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A Social Employee Personal Assertion Personal Development Essay

My reasons for deciding on the public work program proposed by your University are numerous and various and can be summarised as a yearning to work within general population services over the United Kingdom and making a difference to the lives of the unfortunate members of your society who'll sooner or later access cultural services. My desire is usually to be able to focus on communal services and having the ability to web page link theory and practice mutually along the way having the ability to provide quality essential services for everyone at large that I am working with. With many different inspirations, I really believe I will be able to bring an extremely well curved experience, thoughts and suggestions to other fellow learner in the program. I am enthusiastic about sharing my encounters as well as learning from the activities of other minds similarly on the cultural work programme. I believe with my prosperity of work experience, I will be able to offer an extra dimension to your learner composition while attaining education from competent faculty and staff.

My goal in trying to get the Bachelor in Public Work is not wholly vocational somewhat my interest focuses explicitly on the introduction of methodical and critical thinking skills so necessary to a committed action to a career within public services. I believe the highly educational and interdisciplinary sociable work level course very much appeal to me. I am interested not only in an in-depth analysis of public work but also in involvement and follow-up talk with my other fellow students thus increasing my knowledge. Based on my background of experiencing worked within the mental health clinic as a Health care Assistant I really believe I have the required foundation and medical knowledge that can make it possible for me to adapt to the demands of the course.

In order to be an effective social staff member I recognise the importance of the theoretical aspects of the programme and date believe that I've gained a whole lot of real world experience, but I want more training in the fundamentals of how public work can enhance the world of unfortunate members in your society. A lot more importantly I think that the public work programme offered by different colleges that I have applied too bridges the space between theoretical ideas and practical fact. This multidisciplinary methodology is vital for giving an answer to todays cultural problems faced within the community I reside in. I am fired up by the likelihood of combining what I have already learnt at this point from my time as a Health care Assistant as that could also give me a specific better understanding of social work needs of folks that I have taken care of in the hospital.

Ever since my child years and as a little girl I've detected in myself a certain compassion and innate desire to help others on most occasions when presented with a situation. I was the little gal that wished to be a innovator, one emulated the way community information such doctors, nurses and sociable workers managed the assistance available to the general public. I got also the little girl who was simply disgruntled when my friends either decreased out of institution to look after their ailing father or mother or parents. I longed to make changes when the own private friend needed to be taken into foster attention when there was no relative near by to provide for her. At the time my understanding was very limited I however attended to realise the value of social workers and the part they play when I finally bumped into my pal years later. Therefore my profession within the health care and cultural services sector was formed from an early age and I hope to keep turning that goal into a reality by learning to be a social staff member myself as soon as I graduate out of this program.

When I look back to my childhood, I can see and represent that I usually knew that I needed to work in a sector where I'd have the ability to influence and offer services that profit the unfortunate associates of our modern culture. I also understood my parents would be thrilled. My mother being a veteran educationist in a country that lacked transparency and accountability have been frustrated when wanting to improve the accessibility of education to deaf children within my district. She was frustrated when budget reductions tore apart the essential things to the introduction of an important education system and the same cash used for things that she regarded as useless to the general public most importantly. My moms background in public areas service, dealing with deaf and dumb children has reaffirmed my position that I love working and making a notable difference within society most importantly and my ideal life is to help create sociable welfare systems that will make a difference to the clients who'll use our services, and whom would want to utilize a Social Worker sooner or later in their life.

In my current and past roles within the healthcare sector I continue to gain great experience I however still feel that in order for me to believe strategically and control the services much better than they are being done thus providing excellent care to our service users I feel that the communal work degree will be able to provide me with the necessary platform, skills, expertise that will make me a good sociable worker for the good of the folks. I wish to have the ability to be a diversified knowledgeable social employee who is in a position to work in varied roles within the medical care or municipality institutions. A professional individual who is able to handle problems for example a healthcare crisis involving a mental health patient that has relapsed and must be located in a protective care environment or positioning an old patient being discharged from medical center within an environment where they could be looked after as they cannot physically do that whilst at the same time respecting that it's not an easy decision to defend myself against their behalf but a decision that will advantage them in the long run.

Again I understand that in order to make a serious impact and become a diversified player with a words within the communal services a person who can work across different regions of health and public policy I need the communal work certification behind my name. From my experience as a Professional medical Assistant I've learnt how I want to form my future, my career goals are clearer if you ask me than ever:

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