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Activities And Incidents In The Travel and leisure Industry Travel and leisure Essay

Describe the major injuries and incidents that could occur throughout the period of the program described above. Traveler destination is the most important part in a travel package. This can help travel operator to catch the attention of tourist for their packages. Following are a few of main holiday destinations tour providers use to draw in tourist because of their tour packages

1. 1 Activities in head to packages.

Based on the type and the requirement of the buyer travel operator creates a deals. If the head to package is based on adventure tourism it will mainly contain activity based head to itinerary. These activities are based on the traveler location they visit. For example tour package deal in Africa carries a safari travel, in Dubai shopping and also safaris in deserts etc.

Following are a few of main activities that include in a tour package deal. These activities can be change by demand of travel group. And also it is tour operators responsibility to set up these activities with safety precautions.

Safari tour



Horse riding


Nature walks

Hot air balloon

Helicopter tours

Bridge jumping


Whale watching


Historical Places Visit

Group Occurrences in hotel


Cultural event

Boat Riding

Another trip events

1. 2. Travel and leisure and Transportation

Transportation is the technique using for travel one spot to another. Travelling is main part of any sort of tourism. No travel and leisure take place without considering about transportation. You can find four main transportation methods used when it comes to visit and tourism, they are simply air, road, sea and railway. Most of tour operators used following ways of transportation heavily for his or her travel agreements.

Air :- Aviation

This is the most frequent method use for transport within the travel and leisure industry. This is divide in two ways. International and domestic travel. Tour providers get this service through the travel agents.

Ground:- Coaches and Rail

These will be the two methods head to operators used to travel tourist in the bottom. Most tour providers deal with their own coaches services with well manage personnel. If not they get the service from travel agents. Depend on how big is the group instructors can be varied.

Railway is mainly supervised by rail companies. They provide planned service within the house country. Tour operators may reserve seating for traveler group and utilize this service.

Sea :- Ships, Ferry

This is the transportation method heavily used when people travel in this particular. Boats and Ferries provide website link between group of islands, or islands and a more substantial land mass. Travel operators obtain the service through the cruise trip or ferry operators for their deals.

1. 3. Accidents in tourism

An automobile accident is a specific, unexpected, unconventional and unintended exterior action which occurs in a specific time and place, without obvious and deliberate cause but with marked effects. It indicates a generally negative results which might have been averted or prevented experienced circumstances leading up to the incident been identified, and acted upon, prior to its incident. (Wikipidea )

As explained above even in travel and leisure there is a huge possibility to take place an accident during the tour program. Following are some major crash that could happen in the travel and leisure industry. These accident can be divided in to several section depend on the automobile accident type and location it happens.

1. 3. 1. Accident Due to Natural phenomena

Its a standard proven fact that natural phenomena cause huge automobile accident and damage to travel and leisure industry. For example Tsunami in 2004 December results volume of deaths in the seaside area including vacationer who were there at that time when it happened. Following are some of natural phenomena identified around the world







1. 3. 2. Mishap in the Transportation

When tour providers creating deals as referred to above they use various approach to transportation to travel tourist. Following are some crashes that can take place while moving passengers,

Air accidents

Sea accidents

Rail accidents

Road accidents

1. 3. 3. Accidents scheduled to Activities

As we defined in this specific article travelers are participating various kind of activities in the event. Due to these activities traveler can face to these kind of accidents.

Animal Attacks

Pool Accident

Beach accident

Falling down

Overturn Boat

1. 3. 4. Biological

Also there can be certain incidents a tourist may face with pursuing types of injuries,

Communicable diseases

Food hygiene


1. 3. 5. Accident made by man

In a destination there can be sudden attracts or picketing that a traveler might face in to, some of them are

Political Reasons

Incident investigations

Terrorist attacks

Tour operator runs bankruptcy

1. 3. 6. Common Accident

Apart from all the following accident can occur to anyone including tourist anytime in everywhere,

Meat with a robbery

Lost in the way

1. 4. Outcome of accident

Accident always brings up the bad consequence. Following are some of results may appear due for an accidents in the center of travel bundle.

Dead of 1 or even more in a travel group

Injured of one or even more in a travel group

Trip Cancellation

Group caught in a location

Illness of one or even more group members

Delay from a routine time

Economy issue of group members

Lost baggage.

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