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A Study On Building Automation Systems Executive Essay

Intelligent building is different from traditional building that the clever building can be an integrated and automated tool to help the building occupant to be profitable, effective and useful as well as escalates the profitability of firm and improves the quality of life at the same time for everyone. It isn't looked like the original building that has its own adjustments and own cablings to each practical systems for self-monitoring individually never to be got a better life at home or on the office so the sensible building becomes one of the major fads on development to the system of integration.

Building Automation System (BAS)

Building automation systems can be an integral part of the smart building. Its mission is to achieve an optimal level on the shows of the building energy use, environmental, traffic and basic safety monitoring, control to provide a safe, reliable, energy saving, comfortable, pleasurable working and live environment. Hence, every one of the functional systems should be integrated by using a typical network infrastructure to allow these included systems to link with each other.

There are different functional systems to be utilized BAS to control as follows.

HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air-con) Control System

To bring building occupants a comfort environment, it must be sure that provide a brand new air at the right humidity level. The control system senses temp and humidity level, make calculations on air flow into and out of the area and then control the air handling systems to a comfort level.

Lighting Control System

For the lighting control system, when the sensor does not find any change of high temperature in that zone, this means that no occupancy is on that area, it signs the local light system to turn off after having a preset time. Usually, the light system is fired up when occupancy is recognized. On the other hand, the lamps system can be managed to turn the lights on and off on a preset routine using on holidays and weekends.

Communication System

For that system, it allows the control middle operator to announce urgent text messages to the building occupants as well as talk to building specialist at a local control panel to resolve the problems. Additionally it is on monitoring lifts and people movers.

Security and Access System

Building owners have the duty to ensure security and safety of the building's occupants for preventing some crimes. The security and gain access to system is from the video camera to defense these thieves.

Fire Safety System

The fire protection system can be involved by the building owners on the outbreak and avoid routes. When a fire has damaged out in specific area, the machine is sensed the transmission to manage the ventilation circulation surrounding the outbreak to minimize smoke and deter flames spread. Also the machine is helped to provide information on where in fact the fire is located and where in fact the lifts are located. Then it provides a much better plan exit routes predicated on the occupancy rates for different flooring and zones.

Maintenance Management

The system provides information to the host computer on the position of different practical systems. When there is certainly any failing on the systems, the maintenance specialist is allowed to determine easily where the challenge is located.

Principle of creating Automation System To integrate all efficient systems to link with one another, it can be used to the brilliant building based on Distributed Control Systems (DCS). It is a centralized management decentralized control which is costed with circulation of equipment in the field of the micro-computer control (DDC) to complete device for the duty of real-time diagnosis and control, centralized control of computer to overcome the risks of centralized control and conventional instrument restrictions. Installed in the central control room of the centralized management computer has a CRT display, print outcome, software management and strong digital communications capabilities, able to complete by centralizing operations, display, alarm, print out, optimum control and the other, to prevent the spread of typical instrumentation control between your problems of communication on folks and the pcs as well as avoid not able to be shortcomings on unified management to ensure the equipment running in the perfect level.

Direct digital control system (DDC)

Direct digital control system as shown in Number 2. It can detect directly with detectors, transmitters, actuators connected to the field devices to attain real-time monitoring to the individual components through the communication network and information exchanged to the distributed control system.


For the BAS system, there are some benefits the following from the integration.

Energy management

The energy is kept on the HVAC control, lighting control and the other services they are powered down when they aren't in use and they are controlled and monitored for various aspects like heat, humidity and related issues when getting a comfort level. Hence, it will save money on energy management.

Monitoring for maintenance, security and flame safety

On the variety computer, it is monitored on the functional systems for maintenance.

Later it is utilized on security for minimizing time on monitoring physically as well as it is covered a much broader area than patrols. Additionally, it detects some outbreaks and then provides get away routes immediately for all building occupancies. Finally, the data available for files can be read immediately and analyzed in precise for building automation system.


To conclude, building automation system can web page link with different functional systems to take action to do immediately. Also it has benefits on the wise building because of energy saving, cost lowering and good monitoring. It offers a much better quality life from the application of the system to reach your goals. In the foreseeable future, the technology of the building automation system can be mature, more reliable and less expensive. It will combine not only in the smart building, but it addittionally will apply on the traditional building to change the grade of environment for all people in their life.



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