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A must-have epitome of a true friend essay

The definiton of such a common thing as a friend has evolved in up-to-date technologically advanced world. As representatives of today’s world we often think that we boast a great number of friends. But what we’re used to calling «friends» don’t necessarity need to be friends in our understanding. Today we often associate friends with folks whom we have never met in person.

As a true friend essay states the term «friend» in the context of social media is often utilized to denote contacts rather than relationships. Evidently, you’ve got an opportunity to send these so-called friends a message, but that has nothing to do with having a real relationship with anybody.

The Japanese perceive friendship in their own unique national way. To denote this they use a term «kenzoku», which stands for «family». The given implication actually drops an evident hint at a certain bond between people who have already made a similar commitment and who most likely share the same destiny. That implies the presence of a very deep conneciton of lives lived as faithful comrades from the distant path.

Of course, in our lives there are people with whom we feel that strong bond previosuly denoted by the word «kenzoku». These may be your family members, including your mom, dad, cousin, daughter, son and so on. On the other hand a pal of yours with whom you haven’t talked for a long time also has much to do with «kenzoku». Even such powerful things as distance and time are unable to diminish this tight bond we’ve got with these people.

Accordingly, a question arises: why does this «kenzoku» works only with a few people? Why does it never spread on other people? The longer we chase the answer, the more elusive it becomes for us.

Now let’s see what actually draws different people together as friends:

  • History: Certainly, nothing ties even differnet people together than having gone through the same hardships and challenges. That’s the sole glue, which holds friendships tight in the long run. Nevertheless, that’s not a panacea as it can also dry, crack and fail in the end.
  • Common interests: That undoubtedly ties us much closer to our friends than anything else. It’s clear that when our interests are absolutely opposite, it’s getting harder and harder to find good reasons to spend time together. Of course, we can still care a lot about those friends with whom we don’t share common interests any longer, but anyway such «friends» don’t interact with each other all the time. Point out to this fact in your essay on a true friend.
  • Equality: Perhaps, you might have already heard that human beings are social animals. This simply means they are mostly attracted by whom they’re really equal to. Everybody knows that ordinary folks rarely make friends with celebrities and vise versa. So, it’s vital for the vast majoroity of human beings establsih friendship realtionships with folks of the same social status.
  • Common values: Evidently, just having common values isn’t always enough to form solid friendship relationships. Meanwhile, it’s clear that with divergent values true friendship will never thrive. That’s a common truth that can be found in any essay on true friend.

Have you ever tried to figure out what makes a friend really true? Fortunatley, we’ve already found a brilliant answer:

  • A sincere commitment to your happiness: True friends are constatnly willing to put your happiness before friendhship. It’s not a problem at all for a good friend of yours to tell you what you’re reluctant to hear even at the cost of friendship. A true friend will never hesitate when it comes to correcting you if required. A true friend isn’t afraid of confronting you if he or she feels that it’s going to be for good.
  • Never asks you to place your friendship before your holy principles: Keep in mind that a true friend will never ask you to compromise your sacred principles in the name of lyour friendship relationship or whatever else.
  • A positive influence: True friends always inspire us to live up to our best potential without indulging our bases drives. Sure, that needs to be emphasized in your essay on a friend.

Certainly, anyone may have friends fitting all these criteria, but without kenzoku. It feels like there ‘s an additonal factor, an attraction quite similar to that drawing people together romantically and cementing pals together irrevocably, almost for no reason. However, when you find these people, you’ll get yourself plunged in kenzoku.

Perhaps, you’re eager to know how to attract true friends. The right answer is surprisingly simple – you require becoming a true friend by yourself first. Wise people say you should be that change you’d like to see in the world. Simply be the friend you’re eager to have and you’ll get it sooner or later.

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