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Achieving Genting Theme Park Targets Through Marketing

Tourist appeal is a place of interest to go to that is extremely popular with travellers whether from local or international country. Normally, places of tourist attractions are brings organizations that operate their business in tourism industries tend to overprice their goods and services in order to gain profits. (Viewed 20th Dec 2009, Yet, in Malaysia, with growing economies in the country, Malaysia rapidly become hotspot for amusement and also trends of theme area in tourism sectors. In Malaysia, there a wide range of tourist attractions designed for local or foreign tourists to go to; one of the tourist attractions is Genting Theme Playground. Genting Theme Recreation area is one of the famous theme parts under Genting Malaysia Berhad which consists of Fist world inside theme park, outdoor theme playground and Water Area.

1. 1 The role of Marketing in Helping Genting Theme Area in Achieve Its Objectives

As a leading brand in theme playground industry, Genting Theme Park can rarely fulfill everyone in market. Therefore, Genting Theme Recreation area then makes a decision which segment reveals the best opportunity in focus on markets. Its focuses on in kids and family market segments visit to their theme park. In order to achieve theme recreation area objectives to be the leading leisure, hospitality and entertainment firm in the world, which will attentive to the changing demands to customers and excel in providing quality services. As we're seen the main objectives of a business is to maximize the earnings and gains, and at the same time also to fulfill needs, wishes and wants of customers. The role marketing works in society is a societal process by which individual and communities obtain what they want and want through offering and freely exchanging products and services of value with each other's and the role of marketing in helping Genting Theme playground to accomplish their goals is takes on an important part and efforts of an organization in order to develop satisfying relationship with customers that gain for the both functions, the organization and the customers. These efforts will lead marketing to provide an important role within organizations. However without a strong marketing work, unlikely of a business can survive in the travel and leisure market. Normally what the public or costumers recognizes more about a business services that provided is will depend on their relationships with marketers. Therefore, it is important of Genting Theme playground to do the study and development (R&D) to meet up with the needs and would like of the costumers on the market because it has direct influence on sales and profitability for Genting Theme Recreation area.

(Viewed 20th December 2009


Doing the marketing research and development is vital in order to really know what features to create into new services in the theme park, what prices should offer to customers and how much to invest on advertising or sales compare with other competition. Therefore in marketing perspective, tourism establishments commonly would use of four major mass communication tools which is advertising, sales special offers packages, incidents and experiences, and pr and publicity for the various customers especially travelers that come from foreign country to has learned more about the theme recreation area information about the services, deals deals and useful massage therapy that provided to their value customers. For example, television advertisements is generally know as the utmost powerful advertising medium and directly reaches a wide spectrum of costumers. It could be an effective means of vividly demonstrating product and service attributes and persuasively explaining their equivalent consumer benefits.

2. Social component of the macro environment that are impacting Theme Park industry

Theme playground industry performance could represent by social issue, social concern either positive or negative is significant role whether difficultly or unhindered to achieve the eyesight of theme park industry in the future.

2. 1 Migration

Firstly, migration from one district to some other was become an opportunity for theme area industry to hire local communities take care of or operate the theme playground facilities. In Malaysia, citizen had shift their hometown and discover job at capital city, such as Kuala Lumpur, the problem causing inhabitants of capital city increased, therefore as brief distance of Genting from Kuala Lumpur become a perfect geography durability to attract local communities working at Genting Theme Area, cause people apply Genting job and worker shortage condition uncommon took place. So Genting often experienced sufficient staff to provide customers especially through the festival such as Chinese New Yr, Deepavali, and Holiday Day and so forth.

2. 2 Global Crisis

Secondly, social issues such as global turmoil would affect consumers stop by at theme park, usually national government advice resident reduce go aboard to foreign and visitors may stress accidence occurred when outbreak global problems. For example, in 2003, Iraq warfare and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) breakout causing local visitor and foreigner choose avoid crowded set. Through genting has executed various occurrences to increased variety of customers ingest in theme playground through the difficult period, nevertheless the consequence show that revenue before duty of Genting was reduced to RM1, 131 million compare to previous season around RM1, 195 million. (genting, 2003) Therefore, the global crisis would bring negative impact on Genting unavoidable, Genting must expect global crisis may occur in the future and draw up few set of solution to solve these issues.

2. 3 Natural Environment Issue

Thirdly, environment issue could also affect insurance plan on working theme area industry indirectly. The type environment concern such as global warming has became serious in recent years, that would helped bring various natural disasters surrounding the world. Therefore society has awareness the surroundings air pollution that threaten their life, culture will concern about global warming and support companies becoming enviromentally friendly. Hence theme playground industry has employed and practice various method to reduce global warming. For instance, Genting theme playground has installed drinking water movement restrictor that function was reduce normal water usage around 5% each month, the cost of materials would reduced. In addition, Genting theme recreation area also installation of energy devices and bare minimum boiler process to reduce heat and polluting of the environment. Furthermore, Genting commercial has planning and development various conservation programmed in the foreseeable future. These programmed could brought advantage on reduce source waste and together obtain margin revenue in Genting corporate and business. (Nre, 2009)

3. 0 Financial element of the macro environment that are impacting Theme Recreation area industry

Theme playground industry happens to be being impact by the economic components of the macro environment such as forex rate and unemployment rate.

3. 1 Exchange rate

The exchange rate influences the oversea travellers coming to their country. In U. K, their English pound exchange rate cost higher than other countries, making the tourists unable to afford the bills to a tour in U. K. A lower English pound exchange rate makes the travellers able to afford the expenses for park experience. An acceptable exchange rate among both countries like U. K and Malaysia, Euro countries and Malaysia will effect on the buying vitality of the travellers, so the traveler will pay a stop by at the recreation area. The forex rate's plan either tied to government or adopted the global overall economy trend will favorably or negatively impacts the vacationers' attendance.

(viewed 20th december2009, )

3. 2 Unemployment rate

The unemployment rate is one of the major factors that are influencing the theme recreation area industry's attendance. Unemployment rate in local and oversea will bring different effects to the theme park's attendance, either fewer holidaymakers with more local visitors or vice versa. (http://www. anderson. ucla. edu/documents/areas/ctr/ccp/ThemeParkAttendance%28b&w%29. pdf) The earnings the individuals earn will spend part of computer with families heading to theme area for leisure time to enjoy through the weekend. If the unemployment rate getting higher in the countries, those individuals normally will not spending their money in the theme playground and they'll shoot for the theme playground advertising period for cheaper ticket.

4. 0 Customer aspect of the micro environment that are currently impacting Genting Theme Park

Customer is the individual, company, orother entity which will buy goods and services made by someone else, company, or other entity. So, customers are playing a very important role in market. Genting Highland Theme Area the first quest is "to be responsive to the changing needs of the customers and excel in providing quality products and services. "

(viewed 2009/12/05 http://www. gentingmalaysia. com/annualreports/2008/rwb2008_missioncontents. pdf)

4. 1 THIS and Level In THE LIFE SPAN Cycle

The age group and stage in the life cycle idea will impact after the Genting Theme Recreation area. They come from different group status, such as children, young people, adult and elderly customers. It is because individuals are from different band of age stage they will impact Genting to create or create new video games to service the consumers when visiting at Genting Threme Area. Genting Theme Area will serve their customers with different age with different game either in in house or outdoor. Like the customers from children and teen the indoor game titles such as Malaysia's first 4D Action Master Theater to give the education movie for the kids. Because adult customers they will aspire stimulate entertainment and new creative game, Genting Theme Recreation area will build the game in outdoor such as Traveling Coaster is the first in Asia. Family life circuit from customers also will impact to Genting Theme Area. In the long run of the year holiday season parent or guardian will bring their children go to visit therefore family romance between father or mother and children when travel at Genting Theme Playground. (Philip Kotler and Kelvin Street Keller, 2009)

4. 2 Consumer Use Concept

The consumer's use concept changed impacting the Genting Theme Area. Nowadays each customers experienced basic education plus they consider consumption strategy not only concentrate on buying products, that they know their privileges and also are made up service consumption, therefore customers would spend more money consume on services in entertainment. As service entertainment industry commercial, Genting provide Theme Recreation area either inside or outdoor to satisfied demand of customers. Customers can enjoy these enjoyable game together that increased family marriage between parents and children. Customers consider ticket price of Genting Theme Area was worth to consume, they could heading and participating in these entertainment facilities with a whole day. But how when the consumers think that what Genting Theme Area provide is not worthy?

5. 0 Rival Part of the Micro Environment That Are Currently Impacting Genting Theme Park

Competitor means an enterprise that provides similar products. The occurrence of competitors within an industry drives down the price of goods and services because consumers have significantly more alternatives to choose from if the price of a specific good or service is too much. For Genting Theme Park, it also facing different competition since they signed up with in this industry.

5. 1 Risk of intense segment rivalry

In a business field, the competitiveness between corporate will become very strong if it already has numerous, strong rival. In Malaysia, Genting Theme area is not only the main one numerous and strong theme recreation area, there still have a variety of theme park which may have the competitiveness to contend with Genting. The competition like recurrent price wars, advertising battles and promotion fight between Genting Theme Recreation area and other designs park, all these lead Genting have to constantly compare its marketing strategies, products, prices and advertising with other rivals. Otherwise, this will make it expensive to remain competitive. This happen more often especially in the vacation period.

5. 2 Dangers of High Entrants and Low Exits

In an enterprise field, competitiveness is high when the admittance barriers are greater than exit barriers. Firm enter during memories but think it is hard to leave during bad time. As the result, this will leads to persistent overcapacity and despondent earnings for everyone. In this last 10 years, the new entrance of other theme recreation area in Malaysia is more than the leave entry. Many businesses join and stay static in this industry as long as they can get benefit from this industry but if indeed they cannot, so long as they keep extended presence, this will cause dampens profit for everyone. In straight, this lead Genting Theme Park has to interacting with even more rivals in order to keep survived in this business field.

5. 3 Risk of Substitute Products

A portion is unattractive whenever there are real or potential substitutes of the merchandise. If technology advances or competition increases in these alternative market sectors, prices and income in the portion are likely to fall. For example, electronic games and theme park is grouped in the entertainment field. Nowadays, the launched of electronic game titles like play station, PSP, and video games becomes a common and necessary leisure tool by the globe. People will visit Genting theme area because to have a great time, therefore that same with participating in electronic games-all is about fun. With all the introduced of the electronic video games, this success seduced the major target of customer of Genting Theme Playground, like teenagers. Nearly, this creates a competition between of electronic digital game business field and Genting Designs Recreation area which in the same business field--- entertainment.

6. 0 Conclusion

Marketers do not make decision about target market and marketing blend variables in vacuum pressure. Research and research should be applied in order to help expand understanding the market. This can help marketer to make the business enterprise plan and business decision

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