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Aboriginal Indigenous Individuals And Colonisation Record Essay

The main features of the Mayans culture prior to colonization contain their ideas, customs, practices, and their life-style. The Mayans expressed their ethnicities with the things which they did and made.

The Mayans traditions were an enormous area of the Mayan culture; these were very strict on what they believed. Such as when a person passed on, the indegent people would be buried in simple graves under their houses, as for the wealthy individuals were buried in tombs supported with some of their possessions such as their jewellery, pottery, and essential needs. This was done, as they thought that the individual would rejoin the Gods when they died. They also presumed in individual sacrifices, to gratify the gods, as they presumed that the gods needed individuals blood to grow stronger. So the individual would rip out their hearts, or by tossing themselves down a cliff.

The Mayans imagination prior to colonization by the Spanish, were that they carved rock, made pottery and made jewellery such as necklaces crafted from jade and other rocks. In addition they carved jade into statues, and many other cultural objects.

The Mayans ethnical faith was very very important to the Mayans. That they had many religious celebrations for the gods, and sometimes heroes of Mayan Culture. Their gods, symbolises most things, from weather, harvest, birth, death, and war. The Mayans religious beliefs was very important for the Mayans life, they believed that the gods would only bring them corn if they obeyed and worshipped it.

The Mayans would sometimes, during special occasions such as at big festivals for religious reasons could have dances where they may be decked out with a cover up to make them appear to be the gods. These special dances, and celebrations are done on many occasions, such as insure the success of crops.

Before the colonization by the Spanish, the Mayans revolved their life on farming, farming beans, squash, tomatoes, hot peppers, avocado, and maize. Maize was the Mayans most important crop; this was the essential food that was provided in every meals.

The Mayans learned how to read and write from priests and nobles, they learned how to learn the personalities and tell the near future. A lot of the Mayans did not go to university, they would be educated how to farm and make cloth by their parents as they resided their lives.

The Mayans built building which appears like pyramids with steps on the factors with a flat top. The Mayans also usually build temples together with their pyramids to allow them to worship the gods. The temples were always adorned beautifully with coloring or carved natural stone.

These are just some of the many cultures of the Mayans prior to colonization by the Spanish.


Mayan Timeline before connection with the Spanish.


Map of where Mayans used lived.

Stage Two: During Contact and Assessment to Aboriginal Contact


The non-indigenous people who colonized the land were the Spanish.


The Spanish first landed in Yucatan, Maya in 1511 unintentionally, when a small boat with twelve men was blown there by the severe storm. They were taken captive and many were wiped out, and the rest imprisoned as slaves, and many of them were sacrificed to the Mayan Gods. The next contact was not until 151719, when Francisco Hernndez de Crdoba sailed from Cuba to Maya, he was browsing for slaves to displace the native Cubans who had been dying off in great amounts, which lead him to want to colonize the land of the Mayans.

Archaeologists claim that the Spanish arrived to dominate the land and bring back the riches, such as platinum, and silver. It is stated that the Spanish did not colonized the land, until quite a while later, because they discovered that Central Mexico and Peru had more promising accounts of riches, therefore they moved there.


The dynamics of the arrival of the non-indigenous (Spanish) people on the indigenous peoples land, were friendly initially, as they didn't intend to colonize the land yet, they greeted and wanted to operate with the Mayans goods for mainly silver. But a while later they became less friendly; they began to get rid of and take Mayans as slaves. Afterwards the non-indigenous (Spanish) people wished to colonize the land, because of their own use, they used modern weapons to open fire at the Mayans, such as guns, canons etc. This is when gunpowder was initially unveiled to the Mayans.

The Spanish used shining armour, taken muskets whose reports echoed off of the near by mountains like thunder, commanded horses and dogs. As they became more violent the governor of Cuba, bought an expedition sent out with four boats and 200 men to help them take over and colonize the Mayans.

As the non-indigenous (Spanish) became more violent, they managed to take over several cities quite fast, but later it began harder to allow them to remove more cities, they purchased more men to be submitted to help take over then land. They became even more violent, after about 20 years the Spanish overcame the Mayans as these were more power and much larger in amounts.

At first it was an agreeable greeting with the Mayans but later resulting to a violent end.


The response of the non-indigenous (Spanish) people as seen by the indigenous individuals were a lot dissimilar to those of the appearance of the non-indigenous (Spanish) people on the indigenous peoples land.

At first, when the non-indigenous (Spanish) people accidently landed in Yucatan, in Maya 1511, in a tiny boat, scheduled to a severe surprise the indigenous people (Mayans) were violent. They needed the non-indigenous (Spanish) people and wiped out many of them, imprisoned some as slaves and the rest were sacrificed to the Mayan Gods.

During another face with non-indigenous (Spanish) people, some cities greeted the non-indigenous (Spanish) people with friendship and wanted to trade goods with them, while some other town, greeted them with hostility and shot arrows when the Spanish approached close to shore.

Later the Mayans observe that the non-indigenous (Spanish) people, wanted to dominate their land, they started to become violent and make an effort to gain their land. Eventually, the Mayans received defeated and the non-indigenous (Spanish) people needed over and colonized the land.

At first encounters, the response of the non-indigenous (Spanish) people as seen by the indigenous people modified from friendly to violent.


The colonization experience of the indigenous people of Australia to the Mayans is virtually identical in some ways and in other ways nowhere near similar.

The similarities between indigenous people of Australia and Mayans are that they both was required to fight violently to get back their land, but they both failed and had to move towards other areas of the land.

Also, both indigenous communities experienced diseases such as small pox epidemic, which were brought to them by the non-indigenous people who established foot onto their land. This led to many indigenous people dying, the indigenous folks of Australia and the Mayans.

The difference between your indigenous folks of Australia and Mayans people were that these were both colonized by differing people. The Aboriginals was colonized by the Western european, as the Mayans were colonized by the Spanish. These were both colonized for different reasons, the Mayans for additional land and to find silver, and a fresh location for the criminal population.

During the colonization of Australia the Europeans weren't friendly in any way to the Aboriginals, they changed the aboriginals back again inland, where there is hardly any food and the land was bad. The Europeans needed good luck lands, forcing the aboriginal to get move towards their neighbours lands. While, the colonization of Maya, the Spanish at some phases were friendly to the Mayans and they traded goods with each other. Later they truly became violent, different then the Western european who overran the aboriginal land.

Stage Three: Repercussions of Colonisation and Contrast to Aboriginal experience.


The ends in colonization for the indigenous people (Mayans) were that many of the started to die due to numerous amounts of reasons. The effects/results of colonization for the indigenous people are that they passed on of hunger. It is stated that due to small amount of land the Mayans acquired remanning they could not live on it, due extended drought caused reduced crops which couldn't give food to the population. This resulted in many people dying.

Also, many of the Mayans caught diseases that have been launched to them by the Spanish, also contributing to killing many of them. Other claimed that the results of colonization for the Mayans resulted in the reduction of many people because the dirt over farmed, so diminished crops couldn't give food to the population.

A large numbers of indigenous people have been wiped out due to colonization, departing only a small amount of Mayans remaining.

Another thing that resulted because of colonization would be that the Mayan had a need to leave their metropolitan areas which they built to try and get away from the Spanish. They lost many metropolitan areas and now only a few remain for folks to see.

All the results of colonization for indigenous people all plays a part in something bad.


The results in colonization for the non-indigenous people (Spanish) were good for them. The Spanish people got supplies of gold and silver which, in those days were one of the main things on their life.

Also, consequently in colonization for the non-indigenous people (Spanish) they managed to get more land and broaden, building their building on previous Mayan land. The Spanish also managed to get Mayan and use them as slaves which were used to replace the indigenous Cubans who have been dying anticipated to diseases. They made the Mayans build building from them, such as churches and made them focus on farms for these people.

The non-indigenous people (Spanish) were able to grow your crops which can't be grown on the lands, for some reason. They are also in a position to easily operate with other countries.

All the results of colonization for non-indigenous people all plays a part in something good.


The results of colonization of the indigenous people of Australia act like those of the Mayans. Both experienced no immunity to the diseases brought over by the non-indigenous people, producing a lot of deaths. Due to colonization the indigenous people of Australia population lowered as many passed on when trying to save their land, this is similar to those of the Mayans.

Many of the indigenous folks of Australia passed on of craving for food as the non-indigenous people hunted more than what they needed, so that it is harder for the indigenous folks of Australia to acquire food to stay alive. The Mayans also, were low on food as statistics increased and food materials from plants etc fell.

Colonization led to both indigenous teams coming to an end, with the amounts of indigenous folks of Australia low and the levels of indigenous folks of Maya low. Also, another final result anticipated to colonization is that, the non-indigenous people drawn their cities aside, which makes it harder for the indigenous people right now to comprehend the ways of life with their culture and how their ancestors used to live a life.

Therefore, the results of colonization of the indigenous people of Australia are as well to the people of indigenous people of Maya.

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