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Advantages and Disadvantages of Communication and IT


This assignment is about advantages and negatives of communication and information technology. it will be outlined that we now have as many advantages as drawbacks but in this day of computer technology communication through computer is a necessity. Anyone that will not move with the changing times will be left behind.


Globalisation means getting in connection with someone across the world. If someone went to Canada working and their families were in another country, they could contact each other in a matter of seconds. Additionally it is being able to shop online. You can purchase products from websites from a different country so transferring money into accounts around the world.

Research using se's or information net to get information fast. People are more current with information such as symptoms of illnesses. They're going to doctors with more information to see the doctors what they think the condition is; as they really know what their symptoms are because they may have researched them.

Online banking is fantastic because it takes a matter seconds to check what is going in and out of your bank account. You can transfer money to any bank account on the planet as long as you contain the other person's lender details.

Security is a huge advantage to somebody who is vulnerable like the elderly. They are able to setup CCTV in their homes and their family can observe them through the cams of their own homes, work, holiday etc. to ensure they're safe.

Smart houses attended about in recent times. Its possible to be at a workout for example and signals, televisions, cookers, washers, dryers can be handled in homes all with the click of a button.

Its now possible to obtain a level online from Universities where the learner needs to be in the home to provide for family or cannot happen to be college. These On line Websites are recognised and are appropriate in the training system. An example of this is the Hibernia website whereby a instructor can get a recognised qualification and become a Primary Tutor.


Bullying is a major downside there are so many teenagers committing suicide because to be bullied.

Identity theft is becoming increasingly more common each year. You will find People hacking other's emails, Facebook webpages and standard bank accounts. With online shopping, some sites aren't reputable and can hack your bank account with the info provided. Someone could easily get on your Facebook web page and read your personal information. If a PPS number can be used online, it works the chance of identity fraud so caution must be exercised.

There is a Social impact on people and young adults. They're too active with social advertising to take their minds out with their computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones to engage within an actual conversation. Social websites is overtaking their lives. This may cause serious depression because these folks aren't bothered to venture out and socialise with other individuals. If not leaving the house to move for oxygen and exercise, people can eventually start attaining weight which is often extremely depressing. Being caught up in a residence is bad for your mental and physical health.

Confidence has been lowered, girls contending with each other to be more attractive also to appear to be theses excellent models they see online. Girls nowadays feel the need to be a size six and if they are not, they may be categorised as excess fat which causes low assurance and major depression. Sometimes, girls can go so far as sticking their hands back their throat and becoming bulimic or anorexic merely to become as slim as the other young ladies.

So many people are losing their careers because everything has been computerised and there is no need for companies to be paying individuals to do something a pc can do. In banks nowadays, it is notable that there are less people behind counters because everything can be done online.


The above project outlines the advantages and down sides of Information Technology in communications. It is evident that we now have as much advantages as drawbacks but Information Technology is here to stay and parents need to be responsible to provide for children and their use of the internet. Folks have to embrace the web because they will be left behind if they don't get educated in the right use of the amazing technology.


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