A Structural METHOD OF Family Therapy

Teen pregnancy has become a growing epidemic in america today. Statistics claim that four in ten American women experienced at least one motherhood before the age of twenty. The motherhood rate among young women between your age ranges of fifth teenager and nine teenager have tripled since 2005 (Benoit, 1997). The alarming rate at which teen motherhood rates have risen has sparked much controversy. Some of its controversy is based on the fact that this issue is no more restricted to young girls from minority's backgrounds or lower socioeconomic statuses. The issue of teenage pregnancy has distributed across demographics, even to ones which were once deemed immune system to its results, teenagers from middle class two parent households have also been damaged by this epidemic, many explanations have been asserted as to the reasons the climb in teen motherhood has started ( Furstenburg, 2003).

My assumption based on the research given, is the fact teen being pregnant can be discussed by the breakdown in the family composition. More specifically, the lack of adequate mirror during pre adolescence as well too little healthy communication of prospects and family goals between your adolescent and the mother or father. It is also my assumption that Salvador Menuhin's theory of Structural Family Therapy can best help individuals who are interacting with teenage pregnancy. The Structural Approach to family therapy targets the family as a whole; it works to understand dysfunctional behaviours and habits within the family and then works to repair them using the therapist as a catalyst

A Structural Methodology 3

To change (Carr, 2000). The methodology can specifically help parents and young agers working with the crisis of an unexpected pregnancy because it can help the family to rebuild the communication romance between them. Furthermore it will help the family dissect itself and its own dysfunctional patterns, subsequently supporting the parents understand the teenager's actions and way of thinking.

Review of the literature

Insight into Teenage Pregnancy

Experts give many explanations to the go up in teen being pregnant. The list varies from the break down in the American family, insufficient attention directed at children in two parent or guardian working homes, America's high divorce rates, More sexually enthusiastic tv set programs, the move forward of technology ( internet, mobile phones, cultural networking sites etc) to the thought of sex being shown in academic institutions ( Furksteinburg, 2003). Strong advocates of abstinence go as far as to demand that safer intimacy curriculums be studied out of colleges. A Study done in the early eighties discussed that through the later 70's and early 80's it was popular idea that only folks from lower socio monetary statuses and minorities; more specifically African Americans and Hispanics were the only real groups that were having children before the get older of twenty ( Painter& Levine 2000).

However for the reason that same review it became apparent that over a period of thirty calendar year study, the facial skin of the teenage mom dramatically changed. Both middle class and lower school a women as well DARK-COLORED and Caucasian women had become young mothers. The results of the study recognized the hypothesis of the researcher that

A Structural Strategy 4

Likelihood of teenage being pregnant is not specifcily reliant on the race or the socioeconomic status of the young women but instead on the support system and composition of the family (Furstenburg, 2003).

Alan Carr ( 2000) would clarify teen age motherhood as a pervasive conduct problem. With this he would make clear that the kid is trying to gain the interest of the parent or guardian while at exactly the same time trying to show independence to make adult decisions. He further talks about that conduct problems are ones that contain gradually developed over time. In the child's early on development they began to feel a disconnect or insufficient support from the mother or father. In most cases of pervasive conduct problems the father or mother was too demanding and the child didn't feel love and love or to the opposite the father or mother was too laid back and the child thought as the parent or guardian didn't care. When a parent is too relaxed, and fails to provide adequate monitoring and provides inconsistent repercussions to rule breaking and lacks to provide proper positive support of good behaviors the kid begins to do something in negative attention seeking conducts. When the framework of the family is fragile and rules and roles aren't clearly defined not only is the child stressed but the rest of the family becomes pressured as well.

When the strain is noticed throughout the family, the parents may react in a final attempt effort to try to gain the trust and compliance of the child. By doing this they may get started to strictly enforce rules and punishments. The child's reaction to the parents rapid change of rules may lead to constant oppositional patterns and could lead compared to that ultimate "bad" take action such as early on pregnancy, prison etc (Herzerg & Cheniss, 1996).

A Structural Procedure 5

What is Structural Therapy

The basic idea behind Structural theory suggests that when a problem occurs to 1 member of the family it impacts all members of that family. In this approach to remedy the therapist appears to treat the whole family and works with them as a device rather than as individuals. To raised understand the dynamics of the family it is vital that the therapist joins the family system. By becoming a member of the family, the therapist begins to comprehend the subsets and communication patterns of the family. Furthermore the therapist disrupts detrimental and dysfunctional habits and helps the family to develop healthier patterns while using him as a catalyst to positive changes for the family.

The model's distinctive features are its focus on structural change as the primary goal of remedy, which acquires preeminence over the details of specific change (Colapinto, 1982) the model is made upon three tenants; the family, the presenting problem and the process of therapeutic change.

The family is regarded as a living open system, and each member of the family is interdependent on one another. Within the group there's a create of regulations, these are made and managed by the family. The structure of the family is situated upon its guidelines. As the family is a full time income system it is continually changing which is in change. The transitioning rules are governed and negotiated by the framework. Homeostasis is constant play in order to keep the total amount of composition in the family.

A Structural Methodology 6

Structural theory explains the presenting problem as a glitch in another of the transitions of the family. The presenting problem is often put into context of complainer's romance or role in the framework. The target is to go through the presenting problem as a difficulty in the framework instead of in a single person. Quite often in therapy the blame is put on one person within the family. It is the job of the therapist to understand the patterns of every member also to help them to place the issue into framework of the existing changeover of the family. It is also the job of the therapist to diagnose the problem for the framework and help these to knit a world of support for every single member.

The procedure for therapeutic change looks to help the family/composition understand dysfunctional actions and tendencies. In the model of restorative change the goal is to make alterations that are conducive to the framework. This may mean that some family will be rearranged and some subsets within the family will be disturbed. For instance if there is a dysfunctional, strong marriage between the daughter and mother, to the main point where the daughter is elevated to the level of an adult or parent or guardian, the therapist can help the family improve the daughter's role so that she is dropped down to the position of a kid. With this the father's role may be put in the respective role as father or mother/ provider. Within the healing change the family is helped to outgrow the normal negative habits of communication

A Structural Way 7

Structural Remedy Applied

Within the context of a family coping with an unwanted pregnancy, it's important that the each family member learns and recognizes what role the motherhood performs in the family and how it individually impacts their role in the framework. There has to be a high degree of parental co procedure. The dysfunction within a structure where the teen is acting out and undertaking in attention seeking habits can be attributed to too little clear understanding of hierarchies within the family. The child does not respect their role as the youngster and their parent's role as the caretakers. The young agers need to feel that their role is important within the family and that no matter how badly they behave they are essential to family framework. In addition the parental characters within the structure need to understand that the interest seeking patterns of the teen is a dysfunction that they have collectively created. Each member of the family must collectively interact to cope with the problem. For the modifications to reach your goals there needs to be clear communication and obviously defined roles. The best goal of the remedy is to help the family to be more flexible within their assignments in addition to aiding these to find more healthy alternatives to interacting with one another.

A Structural Procedure 8

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