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A sociological explanation of suicidal behaviour

The interpersonal facts encompass us almost everywhere and have an effect on our lives. To commence with, the interpersonal fact is a single, socially significant event or a couple of homogeneous occasions that are typical for some areas of communal life, or specific to certain communal processes. The main traits of the interpersonal fact is their independence, objective existence, and their coercive character, i. e. an ability to exert the external pressure on the individual. It is a collective representation of the reality or a collective awareness. The social fact is a span of actions, ways of thinking and feeling that exist outside the specific (i. e. objectively). These factors possess the normative coercive electric power with regards to him/her. Into the acknowledgement of these mentioned information about social facts it's important to add that corresponding to Faraganis (2000), "with a social simple fact, Durkheim (as a person who defined the social truth in sociology) is discussing facts, concepts, expectations that come not from specific responses and preferences, but which come from the sociable community which socializes each of its associates. Although we would adopt the normative community action and talk about its values, we live constrained by its very life. "

The main reason for this work is to uncover a sociological reason about a interpersonal reality. Among different cultural facts, you'll be able to point out the pathological social fact from the social problems, to create suicide. The term suicide relates to the social simple fact since it is a single public event, typically for just one or another sphere of true to life. The suicide rate is one of the most important sociological exponents of the society's well-being. Global research has recently been founded that the work of suicide accumulated many of the factors: social, financial, political, philosophical, mental, and religious.

The rate of suicide in Canada is historically just like or slightly higher than in the USA. Around 3800 suicides take place in Canada every year.

Suicide is a deliberate act of removal from life under the influence of acute traumatic situations where life itself loses its meaning for humans. Suicidal can be called any external or internal activity, sent by way of a aspire to take his/her own life. People who commit suicide usually have problems with a severe mental pain or are under stress and a feeling of inability to handle their problems. They often times suffer from mental illness, especially major major depression, and look in advance without any hope.

Suicidal action is the suicidal activity's manifestation which includes the suicide attacks, attempts and manifestations.

Thus, a predicament when loss of life is brought on by people who may well not be familiar with their actions or control them, and consequently of someone's negligence aren't related to suicide, but to the injuries.

There are three main types of suicidal patterns: true suicide, demonstrative suicide and hidden suicide.

The true suicide is never spontaneous, though sometimes it appears quite unforeseen. Such a suicide is definitely preceded by despondent mood, depression, or maybe thinking about going out of this life. Sometimes, even the closest people do not notice this person's condition (especially if you honestly do not want it). It really is obvious that oftentimes true suicide is a result of prolonged melancholy. And any depression is characterized by a focus on past, not the future. The man on the verge of true suicide somehow appeals to the past, clinging to it, but cannot find the picture of own future. Therefore, the "risk group" for suicides includes teens and old people.

The main part of the suicides is nothing but an attempt to engage in dialogue: only, of course, that's so unique and totally unsuitable for this method. Most suicides will not want to pass away, but they destroy themselves only to be able to reach away to someone, focus on their problems, to call for help. The psychiatrists often call this phenomenon "demonstrative suicide. " Researchers stated that propensity to demonstrative suicide sometimes seen as a specific way of manipulation.

The invisible suicide is the future of these who recognize that suicide is not the most dignified way to solve the problem, but still other way again can't be found. These folks do not choose an available drawback from life independently, nevertheless they choose so-called "due to suicidal patterns. " For example, this is high-risk driving behaviors, exercises in extreme athletics or dangerous business, and volunteer trips to hot places, and even medicine addiction.

Among the major problems of modern Suicidology, the most relevant problems will be the features of suicidal habit associated with alcohol and drugs, the role of family and loneliness factors in the genesis of suicidal behavior and the condition of mental disease and suicide. In any suicide situation, there are usually two working entities: the individual who is considering suicide and his/her environment, or a specific person with whom he or she somehow tries to establish a dialogue. The increased suicide risk factors can be divided into extra-and intrapersonal. Extra personal suicide risk factors include: psychosis and borderline mental disorders; suicidal claims, repeated suicidal serves; post suicide; adolescence; extreme, especially so-called marginal living conditions; loss of prestige; conflict traumatic situation; drunkenness, medicine use. Intrapersonal suicide risk factors can be identified: idiosyncrasies; reduced tolerance to mental stress and aggravating factors; inadequacy of communication systems; limited (overstated, understated or unpredictable) self-esteem; shortage or loss of targets or prices underlying the foundation of life, etc.

There are the top features of suicide, such as: the desire to be exclusively is natural and normal for each person. But beware, when closed down, the isolation become profound and long, when a person withdraws into himself, eschews the former friends and allies. Each of us is naughty from time to time. This problem can be triggered by weather, well-being, exhaustion, office or family problems, etc. But when a person's spirits nearly every day varies between the excitation and decay, you can find cause for alarm. You will discover strong evidences that these emotional fluctuations are the harbingers of fatality. Despair is a deep emotional decrease, which is proved in everyone in another way. Some people become isolated, but at the same time, they disguise their feelings so well that it is impossible to note the changes in their patterns. The only path in such cases is a primary and open dialogue with a guy. This is a proven fact that the majority of serves of suicide are caused by anger, trend, and cruelty to others. An lack or, conversely, abnormally increased cravings are closely associated with self-destruction thoughts and really should always be considered to be a criterion for the hazards. As well as the above-mentioned information, it is necessary to add that " liquor and medicine use disorders have been found to be strongly related to suicide risk" (Ilgen, et. al, 2011).

People, who plan their suicide, give away their own what to family, friends, or relatives. As experience shows, this sinister campaign is a primary forerunner of any coming disaster. In each circumstance, it is recommended to truly have a serious and frank dialog with see your face to be able to clarify the intentions of potential suicides.

The reasons for suicide are complex and numerous. The reasons can be sought in biological, genetic, psychological and communal spheres of the person. Even though that folks usually commit suicide in extreme situations, such as divorce, lack of work or research, most experts claim that it is rather grounds to commit suicide than its cause.

Most people who get rid of themselves suffer from depression, which often should go undiagnosed and untreated. Since despair often underlies suicide, the analysis of the sources of unhappiness can help scientists to understand the causes of suicide. "About 90% of suicides take place in folks with a clinically diagnosable psychiatric disorder" (Tondo, et. al. , 2011).

Despite the actual fact that some studies suggest that suicides of celebrities can play an exemplary role model, especially among teens, this aspect of view is not totally proven. However, there is some proof that the famous people's suicides can be considered a powerful motivation to others' suicides, especially among those in the range of 13 to 19 years. Furthermore, the sources of young suicides are poverty, family connections and with their peers, drugs and alcohol, unrequited love, experienced in child years abuse, public isolation, mental disorders, including unhappiness, schizophrenia, and so forth. The amount of suicides among teenagers has increased during the last decade. It isn't superfluous to mention that early relationships do not save young people (older 15-19) from the risk of suicide. This is primarily because of the fact that "young" relationships are much more likely an attempt, not necessarily successful, to solve some other, unrelated to relationship problems, for example, eliminate unbearable situation in family.

Taking everything into consideration, it is possible to conclude that suicide is the result of the personality's communal - psychological disadaptation in society. Psychological crises occur because of this of the seductive, family and personal, public and creative issues. In order to avoid the manifestation of suicidal behavior, it's important to provide people, especially teenagers with communal support by including family, institution, friends, etc. It is useful to carry out socio-psychological training issues, provide specific and group lessons to raise self-esteem, development of an enough relationship to home, empathy, to increase self-control, replacing of "significant others", to build up the motivation to be able to have success. It could be based on the behavioral skills' trainings.

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