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Advantages And Negatives Of Colonialism Background Essay

Colonialism is the establishment, maintenance, acquisition and growth of colonies in one place by the people of another territory. It can also be thought as the control a country or federal government holds over the territory and the people in a international country. It is also the plan of extending countrywide authority over overseas territories. That is when the folks of a specific region don't have control over anything in their territory. Colonialism occurred because some countries were powerful than other countries even though they were small regionally they dominate it for their own reasons. Before colonialism, there have been no schools, churches and industries, survival required effort and sacrifice.

Resources were one of the main reasons why the British colonised Africa and generating wealth for his or her mother country, because of this many people in the colonies were obligated to slavery or labourers to focus on plantation, they planted cash plants such as cocoa and cigarette. The colonies attempted using Native People in the usa slaves but Local Americans realized the land and ran away because lots of them died anticipated to diseases and other activities. The colonies also paid for Europeans to immigrate to the years. In return, the immigrants performed without pay for a number of years. All the colonies used slave labour; they enslaved thousands of Africans to toil on the fields. The mouth of the slaves were pierced and locked with padlock in order that they won't eat from what they were planting especially the sugars plantation and also with chains on their necks, hands and feet. The slaves were cured as if they were not humans by the colonial experts, they maltreated them terribly by treating them cruelly beating them, starving or even eradicating them; it reduced the populace of Africa because almost all of the slaves perished because of appetite and also there was no visitors to farm and offer food for many who weren't captured because all the strong and young men who could farm where captured, it led those to poverty. Slavery ruined civilization and resulted in the underdevelopment of the colonies. Africans were searched upon as poor and dull individuals who are only proficient at working as labourers and doing house works by the colonial masters. The children of slaves automatically became slaves too

Lack of respect for traditions can be an effect of colonialism, the practices of the colonies where not reputed by the colonial masters, they didn't value the culture of the colonies by any means, they completely overran the life-style of their colonies. The customs of the individuals were left behind by the colonial masters especially the French in their colonies; they attempted to make the people French in the method of dressing, words and other activities (insurance plan of assimilation), which of course functioned in some areas and didn't in some. The colonies made the people to adjust to new culture because the colonial masters believe their culture is superior to that of the dark-colored. But also colonialism removed and abolished the bad part of pre-colonial culture since it had the power to eliminate damaging social tendencies and aged ideals. Before the approaching of colonial masters; in a few part of Western world Africa especially Nigeria twins were killed because they were considered as bad, taboo or some kind of bad luck with their parents. They either throw them in the jungle to pass away or drown them in rivers, with the advance of colonialism that practice was abolished and is regarded as a primitive and horrific practice and stopped it. In addition they halted the bad way women were cared for, women in the past were viewed as baby producing machine, these were disdain in the population, arranging the house and cooking meals was what it was presumed they were proficient at. With the improvement of colonialism Sati practice was abolished in India. Sati was traditional practice whereby the first better half of any deceased man would put herself or be thrown at the open fire on your day of her husband's funeral it functions as a means through which she will show her mourning.

The English developed it colonies, it brought about modernization to locations that were technologically under developed, it launched trading and other businesses in which trade by batter took place too. Normally people produce their product then give it to the colonial masters in exchange with either reflection, gun powder, cowries and other activities because in the past all these things didn't exist. They provided rail road's for wide open trade which helped in the travel of goods in one area to some other. They (colonial maters) also brought and introduced medicines to their colonies because most of them perished because scheduled to sickness, this helped to abolish the use of leaves and other herbal products that they don't know the utilization of them from utilization in the colonies. But also the colonialist created or brought some diseases that have been not known in the colonies which up till today some don not have a remedy.

The colonialist presented democratic system of authorities in the Western African colonies. Before colonialism in Nigeria, places where divided into kingdoms and each kingdom had its Ruler which in a few elements of the kingdom is of hierarchy while some it was not. The kings normally are they once who made the regulations of the kingdom and punished offenders. Colonialism removed this part of practice in their colonies by launching a democratic system of where leaders are chosen through election.

However, the colonialist released Christian religion knowledge in the western world African countries before they visited Western world Africa, people, Christianity did not exist, they worshipped traditional idols and various things and also judgement was of what their ancestors say through the kingdoms orals (which is assumed that it is through there the ancestors speak. Colonialism unveiled Christianity to their colonies because Christianity is the religious beliefs of the Western, some part of the colonies accepted and some didn't because these were already exercising a faith they presumed in. The colonialist established academic institutions and made bible review for anyone who attend the school. Christianity gradually developed and people gradually stopped doing the traditional faith.

In conclusion, colonialism possessed great advantages and disadvantage. It presented Christianity which abolished the original techniques and other bad methods in the colonies they colonized. It also halted the bad procedures of killing twins in Africa, Sati in India and other bad tactics. Colonialism also modernist a great deal part of its colonies by introducing farming tools, streets, vehicles for transporting goods and other activities. Even though a lot of people experienced in the hands of the colonial masters, it still helped a lot in its territories and colonies.

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