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Write your Abraham Lincoln essay introduction

In the majority of the cases the Abraham Lincoln essay paper is the second essay of this kind students have to write since first they learn about George Washington. There are some things all people know about “Honest Abe”, such as him having to walk 12 miles uphill to reach the library, as he was born in a log cabin. He was the president during the Civil War and was killed in 1865. He delivered the Gettysburg Address along with the Emancipation Proclamation. However, aside from this, there is still a lot to know about the 16th president.

Did the president alter his political views during his presidency? When writing an Abraham Lincoln essay, it is simply impossible for you not to refer to his political views. Before becoming president, he was a Whig in Illinois and later he reached the U.S. House of Representatives. He was a firm believer in internal improvements, frontier settlement, and the national banking system. After he became president, he supported all these causes and used his political power to further them. In the same time, he firmly opposed to slavery.

His first bill against slavery didn’t have much success, but during his first term as president, he made it law. Generally speaking, when it comes to the internal affairs, the president’s actions were in line with his previous beliefs. However, this is supposed to be a generic essay, so there has to be more to the story. With regard to the executive and legislative branches of the government, power somewhat shifted his views. Mention in your essay of Abraham Lincoln that Lincoln, as a congressman, criticized the president’s executive privileges. Nonetheless, during his presidency he claimed Congressional authority, thus accessing more power than any other president before him.

The transformations of the federal government: After the Civil War, the Union had a much stronger federal government than before. This is partly the merit of Lincoln, who supported a policy and military campaign to make sure the rights of these states were under control. If you are writing short essays you might want to skip this, but otherwise you may want to mention that he achieved this through declaring martial law, banishing or imprisoning the traitors of the federal cause, and defending the policy that would make it impossible for some of the states to distance themselves from the Union.

The Confederate states were weakened and some of the governors were strong-armed by policies like Land Grant, Homestead, and the Pacific Railroad Act. His actions, such as introducing national currency and income tax made the country as powerful as it is today.

Lincoln’s role in ending slavery: During the 18th century several northern states took steps towards putting an end to slavery. The Civil War only found the Border States supporting slavery. The Abraham Lincoln essays say that at the beginning the president was very conservative about this matter and followed the law according to which the slaves needed to be restored to their owners. The Emancipation Proclamation, which is so often mentioned in regard to slavery, only applied to the freed slaves of the Confederacy and it didn’t affect the remaining states of the U.S. As a matter of fact, this proclamation brought freedom to very few slaves, most of them being freed by the power of war rather than political power.

Make sure not to mention in your Abraham Lincoln essay that he abolished slavery, as the abolition amendment wasn’t really signed by him. It was passed during his time, but it was signed by President Johnson after Lincoln’s death. This means that the abolition of slavery wasn’t as fast and clean as it is made out to be. It was a complicated and lengthy process. President Lincoln did support the abolition, but the truth is that his support was more theoretical than practical.

The honesty of “Honest Abe”

When it comes to a thesis proposal, you might be tempted to focus on the morality of the president. Before you do so, you should do a bit of research, though. You should know that he got this nickname during the time he was acting as a lawyer, which is very strange as a lot is being said about the morality of lawyers. Interestingly, this nickname was actually used by fellow citizens in Springfield and it wasn’t something made up for his campaign. Even as a lawyer, people were talking about his fairness, honesty, and integrity.

You shouldn’t focus much on his religious views in your Abraham Lincoln essay as he wasn’t really religious. However, he did believe that everything happened for a reason. He also stated once during the Civil War that God’s intentions might be different from the intentions of either parties. As honest as he may have been, he did know how to play the political game. He needed to choose a vice president and the presidential cabinet, but he limited their power so that he was able to make his own decisions.

There is no reason for you to bring criticism in your Abraham Lincoln essay. You could mention that although he had the intention of abolishing slavery, this was not his decision, but the decision of the Confederate states and he had very little power over them.

You could turn your Abraham Lincoln essay into a psychology paper, if you wanted to, taking a closer look at his motivations. If you want to make sure that your essay will look really professional, you might want to take a look at the mla essay format, just to be sure of the technicalities.

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