatisfaction and worker bad behaviour arising will cause the staff to make mistake. Once the worker make blunder then accident may happen and that may cause health and safe practices.

1. 1. 5 Flexibility

Running shoes of new balance company is manufactured United States. This is the culture where it produces near to the customers and also allows quick turnarounds on new design and order fulfilment. This is actually the flexibility of the business to fulfil the desire of customer to get the merchandise.

1. 1. 6 Cost

One of the technique that New Balance Firm is they refuse to retain the services of superstars to endorse its product and this will also help cut a great deal of cost. Borrowing technology from clothing manufacturers is also one of the company methods. This can help the company to save money and also following modern trend.

1. 2 Globalisation

Globalisation is said that globalization increases the economic success and opportunity in the developing world. You will find features of globalisation and also negatives ongoing global.

1. 2. 1 Advantages of globalisation

Staying in one country is wii method to continue to be competitive, so the New Balance Firm chooses to release a technique to distribute around the world. To get more revenue is a company is designed. Earnings can be gain by expand their products to all over the globe. Expand the products to worldwide will be a global marketing benefits. From the global business, New Balance Company can be promoted on the internet and customers can certainly view and purchase wherever and whenever they want. Advertising in the internet is a good gain for the global business. More sales are for certain under the advertising in the internet. Under the global marketing, higher profits can be earn and achieve. New knowledge and experience is also an edge under the internet global marketing. Another advantages going global is careers been created. After the company committed to another country, the job opportunity created. Once there are jobs for folks, the economy will run effortlessly. Wealth can be acquired under the global marketing and efficiency can growth wider. Wealth can be obtained means that human being is going to gain money and a less strenuous lifestyle. When heading global, business can not only depend on the existing market but it will also have wide size market. This means that new marketplaces and producing dynamic sales can be obtain easily. The brand can consistency retains their brand image. When the steadiness in brand image is achieved, the brand will became famous and popular. This may also bring to raised sales and earnings. Besides that, guidelines will be gain under going global. Good ideas can be gain from anybody in the globe and that can lead to an improved design. This will identify what consumer needs and wishes for their product. Heading global will also establish good romantic relationship between countries. After establish good relationship between countries, free trade between countries also improves. Furthermore, the flexibility of corporations to use across borders boosts. This will likely ensure the company to run their business smoothly and without challenges.

1. 2. 2 Down sides of globalisation

Global marketing also have its drawbacks which is the difference of consumer response can be unstable. A number of the product might be retailing fast and sold-out. Differences of consumer likes will cause the product to accumulate and cannot be sold. Product that cannot be sold might get a really cheap price and that might cause loss to the business. The disadvantage on internet marketing is when their product is marketed in the internet; they will have to compete with different kind of brand and product development. Besides that, the cons also include dissimilarities in consumer habits such as needs and desires that is affect by their regional. Differences in legal concerns could also create conflict to the house market. Language hurdle is a drawback on going global because different countries have their own dialects and they might not understand English. There's also additional costs to create a website on the internet. Besides that, advertising and keeping the web site will also cost another sum of money. Another disadvantage on going global is the business will faces a lot of problems and competitive environment. The company will face challenges from other brand that offer cheaper and quality product. Cultural problems are also a disadvantage for the globalization. This may endanger the age old cultures which were followed religiously all over the world. There are numerous countries which could not agree as it pertains to culture or religion. The influence of local cultures and tradition will slowly commence to wear out when the migration become easy. Globalization will also raise the pass on of diseases. Disease can be disperse because of the increase in circulation people. This will cause human to vulnerable to health issues. Summary is there is benefits and drawbacks of heading global.

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