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Worthy ideas for a tale of two cities essay

It’s quite a common fact that Charles Dickens has been regarded as one of the most outstanding satirists of the 19th century. A Tale of Two Cities is one of his best novels where the author tried to discuss the most alarming downsides of the social structure of the society of that time. As a tale of two cities essays tell One of the key problems illustrated in the novel is a huge social difference between different classes. Other discussed social vices include the national judicial system and the wildness of the revolution. However, the social structure is given more attention in the novel and we’ll also focus on it in a tale of two cities essay. By the way, when discussing the evident downsides of that society we point out not only to the shocking difference between classes, but a huge gap between the royalty and the rich.

Now, let’s have a closer look at those shameful social differences of that time. First, as mentioned above, there’s a strict distinction between classes. At that time, there were two major classes – the nobility and the peasants. The story unfolds during the French Revolution (1771-1794) in the cities of Paris and London. To cut a long story short, the peasants couldn’t stand the way they were treated by the nobility any longer. At that hard and cruel time the vast majority of noble people were used to calling representatives of the lower class «hounds». Those belonging to the upper class enjoyed living in the lap of luxury at the cost of unbearably high taxes imposed on the poor. The ragged peasants often died of starvation and their future was uncertain and scaring. Every day the nobility kept indifferently kept observing horrible scenes of deaths of hunger and only an extremely low percentage of the upper society dared to help. A typical example of those terrifying scene was a road incident with a poor boy – he was violently ran over by the marquis’ carriage. Sure, he died of wounds. Another crime made by representatives of the upper class includes the outrageous raping of a pregnant peasant woman carried out by Evremonde brothers. So, as you see, the novel gives plenty of gloomy and depressive a tale of two cities essay topics for your writing work.

We’re plunged in gloom each time we stumble on another shocking example of the nobility’s attitude to the peasants. That’s one of the most promising tale of two cities essay topics. For instance, as told above, the marquis’ carriage kills a boy, but the noble man Evermonde throws a golden coin on the ground to «satisfy» the boy’s father coming up to the carriage and crying is despair. Sue, the father didn’t take his money and let the coin lye on the street. One brave peasant woman dared to throw that coin right into the carriage. As a result, being overwhelmed by fury, the marquis swore he would ride over all the peasants and kill them all.

That terrible event appeared to be just prelude to the other terrible acts committed by the Evermonde family on representatives of the lower class. Later the family enjoyed putting innocent people to jail for any reason they liked.

In the novel Dr. Manette served up to 18 years of solitary confinement in prison. Right before the imprisonment, he happened to be a witness of a crime committed by those bloodthirsty Evermonde brothers. They wanted to have a good time with a peasant woman. Her husband was naturally against their intention, so he didn’t let them do it. They punished him violently – they made that peasant pull their carriage like horse, which resulted in his death. Later they took that woman to a country house and did a series of cruel things to her. Her younger brother tried to save her, but was stabbed by the Evermonde brothers.

After the rape, the woman found herself in a trance, screaming the whole night. Being irritated by hers screaming, the brothers sent a doctor to her. Unfortunately, it was too late and Dr. Manette was unable to save the woman as well as her dying younger brother.

The shocked doctor wrote a letter addressed to the secretary of the French government, where he informed of that terrible crime committed by the Evermonde brothers. Unfortunately, those brothers and the secretary were closer friends. As you might have seen, that wasn’t for good for Dr. Manette. He was forced to spend 18 years in prison and that broke him down. As a personality, he was fully suppressed.

It feels like Charles Dickens tries to make us feel sorry for those unhappy peasants as we read his novel. In the end, a bloody revolution bursts out resulting in numerous deaths of representatives of the upper class. Literally any noble man was endangered at that time. The peasants paid back for all those unpunished crimes committed by the nobility.

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