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A Service Sector Research Of Dubai Tourism Essay


Dubai is one of the countries that contain been enjoying its prosperity from the services provided in the tourism industry sector. Its fine sands and the silent cool hotels all around the region, has provided a major fascination site to various customers all around the globe. Dubai country is a city that is international. That has its various competition all over the world, from Eastern Asia, the united states and Europe. Dubai is thought to have received a complete volume of 6. 1 million travellers in 2008 than its past season (Stokes, 2000). It has been vividly seen that the only path an organization can excel in its activities, is by instituting prior planning, while taking measurable strategies that may be implemented in order to work towards the set goals and attain its goals. In cases like this, Dubai spent some time working hard to build up the region and also to have alternative cause of action they can count on, in case of economic crisis. It's been popular that, almost all of the previous activities were creation and making of essential oil.

Originality of Tourism and Hotel Development

Impetus to tourism industry in Dubai is continuing to grow from the root base to its current state as a multi-billion industry which isn't just a backbone to Dubai's current economic climate but has gained international status as a tourism vacation spot. Several factors brought about the development of the tourism industry in Dubai plus they include the need for Dubai to diversify its economy from mere dependency on essential oil and gas to diversifying its current economic climate. Dubai has for a long time been a reserve for engine oil and natural gas, however, the use of essential oil has been diminishing and thus the need to diversify. This induced the tourism industry to increase.

The federal government of Dubai created an allowing environment for the growth of tourism because they build infrastructure such as streets and more hotels to bring about the progress of travel and leisure in Dubai. The government of Dubai also provided credit facilities to constructor and asked foreign buyers in Dubai. This performed in the favor of increasing tourism in Dubai. The federal government of Dubai collaborated with the marketing to advertise and update what is in Dubai. Thus it was converted from a by natural means dried out land to a center for trade and business. This proved helpful positively to cause the growth of the travel and leisure industry in Dubai.

Most businesses were began up that down the road resulted in its development hence becoming greater organizations. The many organizations that were developed in Dubai were such as: joint venture companies, open public shareholders company, limited responsibility company, private shareholding company, show partnership company, General collaboration company and talk about collaboration companies (Legal Business Buildings, n. d. ) were the various businesses which were developed. You will discover other varieties of business organizations that are not encouraged by the federal government of Dubai. These lenders includes; the share relationship companies and the partnership-en-commendams. Joint projects are conducted between two parties of different countries. That is the local business and the international business individual that comes together for the intended purpose of the same interest.

The main success of Dubai was consequently of the resources which were available in the country (Govers, Go & Kumar, 2007). Among the richest resources was the olive oil lying underneath. That was bought and sold on the various regions of the united states. It's vividly known that oil is one of the top natural resources is mainly exported in the Middle East. The next they have really used to succeed is by changing 90% of the countries desert to an international financial market. Many international individuals have shown great curiosity about investing in Dubai while making huge earnings thus leading to the expansion and development of the united states of Dubai. This also led to the development of the very most known image of the Dubai. Some respect it as the icon of Dubai. It's called as Burj Al Arab which has been ranked as the only world's number one 7 superstar hotel that has resulted in the most success of Dubai country since it has been an appeal site for many of the visitors. Strong features it portrayed in the region caused its success. Various investors from different parts of the word, added allot since they could start their businesses while trading within and without the region, while going to the extent of trading oversees. The more people stopped at Dubai, the earnings it developed since traveler could pay for hotel facilities, dishes and transfer while travelling to different fascination sites.

There are other products that are also famous known as the hand Island and the earth. They will be the most significant manmade island in depends upon that is prepared of a beach. This has led to the introduction of Dubai since almost all of the traveler from Europe, America, Asia and Africa most importantly countries have been going to spend time in this island, during almost all of the holiday season with their families and friend to enjoy their leisure time in a trendy environment. However refer to some scientist research workers that the island shows some features of sinking down the earth, hence, creating another interesting question of region that individuals really wants to see. Since Dubai has diverted almost all of its activities in the tourism industry other than the removal of oil, it needs to cope up with the existing trends that take place anticipated to globalization (Stokes, 2000). By utilizing the required activities while increasing its services, it's is definitely found exhaling in the term of tourism.

Dilemmas Experienced in the Travel and leisure Industry

Dubai has been recognized as one of the spots that holiday flock from various parts of the world (Govers, Go & Kumar, 2007). Apart from that, there are always shortcomings which come hand in hand with features and activities of a location. It generally does not mean that every business does well in daily of its trades. Within the same case, tourism industry in Dubai has been financial crisis at one point. This contributes to low business activities at most of the changing times, hence, finding yourself losing most of the clients that visits the united states during their leisure time. This also contributes to business reducing its trading activities since the trading activities may be functioning baffled. This means that almost all of the hotels becomes vacant, hence, leading to low investments plus some of the employees working on these hotels being let go.

Secondly, sooner or later, people visiting the united states, becomes less in number. This show it's as a result of a larger competition which may be referred as to a rise in immediate and indirect competition (Sharpley, 2008). Hotels have been sacrificing clients either to the high class or alternatively the luxurious hotels in Dubai departing the other hotels without clients. One other way is whereby some individuals are evolving to do something as realtors that provide the visitor allowing them in better value rate. This has led to the reduction in the financial sector of Dubai. Another challenge that has been confronted by Dubai is the reduced amount of travelling by international individuals. The number of tourists visiting the country has deteriorated in comparison to the earlier days when there was a high inhabitants flocking in the united states. This is because of the economic boom that has afflicted almost every part of the world. This has led Dubai to facing a headache that they would never really had expected of scarcity of clients.

Thirdly, solid waste materials (Al-Qaydi, 2006) and chemical substance disposal are also challenging Dubai, because the tourism industry especially hotel produce a large amount of sound and chemical throw away, and the Dubai federal needs to manage them properly so the environment will never be polluted.

The competition they experience from other countries. This is always regarded as cheaper alternates to Dubai thus provide cheaper services and accommodations to the vacationer. This causes the majority of the holidaymakers proffering the alternate destinations given that they can manage to afford them. The problem of cost hasn't yet been resolved since Dubai has costly services and sophisticated accommodations that cannot be priced underrate. Hence, for Dubai to hold on to its customer and get back the ones have previously left it needs to look deeply into its activities and the budget developed should maintain a posture of trapping again its customers.

Strengths of Dubai

Dubai is found in the Middle East, which is without a doubt the entire world biggest oil producer. Dubai is ranked the earth sixth largest olive oil reserve (Owen, Inderwildi, Ruler, 2010), this coupled with natural gas is the backbone of Dubai's market, because of mining engine oil and gas there has been infrastructural development n prior development of public amenities. This in effect has generated an enabling environment for business. Subsequently, Dubai has changed its natural desert into a global market for commercial investors who've invested immensely in Dubai. Therefore, the organization investors havent only made earnings, but

have also helped develop Dubai.

Some of the interpersonal amenities which have developed due to serein environment in Dubai are such as Burj Al Arab. It really is a famous icon voted as the world's most luxurious hotel. It is the world's only and first seven star hotels. Second of all, Burj khalifa happens to be the world's tallest building, it is 828 meters tall. People are always identified Dubai can be an international luxury destination. Its travel accommodation is a primary feature of this positioning with an increase of when compared to a third of all hotels in the city rated as five and four superstar hotels.

Weaknesses of Dubai Tourism Industry

Dubai has countable resources of factors that pose as risks to its travel and leisure industry. The monetary crisis has served to expose the weaknesses in travel and leisure industry. For example, Dubai has been dependent on oil; its income have been powered by engine oil, but, oil is not a sustainable resource, this means one day it'll go out. Data shows petrol is currently only 6% of Dubai's total revenue (Khatib, 1997). And, there's also insufficient diversifications there are risks to the stableness of tourism in Dubai. Terrorism dangers - Dubai may be an oasis of luxury with a few of the world's famous and visible icons like the Burj Al Arab and Burj khalifa. Such symbols serve as terrorist targets. Natural disaster - Tsunami is another danger since Dubai lie on the gulf coast.

Keys Stakeholders

Dubai can be an international market with arrivals from diverse parts. Foreign countries such as the United Kingdom, India, Saudi Arabia and the United States have been Dubai's major source markets (Dubai, 2010). Specifically cases, there has been good response from South Africa, China and Russia. Statistics obtained in 2010 2010 show that in 2010 2010 alone there have been as much as 719, 889 British visitors in Dubai hotels accompanied by 638, 103 from India 526, 598 from Iran, 519, 001 from Saudi Arabia and 437, 723 the United States. This expansion in the amount of stakeholders has been regardless of the economic/financial crisis that began in October 2008 (Kehal & Singh, 2006).

Community Involvement

Moreover, the city has played out key jobs for the success of the travel and leisure industry Dubai has a population of about 2. 3 million people out of which about 17 percent are the local Emiratis, 42 percent are Indian, 13 percent are Pakistani, 8 percent are Bangladeshi and 9 percent are from other nations. Incentives meant to attract local communities at hotels such as Burj Al Arab and the Emirates have been ensured. This is of great value to the general tourism industry. The growing travel and leisure industry has engaged the local communities in Dubai activities; that include cultures of folks in Dubai. Infrastructural development evidently implies that development of streets and cultural amenities has led to the raise in the living specifications of people. The travel and leisure industry in addition has created career to the neighborhood areas at different capacities including the transportation industry, and the hotel and catering industry.

Influence of Local Politics on Tourism Development

Politics in Dubai has been entirely on a rich Islamic backdrop. The backbone of Dubai is dependent on building work and the tourism industry because of the uncertain future of essential oil. Therefore, the government in Dubai has been engaged in various capacities in the travel and leisure industry (Mathews, 2003). The federal government has guaranteed the success of travel and leisure industry and therefore it is mixed up in trade by declaring lower tariffs. Politics in Dubai is a significant stakeholder in the success of tourism in the next ways.

The authorities has produced and created an enabling environment for building of hotels and apartment blocks to encourage foreigners to visit Dubai. This has been possible by offering credit facilities such as lending options to the local communities desperate to set up hotels.

Terrorists have targeted various vacationer hot spots and included in this Dubai has been targeted. It has made the government of Dubai to allocate vast resources to ensure strict and stringent security measures to keep away terrorist hazards in Dubai hotels the federal government of Dubai has created The Division of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). It has been with the sole purpose of stimulating tourism both at international level with a local level. It has attracted foreign corporate and business shareholders in Dubai. Because of the fact that Dubai's constitution and guidelines are founded based on Islam, Dubai enforces strict guidelines on the actions of individuals, for example carnal knowledge between un-married people and folks of the same sex is highly prohibited. Therefore has landed many foreigners in big trouble with regulations.

Planning Facts and Strategic Planning

The federal through strategic planning, funding and marketing must ensure progress in travel and leisure industry as the 6 percent of Dubai's earnings comes from essential oil (Khatib, 1997). The federal government has truly gone a notch higher to inviting inward missions in the tourism sector and the media to promote and show case new projects and update their home elevators tourism sights of Dubai. Good Development Plan in 1900-1955: created an interval of slow development and limited physical growth due to constrained monetary development (Pacione, 2005).

Tourism Development Strategies Plan

Due to the uncertain future of engine oil in Dubai, the federal government has been required to put actions to ensure continuous flow of revenue. Dubai, unlike other countries has only 6 percent of its economy dependant on olive oil and gas. Tourism is therefore the main income earner in Dubai. The money is now an important area of the local economy. Second, the invitation of inward missions in the travel and leisure sector and the media to promote and show circumstance new jobs and upgrade their information has made Dubai have a big market bottom part as a luxurious environment for travel and leisure. Thirdly, the federal government has included itself in engineering of hotels. This when matched with the development of infrastructure has made certain a growth in the amount of foreigners visiting Dubai.

The government in addition has constructed rentals for foreigners wishing to stay much longer in Dubai. The team of travel and leisure and business Marketing has involved itself in research activities meant to broaden the tourism sector. The study finding such as engineering of more hotels, uncertain capability of oil in the foreseeable future of Dubai's current economic climate has made the government come up with appropriate measures to counter diverse results.

Evidence of Sustainable Strategy

The department of travel and leisure and commerce marketing was trying to market Dubai's travel and leisure sector and to over-see the tactical planning in development of the tourism sector in Dubai. Its other goals have gone to make Dubai a respected international tourism vacation spot. According to the Dubai Strategy Plan 2015 (2005), the near future strategic programs will be achieved using this department and they include:

i) Sector concentrate and development

This can be achieved by moving Dubai to a new growth avenue. Dubai has for an extended been determined by oil because of its market to flourish. The continuing future of essential oil has been diminishing with time as the quantity of men and women using oil less with time. This has caused grounds for diversification and therefore other resources of income have been investigated like the tourism and business sector and the engineering. With diversification, while keeping focus on quality value added sectors can boost overall economic development.

ii) Production growth

Productivity development can be guaranteed if the tourism sector is searched sector ally and by stimulating public-private sector partnerships for the sake of economic progress. This when coupled with high quality of services will change Dubai into a hub of business brilliance. Productivity growth may also be met by nurturing the production of economic sectors.

iii) Cost of living and conducting business management

The economic problems that hit the planet in the beginning of Oct 2008 has already established the result of raising the price tag on living. In case the increasing cost of living is brought into desirable control then Dubai's competitiveness can be guaranteed and maintained. The effect of a higher cost of living could it be discourages local tourism anticipated to opportunity costs. Internationally, the costs of goods are quite high.

iv) Building adequate infrastructure and public amenities

If tourism in Dubai is usually to be boosted then infrastructure such as streets should be in good working condition. This promotes population to develop and spread and therefore the development of distant areas for tourism purposes. Tourism is also dependant on a good highway network. However, encourage travel and leisure in the future more hotels, wedding caterers facilities and other communal amenities should be made.

v) Standard of living improvement

Establishing Dubai as a preferred home for current and future residents by improving the well-being of the resident and residents and aiding them live healthier lives enriched with opportunity and choice. This further attained by ensuring security, way to obtain requirements such as normal water, electricity or alternatively an affordable way to obtain energy. This motivates livelihood and so tourism.

Tourism Development Controls

The economic crisis that hit the entire world initially of October 2008 got inflicted a significant rise of cost of living. When the growing cost of living is brought into desirable control then Dubai's competitiveness can be ensured and maintained. The result of a high cost of living discourages local tourism due to opportunity costs. Internationally, the costs of commodity are quite high. In 2006, a substance agreement had reach Dubai, for the government and the industry need to believe careful how to manage substance, especially on how to dispose them (Kelly, 1998).

Natural catastrophe is also something that Dubai should hesitate of, e. g. Tsunami, there are a few attractions are near to the coastline. When two people originated from different country, their ethnic background is different, therefore, misunderstanding might occur. Security is important worldwide, this is one of the basic needs from the Maslow's hierarchy of needs, and people will not go to a place if it's not safe, except armed forces.

Mistakes in Development Process

Between time 1900 and 1955, this era was proclaimed by slow economical growth and therefore limited physical growth. The population in Dubai was 10, 000 and was concentrated in three personal quarters that included:

Diera has contains 1600 households and 350 suq shops. An Al Shindagha, that was the property of the ruling family where there have been 250 houses but no suqs in support of Arab residents.

It is obviously seen that Dubai was then your smallest of the settlements areas with 200 houses and fifty suq shops. 1956-1970-this was an interval marked by small growth predicated on the 1960 get better at plan that was designed to develop the street network systems and the infrastructures. For provision of any road system, the town was divided into regions which were known as areas for the purposes of allocating different uses for the areas and allowing room for creation of new town centers. These goals were relative to the emirates pre-oil resources. The get good at plan was meant to develop the street network systems and the infrastructure. These goals were in accordance with the emirates pre-oil resources.

Measure in various Alternative

The Dubai federal government should strengthen strategic and forward-looking focus that set suggestions and build functions for improved strategic planning, insurance policy making and performance management so as to enhance organizational buildings and accountability. That is to improve the general public sector institutional framework and ensure that all government team has key performance indications (KPIs) against which performance is monitored (Johns, & Mattsson, 2005).

Dubai should also increase efficiency for the united states to introduce the latest technology and systems to improve the efficiency of businesses and better help customers also boost responsiveness and customer support.

Empower and motivate open public service employees for the tourism industry to apply HR guidelines consistently over the government. A system that measures staff performance while handling the system should be presented. Thus, the development and execution of a worker training is vital to recognize and nurture skills. It is best to preserve national identification and improve community cohesion to ensure and keep maintaining demographic balance by revising immigration plans and regulations. It is good to ensure quality public services are provided to meet up with the needs of the population, hence, the only way of meeting the needs of the populace is to increase the cultural services sector governance structure and establish a planning function to ensure availability of, and access to appropriate services.

It is important to optimize land use and circulation while conserving natural resources. These resources need to be included with the components of the metropolitan planning process through proper coordination amidst stakeholders in order to maximize land use through included metropolitan planning. The Dubai authorities should also provide reliable energy, electricity and water equipment to meet Dubai's growing needs. That is to increase installed electricity technology and desalination capacity to secure electricity and normal water equipment (Mathews, 2003).

Establish more increased streets and system for transportation to ensure easy access of movement and improve safety. It will always be good to ensure freedom of transport networks in order to increase the share of open public transportation while lowering private car travel demand. The only path of making the country to be always a destination for visitor, is by bettering safety design requirements and enforce safeness audits for travelling systems. This also allures many investors to the country by growing and implementing safe practices standards for vehicles vehicles. In order to maintain Dubai as a safe, clean, attractive and ecological environment, initiatives in updating and aligning environmental rules with the best practices and the introduction of required enforcement mechanisms should be carried out (Middle East Economic Break down, 1995).


As the world of global organization keeps growing, Dubai has regarded as not to count on oil because they are operating out of market with a scarcity of oil. Additionally, for the united states to enjoy better tourism attraction, it must settle out debt issues and prior disposal of waste products. Some of its successes have been experienced therefore of an good development programs and innovations. In order to create a good future plan, the united states together with the travel and leisure and hotel industry must generate a good plan by creating their talents, weaknesses, opportunities and dangers. From the study completed in this review, a clear picture of Dubai's imbalance is portrayed hence indicated their incapability to sustain its market since they generate much earnings. For Dubai to achieve the goals of the travel and leisure section, they just need to keep the communal romance between its communities to be able to fulfill them. The only way that they are able sustain them is by utilizing proper policies.


Dubai is highly recommended to try new ways of technological advancements, use of renewable solar energy since they have huge lands which 90% of them are desert that would do so well by setting up solar energies. This desert is also prior for hydro energy systems on shoreline line. It has also been proofed that windmill would be ideal for this type of environment since sometimes deserts gets very windy at night.

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