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A SWOT Research Of PTCL Systems

There is not any skimpy competition of PTCL in landline but with the progress of telecommunication business of Pakistan rivalry increasing specially in mobile phone sector. You will find more then 800 million customers of cellular phone. You will discover 03 big players in mobile phone industry but 3 of them are the competitor of PTCL: Mobilink, Telenor, Warid Tel.

Mobilink is the largest mobile phone company of Pakistan. Mobilink happens to be having more then 31, 958, 597 users basic which is the 36% of total cellular industry of Pakistan. Mobilink is basically challenging Ufone which is subsidiaries of PTCL.

Telenor is another mobile phone company it have 17, 841, 074 readers which is 20 % of total mobile industry.

Warid Tel

Waridtel is also providing mobile phone services in Pakistan. Waridtel have more than 15, 114, 678 clients that are 17% of Pakistan mobile industry.


Other than mobile & land collection PTCL is facing competition in F. W. T (Fixed Cordless Telephone) product market. Below are the main competition.

Telecard, World Call


Here I am offering my SWOT analysis of PTCL. I tried out to use my eager observation in order to find the advantages, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. As it is very hard for an internee to go over with the employees of any company about its weaknesses, moreover they are also not so much open in telling their strengths and opportunities.

Where there's a company in operation it must work in two varieties of environment i. e.

The exterior environment and

The interior environment of the company.

For an organization to avail maximum and steer clear of maximum, it must know what it has to avail and what it has to avoid. The external environment has scanned by the management for just about any arising opportunities or any critical risks. The sources of a firm constitute its talents and weaknesses.

External factors are broadly classified into;

Economic forces

Social, social, demographic, and environmental forces

Political, governmental and legal forces

Technological forces

Competitive causes etc

Internal factors are;

Marketing strength of firm

Financial/Accounting resources


Computer information system

Production/operations etc

Why SWOT analysis

A SWOT Examination is conducted by the company so that it can position itself to consider advantage of particular opportunities in the surroundings and also to avoid or minimize environmental hazards. In doing this, the organization tries to emphasize its strengths and modest the impact of weaknesses. The research is also great for uncovering strengths which have not been completely employed and in identifying weaknesses that may be corrected. Matching information about the surroundings with the organization's functions allows management to formulate reasonable approaches for attaining its goals. Strengths

A professional management is working PTCL. PTCL Management is consistently allocating cash for new technology, boosting knowledge pool, acquiring properly skilled personnel and so many plans regarding meeting the requirements of swiftly changing environment.

PTCL has the most significant network coverage in the country including almost all the metropolitan areas and their peripheries which others lack yet.

The company offers a very huge and very strong infrastructure within the country based on the landline network

PTCL is rich in assets when compared with others on the market, as it possesses and owns most of its machinery, channels and places

PTCL is the largest data service in Pakistan home users. It provide dialup internet and also DSL services at low prices with unlimited download so PTCL by providing these services gets its place in the market as a innovator in data services providers.

PTCL also supplies the data services to other operators such as PIE (Pakistan Internet Exchange), DSL and home and international lease circuits.

PTCL offers many value added services to its home and corporate customers and which include Toll Free 0800, UAN, UIN, VPN, and superior services 0900, tone messaging services (VMS).

It gets the largest no of employees in Pakistan. PTCL offers its services in every on the Pakistan do it has large number of offices and telephone exchanges that have large numbers of skilled and unskilled employees.

It is also enhance with state of the art technology. PTCL is willing to obtain new technologies to provide quality and valuable services to its customers.

It provides maximum selection of services. PTCL is the major converged services carrier providing all telecommunication services from basic tone of voice telephony to data, internet, video recording conferencing and carrier services and business all over the country.


After the success and conclusion of Voluntary Parting System (VSS), PTCL is facing scarcity of the employees because some of the exchanges have been still left non efficient as all the employees in those exchanges have opted the VSS and that had been approved and the vacancies have never been crammed yet.

There is not any job information at PTCL; the employees have made them at their own in the company among themselves.

ERP section is under procedure for up gradation at currently which is priced at a lot to the company in conditions of both money and time as well.

The clashes between new employees and the old regular employees have an impact on the working of the company due to professional rivalry and discrimination.

Reference check form is an important aspect of selection procedure for an employee, the company used reference check but there was no form suitable for this purpose officially.

PTCL is not providing customer services up to the mark. Poor customer services causes customers' dissatisfaction and cause disconnections which ultimately leads to high mixture rate. No company wants to obtain high churn rate.


PTCL has a vast network spread around Pakistan. Because of its experience in neuro-scientific telecommunications and a trained workforce, PTCL has a great opportunity to do well in the deregulated circumstance under the Etisalat Management.

Privatization & liberalization of IT sector.

Wireless local loop (WLL) is the alternative for landline cellphone lines. PTCL has the great possibility to extend its market through WLL basic subscribers.

PTCL gets the great opportunity in data services. There is a great potential in data services market.

Through proper segmenting the market, PTCL can explore new segments and can increase its business significantly.


Deregulations not only provide new opportunities but also pose some dangers. Up till now PTCL is enjoying a monopoly in fix range telephony but after deregulation of telecom market PTCL is facing competition from other telecom companies. This may result in fall of traffic and revenue.

Being a semi-government group PTCL has direct aftereffect of the political and home instability, which impacts the working of the business.

As authorities has permitted the reactivation of labor unions just lately, it's rather a serious threat to the company.

The competition of the company that are other telecom companies are well organized and well been able, they have their concentrate on the functions and on the competition in the market while PTCL continues to be under the process of reorganization and up-gradation.

The company is facing new competition, Wateen Telecom, in landline services which may provide a great competition to the company in landline and internet services in the country.

Large range of disconnections has the greatest hazards to PTCL. Which lowering the share of its excellent business of land line phone.

Conversion towards mobile. Increasing tournaments between mobile companies resulting in better mobile plans. So its customers are moving over towards cell phones.

New entrants in the marketplaces. New companies are entering in tone of voice and data services which can cause decreasing the market show of the PTCL.

Continuously decreasing call rates by cellular phone companies cause the reduced new connection rate. Because new customers preferring cellular phone rather than landline telephones.

Fiber optic injuries are other dangers to PTCL which cost a lot to the business.


No question PTCL financial results show a fair picture of its excellent performance over the entire year but it is not enough there are quantity of issues that have to be address in order to improve its performance and to successfully face the challenges establish by the globalization and swiftly changing economical world. Based on my experience I have put some recommendations and studies as under.

I through the internship found out that there surely is poor staffing, a few of the departments are over filled plus some even don't possess the number necessary to run the department.

Customer services should be advanced, that will help to improve customer satisfaction and brings about low churn rate.

PTCL should recheck its marketing strategies as presently very few people know the services made available from PTCL. It will install more billboards, use printing and electronic digital Medias.

Employee's attitude and behavior towards work and customers must be improved as credited to personnel competition every individual customer is essential.

Increase service offering at competitive and affordable rates.

Minimize exposure to Government's (PTCL) earnings for a while.

Working environment should be better by introducing good corporate and business culture in the organization so the employee satisfaction can be achieved, which results in low worker turnover.

Coordination among the list of departments should be better by introducing new practices by which department connect to each other properly. So they interact to attain organizational goals.

Strategies should be built by using proper market information, so the good strategies lead towards fulfillment of organizational goal efficiently.

PTCL also needs to focus on WLL services which can be helpful in increasing its market size.

PTCL should have more concentrate on data services which includes the great potential and company gets the options to avail this opportunity.

Proper segmentation should be achieved therefore the new segments can be explored and targeted.


PTCL is the largest telecommunications specialist in Pakistan. The business preserves an important position in Pakistan as a communications service provider to other telecom operators and corporate customers of the country. It has possible to be an instrumental agent in Pakistan's financial growth.

PTCL has laid an Optical Fibers Gain access to system in the main urban centers of Pakistan and local loop services have started to be modernized and improved from copper to an optical network.

PTCL have monopoly in providing the Land-Line Mobile phone Connection in Pakistan and it's playing its role magnificently. In current circumstance PTCL has increases its Earnings quite considerably and probably that as soon as this organization has become privatized it'll flourish its revenue in better manner. PTCL should at once change its Fund upper degree of chain of control and should stream lines in the nice manner.

PTCL also needs to give self confidence to the Billing Online system that each and every customer must have to pay his/her charge on line basic.

The system of E-PAYMENT which though make it through in PTCL money system but there is certainly need of development in this facility.

The image of PTCL being most significant Telecom providing is bad in the eye of common customers especially there are lot of problems about like the bogus local calls in the monthly bills of varied customers. PTCL should also give the detail of local calls created from any Land Lines Amount which would be provided in Micro level to the client.

Defective Telephone link should be Fault Free within a day in order to increase the Income, as Income of PTCL should give up at the price tag on defective Mobile phone.

PTCL should make CUSTOMER SUPPORT Centers in faraway areas

If I must express my connection with internship in PTCL I'd briefly say:

PTCL is an excellent Organization in the way that anyone can sign up for it for his/ her long-term career. Overall working environment reaches easiness. Management of branch cares a lot of its personnel and considers them as the plus point of PTCL.

The customers are interested singularly because customer is the ruler of most activities. Same kind of activities and attention is directed at all the customers. Getting ideas for development from customer side is a fresh idea and that is working perfectly in PTCL. The clients are asked to fill up an indicator form and the requirements of the business are improved through them.

In PTCL, all the activities are done on computer systems that enhance the organizations ability. I came across my internship training at PTCL to be always a very pleasing experience. The training was helpful because it helps me a lot to learn bout true to life working environment. So far my learning is concerned; all the employees at branch were quite helpful. They helped me to comprehend the activities of the org to possible level. Their positive attitude provided me more self-confidence to learn more and also to ask if I have any query in my own mind.

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