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A Project On Fingerprint Web Authentication IT Essay

This project represents about the project background, project track record and goals. (FWAS) fingerprint web authentication system is actually focused on fingerprint gain access to control system which is used for college or university websites to login. This system will be now developed for the university website login.

This system will help in solving the condition faced by the majority of universities like internet security issues. Now days almost every school is using intranet and extranet for sharing data file and information one of the students and staff members. Universities also upload exam papers on the website for faculty share for their use. In these type of websites the students are given with permission so that they cannot gain access to the private data. Students, lecturers and admin will have different username and password for login into their account and use it.

This project consists of the introduction of the system that will check out the fingerprints of the users and then authenticate them. The users need to be involve for his or her fingerprint scanning, they have to check their fingerprints using the fingerprint scanning device.

This system will help university to resolve their security concern regarding website login. The primary purpose of this module to provide security to college or university assessment system also to provide secure login system to the website to prevent unauthorized access. This task will be designed and may be carried out to the school website. The guidelines and polices for the university will be taken care before implementation of the system.

Project Background

FWAS is a biometric system for universities which can benefit any school with secure online login and access to their systems. This system is a new start for putting into action biometric technologies on websites. This system will help in upsurge in performance, security and accuracy within the university or college. It will be a great help to the employees doing their work faster and effectively.

These times every university or college is facing problem about the security issues, the mostly when we concentrate on the academic and exam departments where they have got common websites for students and staff login. Now day the exam paperwork also uploaded on web sites of colleges where only limited staff can login like older lecturer or examination department. The main purpose of this system is to put into action secure login approach which will minimize the security risk from the existing system. In the current system i. e. without biometric authentication system, if the college student gets usage of the login details of the examination team then it can certainly access instead of username and passwords. Once we are reducing our opportunity to university or college website login we can also use these systems in online banking, shopping websites, armed service or any other websites which has private data.

Identification of various other problems with regards to internet security and website logins:

Internet accounts get jeopardized: Nowadays many internet accounts have been affected due to hacking, people use common and similar passwords for those accounts. Hackers are employing many techniques like phishing technique, key loggers etc. . .

Frauds happening all around the internet: Bank and mastercard frauds tend to be famous among the fraud list, all this arrived to picture after the internet bank and online credit card usage was carried out for the internet users.

Sometimes users forget their profile user-name or passwords: As internet surfers are using many accounts like cultural networking, email accounts, checking account, university accounts or company accounts. For every and every profile user have to have Id and password and they might face problem remembering them.

Not in a position to authenticate genuine consumer: When the bank account has been compromised it cannot authenticate the original consumer is using the account or someone else is using it. E. g. : If my email accounts password has been affected and the hacker is login using my login details to login in to the account, now it is not possible to authenticate the genuine individual for the profile?

Hackers mainly use sniffer tools on the network: To hack into someone's profile and get their private information. There are lots of tools available that can trail your activity that you are performing on Computer or laptop when you are working, it can even store the keystrokes like which key you are employing while coming into your user-name and password.

Project Deliverables

For each job to be successful, it needs to divide in different components.

Below will be the job deliverables for the machine.

1. Repository: On this all the details of workers (lecturers, academics, admin) who access the web site of university will be stored. The fingerprints of the workers will be stored in form of digital data in the database. That is very important area of the system because without data source we cannot match the fingerprints of the users.

2. Records: For the ultimate system the documents will discover all the details required for the system which also include the research for fingerprint technology, problem with fingerprint, limitation and any future development for development of the system.

3. Manage users: The users need to be registered for the first time with the facts and will be given login details for the gain access to. The login details will contain only username.

4. Device Communication: When the info has been stored in the database with users fingerprint and other details. Now when an individual comes for authentication there must be communication between the device and databases. When the user scans the finger on the device the image will be studied and will check it in the databases if the match is found then the customer is authenticated if not then consumer will be turned down.

5. Help: For the assistance of the users the manual will be provided. Form the user manual the users can get the info about the machine and will be able to perform the tasks.

Project Opportunity:

To improve security for internet users using fingerprint knowing.

To avoid the happening of fraudulent activities such as hacking of accounts passwords and misuse them

To obtain fast and exact authentication results in cost effective manner.

This system will be prototypical execution of real system. To be able to solve the major problems facing the manual authenticating system; the creator would at least deliver the next as core functions of the machine:

User's biometric data source: This function will add/alter and store biometric details such as (thumb) biometric information of users.

User's authentication: This function will identify an individual and grant access to their account. It will identify the person's biometric details from database and authenticate respectively.

However, as well as the above mentioned center functions, if sufficient time and resources are for sale to the programmer after having completed the center functions, the developer will also attempt to implement the next augmentation functions and special features, though these features are out of scope of the task.

Level of challenge


System should validate the genuine end user and should be able to minimize security risk. The confirmation between real human and machine should be said. The fake consumer cannot be authenticated.

Previously for authentication system uses username and passwords or digital signatures. But now new approach to authentication must be utilized.

In the public network like internet we have to have security and authentication take a new way. We need to have much more powerful way of authentication to avoid unauthorized access.


The authorization to the original end user is must. Every single user has different permissions there if an individual is genuine but the system should allow the access to this user. If the machine does not do this then your genuine end user can also have unauthorized gain access to.

Rationale to carry out the job:

The main goal of this job is to build up a fingerprint web-authentication system for verifying the original users. Through this is being developed for university, the machine in customizable. The development of this system involves a lot of monotonous work and troubles to make it fully functional as required. The aim of the task is to justify that utilizing a FWAS will defeat the problems which are located in the last systems. In short, this project aspires to minimize the online security risks from the existing system and increase the system which is more reliable and efficient.

Developer believes that there is an comprehensive need to develop a system such as this for universities. As mentioned before, the key goal of the project is to resolve the issues regarding online security risks. The following are the tangible and intangible benefits are anticipated from the system.

High degree of security for staff member in university

Reduce security risks

Fast and easy access

No need to remember the passwords any more.

As per providing internet security:

We need to provide internet security to keep the system and information safe from malicious software's, need to keep level of privacy and protect very sensitive and confidential information. While using ever growing use of home personal computers, the pass on of broadband and the climb in internet bank and commerce the value of proper internet security actions hasn't been greater.

When we discuss IT system and internet security is very important to the internet users and business users because it should be safe from the cyber criminal episodes. Implementing security can be very profitable. Therefore that business users need to be very concern about security, to improve and increase the system security needs to be presented from its necessity.

Development Plan

Problem Recognition: On this stage builder will identify the condition area. As developer system is providing internet security and reduces the security dangers but it have to be mentioned that what's the situation where internet users face problem and what exactly are the areas that developer will concentrate on with regards to his system. As developer's research the situation area that system will centers is based web-authentication system. In the current system the machine cannot authenticate the original users as others username and password can be used easily and accounts are can be easily compromised. The condition area that builder is focusing is based on university websites where in fact the students and employees login to their accounts to access the services. But if any staff member username or passwords has been utilized by the students and learner can access the information like exam paperwork, attendance records, mark sheets etc. . . It can build a problem for the college or university, so school needs such something which can solve this problem.

Requirement analysis level: In this particular stage the job would require the programmer to do research and fortify the understanding on the next areas of knowledge, both domains and the as technical research areas, without which the developer will never be able to deliver a good educational task. The questionnaire and study form will anticipate to do a research regarding the system. The questionnaire and survey will be for the expert's users like software technicians and biometric users. Form the final outcome developer can get the clear idea about the machine and will be able to move forward.

The interview will be kept with company that works together with biometric technology, the interview will be conducted with specialized team of Iris Corporation. After the interview the programmer will be able to finalize the programming language and platform heading to work with for the machine. Developer must conduct survey regarding the system, the review will be conducted to know the importance of this system whether this technique is very required or not. The study will be conducted among the final calendar year IT students in the school. After the review programmer can conclude the value of the machine or any additional features required by the system.

Specification: Now developer needs to do a research on the biometric hardware devices available for the system, the developer need to do a research for the standards of the devices for the selection and need to meet requirements for the machine. This will be done by doing research on the similar systems available designer might perform an interview with people who experienced previously worked on the biometric technology. From the study and interview builder can justify that biometric hardware device need to be implemented for the system.

Design: On this part the developer will design the databases and software of the system. The system should be user friendly and HCI factors need to consider through the designing of the system.


In this part the growing of the machine is done. With this developer will start the coding of the task and should cover all the efficiency of the system. This process will need much time when compared with other.


After the coding of the machine is effectively completed now designer will test the machine for almost any errors or insects. If there are any errors or bugs the developer will try to fix them up in this period.

Deployment: Deployment signifies moving a product form a non permanent or development point out to a long term or desired condition. The system might be integrated in the working environment in this phase of the machine development life circuit. And it will be monitored for any errors or any more requirements.

Maintenance: After something is deployed, it needs to be managed. Software maintenance is the changes of the system after the delivery to correct faults, to improve performance to modify the machine to a altered environment.

Target Users: FWAS is targeted for the colleges, who want to maintain maximum the security in their websites to avoid from unauthorized gain access to.

Assumption and Constraints

The interconnection of the machine are locally connected

Users for the machine should become aware of windows application

The computer system are compatible with biometric system

Database server

Web server

Dummy Repository will be created for the testing goal.

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