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A Study On The Frog Prince

Throughout the analysis of "The Frog Prince" they have proved various viewpoints on the poem. Stevie Smith's poem was gravely damaged by events in her life as well as her values. However critics thought she had taken an opportunity when using a story book as the base for such a morbid issue such as loss of life. This is considered one showcase of her job.

Stevie Smith's qualifications influenced most of her works greatly. Especially "The Frog Prince, " as death and her role in life were greatly questioned throughout her life. To go after a life as a shipmaster her dad left her at a very young age. Her mother then migrated them in with an Aunt. Only short thereafter she became hospitalized, and then passed on. After that Smith lived with her aunt, only witnessing her mother a couple of times before she passed on. Stevie Smith suffered many health problems through her years as a child and life. In later years she experienced bouts of depression. She earned the Queens Silver Medal for Poetry in 1969. As well she actually is known as a post conflict writer. Hallet explained that, while working for George Newnes, journal publishers, she attempted to commit suicide while at work and was required to retire in the year 1953 (Hallet, par. 16). She'd later die associated with an inoperable brain tumor in 1971.

After all, Allyson Booth claims Smith was known for using well known short tales (Booth, par. 12). However when using these simple reviews she manipulates them therefore the morals of are ironic to the morals of the initial tale. Stevie Smith wrote "The Frog Prince" in free verse. Through it she used many literary devices like personification, repetition, and analogies. Relating to Julie Whitsitt, the theme throughout this well-written poem is the gratifying thought of ones demise (Whitsitt, par. 12). However many critics contemplate it gravely morbid. Whitsitt state governments that it's a taboo subject where Smith arrived to an uncommon conviction (Whitsitt, par. 12). Booth points out that Smith's works usually iterate the same few issues such as spinsterhood and sexuality (Booth, par. 6). Fatality was also a common issue of Smith's throughout her job. Calvin Bedient claims that the comicality of "The Frog Prince" hones the anguish of the topic (Calvin Bedient 305). Calvin Bedient clarifies in the "The Frog Prince" ". . . enchantment is oppression, a spell of non-transcendence" (Bedient 305). Stevie Smith uses desolate monotones. It is clear she prices bereaved humor.

However, after analyzing "The Frog Prince" it is visible it has a lot to do with finding your way through heaven. The repeated expression heavenly that shows upthroughout this poem places focus on the perception. Other very important words throughout the poem are enchanted and disenchanted and happy which all carry a lot of so this means. When he uses the term happy he means more of otherworldly. As the frog can only just go up to now in his normal life and he has completed all he has had the opportunity to. Stevie Smith uses irony well throughout this poem. The Frog seems it's time to move to heaven to be something higher. The first stanza he describes his boring normal life then the next stanza he shifts to stating the changes that are to take place and what he should do to achieve a larger being. In case a narrator were to learn this aloud it could sound very whimsical, even darkly funny.

Consequently after analyzing this poem the stopping conclusion is the fact though this poem is a morbid subject it is very well-written. Stevie Smith's "The Frog Prince" was very afflicted by incidents in Smith's own life but this became a good thing, making the poem more personal. The poem was afflicted by Smith's own life and I think that helps it be more personal not just to her but to all or any of us. She used the fairy tale story perfectly to demonstrate such a morbid subject. Smith uses irony very well. This poem is grave, darkly funny but puts emphasis on this issue.

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