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A Normal Dude Biography Of Julius English Literature Essay

Normality is often hard to establish. A French sociologist, Emile Durkheim, indicated in his publication that normal is the most typical behavior in society. Julius Tamara operates a charms store which established fact through metropolis in another of the streets that is full of rivals, Jl. Pasir Koja. And this is about how normal he was and he's.

Born in the town of Flowers or Bandung, the 3rd most significant city in Indonesia. Julius was raised in 'not so small' family, he previously 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Being in a moderate family, he seems to enjoy his childhood where he rode bike along with his friends, using sticks, rocks and whatever they have in those days. It's really not the same as these contemporary times, there was no television, let alone computer. Radio may very well be the only digital based media they may have. One funny thing is he seems to broke it once or twice.

Julius is a ill-tempered person, even while a kid. He loves to angry quite definitely, this is maybe because he was always being accused of breaking things when he didn't, so it is some kind of inner defensive mechanism. Say one thing that might offended him, you will not get it away exactly like that.

Apart to be a bad tempered person, he was actually simply a normal child. Julius laughed when he said he was fearful of dark, ghost and supernatural things. He also wished to be like what other child wanted to end up like doctors, astronauts, soldiers, and many more, even though he never achieved one particular and become something else.

While other young families find their children to be frustrating when they are in their teenagers, Julius can be an exception, getting rid of his older sibling at age 15 is not one simple thing, from the trivial matter to a grown up young adults but he never found himself difficult to others except with the bullies. He was speaking like a developed when he was in his young adults and he never asked question like why he was created like a great many other teenagers may possibly do. He said that his friends were just finding themselves because they are in their development time. Odd thing, he doesn't appear to include himself in it.

Despite of how many other might say, growing up from a standard child, he was still a normal teenager, he hate bullies but he never frightened of 1, he said that he experienced trouble with the bullies once and also have some childish struggle, but he didn't hit even once, he just let them strike him approximately they like cause he is aware that the if he battles again, he's just getting himself into more troubles and that will made him searched childish. Apart from the bully things, he also dropped in love like other teens, he smiled when he said relating to this, but he never revealed the name.

Like a standard young adults, he used to hangout with his friends a whole lot. If someone asked about who is his best friend, he'd probably answer his whole classmate. "We want to do crazy things together", he said. They used to experience a casino game, "The rule is simple, after the period of time time when the tutor hasn't come to the school, we need to drag people from other class to your class and drive them to stay in our class until the teacher run after him out and it's really a credit score" Julius explained further. By the appearance of his, he really loves his adolescence very much, the way he clarify things and even more.

Apart of this, growing up in a average family, sacrificing a brother sure was a difficult thing for Julius, this is maybe the reason why he doesn't seem to like talking about his family as he desires talking about his friends. He always talked to the idea and self-explanatory in a brief sentence. Despite the fact that he said it was okay, but for a normal person, it wouldn't be alright to reduce a brother.

On the other palm, the increased loss of his brother sure was a hell of an event for him. "This life is cruel", he said. He recognizes it perfectly that he was still lucky to are in such a family group and in such a time, at least it was better than before 1945 that was the Japanese age. This might be another reason why he could develop such a personality in such a little age. One random simple fact, he never wanted to try to escape from house and it's because he is aware that there's no other spot to go beside home, and what could he possibly do as an adolescent anyway.

Julius was old enough to start to see the incident in 30th Sept 1965. An attempted coup led by anti-communist get together in Indonesia. This incident cause over fifty percent million of people to die. It had been one of the fearful times of all occurrences in Indonesia. Not only that, Julius lives through the New Order era where all the Chinese language people would need to hide in fear as a result of anti-chinese laws created by the federal government.

As other people may likely to feel, Julius hated the federal government quite definitely. People live in fear, there is no place for Chinese language people to stay static in Indonesia, the Chinese language Embassy in Jakarta was burnt down by a mob. Many of the anti-chinese laws were to limit/limit the Chinese culture like celebrating Chinese New Calendar year and civil protection under the law, including the adoption of "Indonesian" sounding names. This is the reason why Julius called himself as "Julius" that was not "Julius" before the New Order age. In the flipside, there were fewer corruptions than nowadays.

Julius did conclude his mature high, but he couldn't afford to continue his research to the university or college as he still has his siblings. Regardless of whether he could manage it that point, it might be impossible to enter a university as a result of anti-chinese laws and regulations. Not going to university, no issue, he examined business by himself and doing some little business at the same time. This little business of his is actually a simple business technique, buying something at a lower price and provides it again at higher price to get profit. After some time, he dares himself to open up a rings business which is a significant dangerous thing to do at that time. The place where he opened up the store is quite dangerous, there was an occurrence, a competitor of his was robbed and 3 people were shot. It had been not definately not his place, about 3 blocks away. The impact was so strong that he closed down his business for a week. God really did his job to protect this man at that time. The robbers were actually concentrating on Julius' store, but when the robbers asked a person who was advertising meatball in front of his store about which has more profit, he randomly replied the the one which was 3 blocks away from Julius'.

Speaking of God, his family has an elaborate perception. Julius and his better half are Buddhist, some of his siblings are Catholics plus some other are Buddhist, and his oldest boy and two princess move to Protestant while the smallest movements to Catholics, this pertains to his siblings child and girl also which is very complicated. This is the reason why he doesn't prefer to talk about spiritual stuff very much. Despite of experiencing different values, they actually are a very harmonic family. They always support the other person when they are in need.

Julius loves to happen to be China more than other place. This was not because he is a Chinese. It is because that China is actually a great place to go. "The scenery is very beautiful there, it's like you're in a story book", he clarifies.

Having two sons and two daughters, Julius still has something that troubles him. Evidently, his sons and daughters aren't enthusiastic about this charms business of his. The oldest child is taking international laws, as the daughters plan to make their own business. Longing for the smallest, but it seems he is interested in IT. "It might be such a damage if this business perished" he sighed.

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