ACER PEST Research: India And Germany

PEST analysis stands for political, economic, communal and technical factors which are being used to analyse a macro environment, market drop or growth, potential before setting up a firm for the reason that particular environment.

The output of the Infestation gives a clear notion of environmental conditions so that company can transform its objective and vision appropriately. A positive result of PEST analysis provides firm strong carry for conducting business as it offers investment opportunities, proper options, local business, marketplaces etcwhich ends in productive run of business.

PEST evaluation for Acer in India and Germany:

Acer is one of the most significant manufactures of pcs, laptops, hands held's, storage space disks n displays. The head 1 / 4 of Acer is in Taiwan and it published a net earnings of 19. 9 billion US us dollars in 2010 2010. it includes subsidiaries worldwide like Acer India, Acer firm America, Acer computer Australia, pack bell, e-machine and gateway inc. In this pest analysis of Acer it shows all the factors in India and Germany for the business enterprise opportunities. India is one of the speediest emerging economics on the planet with developing IT infra structure so extension n investing more in India will provide Acer a larger value and demand for the products. Germany is a developed country and biggest economics in euro area and 70% of GDP is added by service providers. So investing more in Germany makes more smart.


Political factor which impact the business can be the rules and regulations by the government towards the environment of business which is performed by the computer processing company Acer. Indian federal government and German federal government have good attitude towards Acer group. Because for the development of two countries IT sector has a large role. not only, this acer organizations all products are incredibly affordable for the individuals in two countries, and two federal get more revenue through this IT sector, so this is the politics benefit of Acer group.


When examining the political stability of two countries we can easily see some instability in Indian government. This is because of changing of federal government in regular interval. But it will not affect the foreign investors because Indian federal government haven't gone through a large change in overseas investment insurance policies over this 20 years. German government is definitely steady, Because proportional representation from different parties (from small and large people). Due to these reasons Acer groupings will invest more and more money than that they had invested in this two countries.


War and conflict is another political factor which have an impact on the business enterprise. some times this war may cause split up in relation between the countries. Assume if acer is from china and they had large amount of investment in india and germany, Because of the warfare between india and china. They'll lose the whole amount of monet that they had invested. and vice versa in case there is Germanys warfare and discord sometimes may cause big lose for multinational business group like acer.


Inter connection between countries is also a politics factor. if country like india and germany have good connection with taiwa (home country of acer)they will get good market in these two countries and due to investment of Acer authorities get more income. inter romance will be in different types, like interrelation between equipped make and natural resources. two countries are certain to get more benefit from this



Every countries have it has the on market for each products. When inspecting the house market of Germany and India they have got market lobbies in their countries like APPLE in germany and HCL in India's these two countries will resist the new comers on the market. so they'll give pressure to federal government to withstand the other new companies from in another country giving bribe for ministers and political market leaders. So ACER will mix all of this bridges to become more success full in every country.

Economic factors:

Economic factors will be the major concerns of Acer because demand, price levels, cost and income is determined by it. Factors like current economic climate, GDP progress, taxation, interest and exchange rate, inflation etc. . . Works a essential role for the progress of a firm. These factors are essential to achieve short and long term goals in international environment of Acer.


GDP expansion of India is increasing at the pace of 8-9% per calendar year, in Germany it is under. 50% which is lower when compared to India. As India is appearing market it provide a big business opportunity.

Interest and Inflation rate:

In India Interest and inflation rate is 5. 50% and 9%, whereas in Germany it is 1% and 2%. These rates in India are major concerns for company like Acer.


Tax rate for companies in India and Germany remains the same 30-33% but VAT in India is 12. 5% however in Germany it is 19%. so there is a slight edge for Acer in India over Germany in taxation.

Business and consumer assurance:

Business and consumer assurance levels of a country assists with development of organization. In India business assurance level is 159 and consumer assurance level is 73. However in Germany it is 111 and 18 respectively.

Government spending:

Government spending is the spending of money to that country related to GDP. In

both these countries federal government spends more money than it getting in. Budget deficit equal to 5. 10% of GDP in India, whereas in Germany it is 3%.

Unemployment rate:

Jobless rate in India and Germany are furthermore same. It is 8% in India and 7. 5% in Germany.

Currency and exchange rate:

The currency of India is rupees however in Germany it is euro. So operating cost of India is lower for firms.

Per capita income:

Per capita income of Germany is 25473 US us dollars. In India it is merely 718 US us dollars which is very low when compared to Germany.

Social Factor

Social factors mainly include soci-cultural factors of different countries. Each country has its socio-cultural factors. The primary social factors which includes in a country are consumer behaviour, education (literary rate), human population, cultural aspects, living standard and demographics

Marketing Strategy of Acer

As India and Germany display more or less same level of target group, the number of difference in the marketing strategy it consider is through

Online shopping through companies authorize website, other sites like e-bay

Through companies authorize shops, shops

Tele -commerce

Festive season the products can be purchased for special discounts, some vouchers & after sales service

Consumer attitudes

For a firm like Acer they value their consumer very much. The consumption structure of an country mainly depend after their liberalisation, buying behavior of youngsters, rapid increase of nuclear family members. therefore the company has a good progress in India and they will get lot of consumer. In India and Germany the new generation doesn't brain in extra cash for better facilities and services.

So Acer has a acquired a great number of consumers in India and Germany


Germany is located 21st country in literary rate and India is located 149th rate. India literary rate is 66% and Germany it is 99%. When the consumers in a country has good literate rate they may use modern gadgets. They may use the update variants. Most products of Acer is depending after the people and children.


Population of India is 1, 027, 015, 247 individuals and India stands second on the planet after China. Although India occupies only 24% of the full total world's area; it helps over 15% of the world's human population. Germany human population is 8, 154, 500 folks it stands 10th get ranking on earth. If the population is more there is good for the business Acer they could get plenty of consumer. So Acer can focus more on India as they may get a sizable amount of consumers.

Cultural Aspects

Every country has got their own culture. The social factors include physical area, demographic, economy, religion. The Indian economy is the world's 11th major current economic climate by nominal GDP and the 4th most significant by purchasing electricity. Germany is the most popular Western country and 82. 4 million inhabitants including 7. 3 million foreigners. So it is good for Acer Company to focus their sales in both Germany and India. Both countries have good purchasing electricity.

Living Standard

India living standard is bad as Germany. The typical of living of India is suprisingly low about 35% of folks live on less than US $1 a day. But know the development of various industries like IT, Real Estate, ITES, has resulted in the improvement of living standard. Germany living standard is high when compared to other traditional western countries. When living standard increases people will choose more electronic good that is good for Acer.


India is the 2nd populated country on the globe. India has more 50% of its inhabitants below the age of 25 and even more than 65% below age 35. In Germany 16 million people are of international/immigrant. so it is wonderful for the business Acer to concentrate their sales on the youngsters


Technological improvements are one of the formulas which is essential for the success of any industry and the united states. In cases like this Acer companies technological aspects is excellent than its competitors in the market. Technological advancements not only means renewal of technology but also inventions of new technology.


Research financing means granting money for the study works, it could be by federal or company itself. Acer is a multinational company and they don't want government money for the research. In Germany, authorities gives money for the business for the research if it's helpful for the public. Acer invested millions of money for research works in various countries.


Technologies are not stable always it will change time to time. This substitution technologies are definitely more in bi-medicals, mechanicals, electronics etc. In case of Acer manufactures, they'll always change the solutions and research for good one then only they can stand steady in the field market.


Now the earth is certainly going through the fantastic age, because earlier this kind of communication is not on the globe. New systems paved the way for this situation. These communication facilities are extremely ideal for the countries to develop in large way. By use of internet and 3G system we can see and talk to other people surviving in other country this is actually the success of new technology and

communication system. In communication foundation Germany is much better than India


Innovation is the procedure behind the success of each industry and every country. Everyone in the industry have the potential to find something. but the top management will not give chance to prove that capability. however the things are now changed, every business company like Acer now give possibility to workers to show the ability of them, and for that they uses brain storming method.


From the aforementioned article we can conclude that Acer products are carrying on to grasp up with your competition from the competitors and making tactical analysis for making subtle business ways of make it more enriched with top technical increase in its product in both the countries India and Germany. The Acer company has got the stability in political, economical, social and technical factors that prevails available environment of the country. By producing ground breaking products they got to survive in the market efficiently.

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