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A Violation Of Womens' Individual Rights

Violence against women commonly known as gender-based violence refers to violent works ‎dedicated against women with the victims gender as female motive. ‎Violence against women is quite typical especially in growing third world countries and even ‎in countries with over suppressed societies for example in many parts of the center East. ‎Even in developed and modern countries still today gender- established assault is not totally ‎eliminated and still is out there though comparatively the speed is leaner than the underdeveloped and/ or ‎developing countries. ‎

It is like a plague that has engulfed and demolished many homes and individuals and a situation that ‎needs to be attended to with complete concentration as a wholesome modern culture produces healthy generations ‎which subsequently ends up with healthy and prosperous nations. For years the problem has never been ‎dealt with seriously therefore far has ruined households and disturbed the world at large majorly due ‎to lack of awareness on the list of individuals. ‎

The ever increasing day to day mechanised lives and expensive living cost is leading to more stress ‎and depressive disorder in individuals, the problem instead of being curtailed by various relevant regulation ‎enforcing agencies, NGO's and worried talk about organizations the occurrences of violence ‎happenings against women is on high increase. ‎There is a dire need to find ways to avoid this as crises involvement cannot only talk about and ‎simplify the problem rather more serious steps are needed to curtail the disastrous effects it ‎has on children and families. ‎

Every year an incredible number of women are influenced world over and most cases do not seriously ‎record nor handed lawfully and this ignorance ends in gradual increase in such unacceptable ‎serves against women. We will all recognize here that such violence against women contributes to physical ‎and subconscious damage both, and at times the psychological scars are impossible to treat thus ‎destroying the personality of the topic woman for life time. ‎

If a woman suffers such physical and emotional harm the whole contemporary society suffers and the ultimate ‎impact is the anguish of the complete population. Thus this raises serious health concerns and requires ‎immediate action and prevention from violence from those who are the policy makers and various ‎agencies in charge of stopping this assault. ‎

The affected is suffering from loss of trust, loss of dignity and a deeply jeopardized personal - esteem ‎that must be resolved along with factors like enclosure, economic support, interpersonal welfare and ‎legal issues being an integral area of the health campaign strategy. ‎The most popular form of violence experienced by women internationally is assault inflicted ‎by an intimate spouse, with women beaten, forced into sex or elsewhere abused. ‎ In a report conducted by the globe Health Group (WHO) it was discovered that between 15% ‎and 70% of women experience physical and/ or intimate violence by somebody. ‎

According to a United Nations statement at least one from every three women surrounding the world ‎has been abused a way or the other in her life time which too by someone recognized to her. ‎ Matching to a WHO report the impact of the gender- based assault on the modern culture is deep and ‎directly burdens medical good care services as women suffer serious physical accidents, death, sexually ‎transmitted diseases, miscarriages, severe depression and many other psychological health issues ‎producing in weakened and low physical health. Plus the state governments have to bear heavy economical costs in ‎billions per year. ‎

A 2003 report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Elimination (CDC) quotes that the ‎costs of romantic partner violence in the United States alone surpass US$5. 8 billion per year: ‎US$4. 1 billion are for immediate medical and healthcare services, while production losses accounts ‎for practically US$1. 8 billion. ‎ We are able to have a good idea of existence of the gender-based violence in various parts of the entire world ‎from the results gathered by the WHO while conducting a analysis in 11 countries and according ‎to this review; ‎

The ratio of women who was simply subjected to erotic violence by a romantic partner ‎ranged from 6 % in Japan to 59 per cent in Ethiopia. ‎Several global studies suggest that 1 / 2 of most women who expire from homicide are wiped out by their ‎current or previous husbands or partners. ‎In Australia, Canada, Israel, South Africa and america, 40 to 70 per cent of female ‎murder victims were killed by their partners, based on the World Health Firm. ‎

In Colombia, every sixth day one female is reportedly killed by her partner or former partner. ‎Psychological or mental violence by intimate lovers is also popular. ‎ Up to 70 % of women experience assault in their lifetime, according to country data ‎available. ‎Women aged 15-44 are definitely more in danger from rape and home violence than from tumor, car ‎mishaps, battle and malaria, corresponding to World Standard bank data. ‎

Female genital mutilation (FGM), defined by WHO as the partial or total removal of the exterior ‎genitalia or other problems for the female genital organs WHO quotes that between 100 to 140 ‎million young girls and women have undergone some type of FGM. The majority of those affected live in 28 ‎countries in Africa, although there are some in the centre East and it also happens among ‎immigrant areas in a few countries in Western Europe. ‎

Rape and dowry related violations are also quite typical leading to harassment of brides and ‎also dowry related deaths, particularly using parts of India and other southern Asian ‎countries. This assault is exercised not only by the man but also by the husbands' close ‎family (mom, brothers, and sisters). ‎

Acid throwing in a few Asian countries such as Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, the disfiguring ‎of women by throwing acid or burning them are types of violence rooted in gender inequality, ‎but the immediate reason behind this is often disputes concerning matrimony and dowry. While this is ‎not one of the very most prevalent varieties of assault against women, its outcomes are dire for ‎those women subjected to it. ‎

‎ ''Honor'' killings this is the murder of a woman, usually by way of a brother, dad, or other male family ‎member, because she has allegedly brought shame to her family. This happening is rooted in ‎the notion of male honor and feminine chastity that prevails in many countries in the Eastern ‎Mediterranean region. This means a man's honor is from the perceived sexual purity of the ‎women in his family. If a female engages in intimacy outside relationship or even if she actually is raped, she actually is ‎thought to disgrace the family honor. In a few societies, the only path to cleansing the family honor ‎is by eradicating the girl/girl. ‎

This kind of assault against women and young girls is exercised also in european countries ‎within immigrant family members. It is generally known as ''honor'' killings-a rather deceptive ‎term as the connection with honor is difficult to understand in most cultures. The word ''murder ‎in the name of honor'' has been recommended. ‎

There was this case of honor killing of 3 daughters and their mom who was murdered in ‎Canada and body dumped under a bridge by their own dad with the help of his second better half ‎who were immigrants there and belonged to an Asian country. ‎

In Saudi Arabia where I used to go to frequently almost every year as my partner was working in ‎Jeddah I witnessed many situations where in men when going for work locked their wives from ‎outdoors till the time they were back home in the evenings the reason being lack of trust on their ‎spouse and during one particular incidence the home caught fire due to short circuit and the partner, ‎maid and an infant child were rescued by the neighbours through apartment glass windows as the door ‎to the home was locked from outdoors by the husband who had kept for work. I left the website ‎questioning how much dark-colored smoking these three must have inhaled especially the infant child and ‎what impact it would have obtained on the lungs?‎

With the passage of time and increasing recognition especially in ladies / women scheduled increasing ‎literacy rates among women such violation is currently getting well known as a open public health ‎problem and individuals rights violation of worldwide. ‎

The claims and working organizations for protection and betterment of societies are actually knowing ‎how this relates directly to the general public health sector. ‎

More and even more need have arise to consider appropriate measures and proper trained health employees ‎are being put close to the victims of such violation who are also well familiar with the ‎community they be employed by and its own inhabitants. ‎

The local health services and communities need to experience their role and create awareness on the list of ‎public to prevent such situations. ‎

The Central and Authorities bodies do not need to only to make strict laws for the reduction ‎of gender-based assault but ensure effective implementation as well. ‎

The most effective way to reduce tolerance towards violence against women is to openly issue ‎the subject as still there is limited knowledge regarding most workable interventions for the ‎avoidance of gender- established violations. ‎


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