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A Private College And A General public College Education Essay


We all know that we now have two types of classes; first type is the Private institution this means a school that is established, conducted, and primarily supported by a nongovernmental firm. Second type is the general public school which means a free of charge tax-supported school managed by an area governmental expert. So in other words a private school is school that handled by nongovernmental firm, and a general population university is a college that managed by the local government itself. Of course there is a large difference between your two types. On this research we have figured out a number of the main differences between your two types of classes in UAE (Abu Dhabi) that people will mention down the road this research.


We will discuss advantages and cons for both private school and public school, and we've a used a certain of recourses to do or even to collect some information for our research like we have used some electronic digital reports about both private and general public school, electronic papers, and we've asked around 20 students in ADU about their view in that subject matter (Questionnaire). First of all, we will speak first about the private institution and start by the advantages side. There are many advantages for students who choose to review in private universities. One of the advantages is the fact that private schools got small classes and small community atmosphere that enable less students-to-teacher ratio; private schools received a guideline that to put just 20 to 25 students in each class so no masses will happen. Small classes allows the teacher to know the students more and also to make all of them add with the lessons also to less student will make it easier to coach than 50 students in one class also the instructor will feel less pressure on himself when he mark the test because he got less documents to recognise. And another benefit private school is the fact that it improved punctuality. For example, " (Holetzky, 2003-2012)". Private institutions known with their better education level than federal schools and with their English words for illustration there complete Curriculum is within English and that will assist the students to be equipped for the university and to converse property with people. Private academic institutions got an advantage with the technology that they use and improve in the classes or in the labs wither for chemistry labs or physics labs and some schools you can view that they bring institution tablets or laptops connected together therefore the tutor can make the students keep pursuing him. For instance, teachers can make use of it to show pictures, graphs and even videos to help them to understand and the teacher got the ability to control all the tablets in school and to switch them off, also the mangers always work and think of new ways to improve their coaching system, teaching skills and the schools to make green for the environment. Since were moving on with this life a fresh idea that arrived to your brain that we use touchscreen boards in private academic institutions within the next couple of years, but it's already are present in some universities and the good thing about it is the fact it can replace the projector by exhibiting graphs and diagrams to lectures and its own clean if we used smart pin alternatively than white board marker. Finally, in the current statics demonstrates sending your children to private institution is a better way to make sure that your students are certain to get in collage, but in the end its all after the university student wither you put him in private college or government classes.

As the private school has a whole lot of advantages which encourage parents to sign up their children in a private university, yet it has a several disadvantages which would make them think about enrolling their children again. For example, we all know that the private college provides more services inside the institution than a general population school, so almost all of private institutions are highly expensive. Some parents don't possess the capability to register their kids in a general population school due to some issues; thus, they have to enroll their kids in an exclusive institution and pay around 15, 000 AED for each and every kid each per 12 months. Therefore, the expensiveness in an exclusive college is one of its weakness's items.

Second, almost all of private schools depends or focus more on other languages like English (Uk or North american), Frenchetc than other course. We find that the pupil who has spent his elementary period in an exclusive school is much stronger in other languages like English than a student who does spent his primary period in a general population college, but we also find a public school university student is better in other areas like Mathematics, Physics when compared to a private school learner, in order any private school consider that other dialects are usually more important than the other training then it will reduce students skills in other training which he/she needs them more than another language to do well in school.

In addition, a few of private colleges have pieces of conditions for students who must enroll in an exclusive school which would about boost the inequality between students as long as a private college has the capacity to refuse or agree to any of students every year.

Most of private colleges in UAE have a bias to a religious beliefs than any other religion; like in a few schools the amount of Christian students is larger than the Muslim students which reveal that some private academic institutions don't feel safe with woman university student. Like those biases that decreases the unity between a school and its own students.

Public school

Due to speedy increase in United Arab Emirates human population within the last 30 years, there can be an urgent need to raise the number of public schools in the state of hawaii in order to keep tempo with need of the folks, which what United Arab Emirates authorities do, where it's always seeking to raises the amount of education for its citizenship.

There are several advantages and disadvantages of public academic institutions. One advantage is that public classes are funded by the government, where everybody has the right get the benefit of general public education or zero cost tuition. Parents seek to offer their children a open public education to remove tuition fees. Public universities are founded in rural area where it's hard for general population schools to be available there. It also offers to their student's many chances to accomplish their studies in another country where they can stretch their knowledge. Furthermore, public schools work with instructors and administrators who are highly experienced.

At the same time public institution has many drawbacks. Usually Governments depend on taxes revenue for the price and expenditures of tuition. Public institution have higher scholar to teacher proportion compared to private school, where public institution classes seems to be much larger that it is in private one. Behavioral problems can be observed clearly in public areas school.

To sum up, the demand or the willingness to get enroll in public school is principally damaged by certain factors such as parents income, flavor, and option of public university. If parents have high each year income, they could sign up their children in public schools. For instance, United Arab Emirates Citizen enjoys a higher per capita income, which can be reflected on people desire to choose private institution instead of general population someone to their children. Availability of public school one of the factors which may impact on parent or guardian decision, in where they seek to sign up their children in the nearest university to lessen the bills of transportation.

*Graphs/ Figures part:

We have asked around 20 students in Abu Dhabi College or university (survey) a several questions about the private universities and public schools, and we received the answers as shown in graphs below.

*Question 1:

- In your years of primary school, were you signed up for general public or private school?

- 13 Students out of 20 have chosen Private school.

- 7 out 20 students have chosen Public school.

*Question 2:

- Which kind of university would you prefer to attend?

- 5 out 20 students have chosen Community school.

- 14 out of 20 students have chosen Private college.

*Question 3:

- Which school does help students to do better in university?

- 11 out of 20 Students have chosen Public school.

- 9 students have chosen Private college.

*Question 4:

- Which institution provides the greatest education for children?

- 17 out of students have chosen Private college.

- ONLY 3 out of 20 students have chosen Public school.

- In order we see that the majority of the 20 students have spent their education in an exclusive school somewhat than public school. In question two we see that also the amount of students who preferred to study in a private university is bigger than the number of students who chose the public college. However, involved three the number of students who chose the private school and the students who chose the public school is almost the same. And again involved five the amount of students who selected private schools is much larger than the general public schools. At the end we can cover that the majority of ADU student do prefer the private institution.

*Bottom line:

To Sum Up, There are a few differences between general public academic institutions and private classes. Parents select from those classes depending wither they can afford it or not in the first place. Public institutions is ran by the federal government itself, it's normally cheap and received big classes, However, private academic institutions is very expansive and got small classes and structured plus the themes is in British. In addition, private school is more secure and save, on the other hands, public classes is less secure and lots of problems can happen between your students each day. We realize that private universities are much advanced than any general population school, but now days we can see a real improvement in public areas schools like they are really hiring English teachers from Canada, America, UK, etc. to increase the student's accent in English. By the end a good student can go at any university if he did the trick hard, but in the future we will see more improvement in the schools and even more technology to work with, not merely notebooks.

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