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A New Asda On THE NEIGHBORHOOD Grocery store Spar Marketing Essay

In retail food industry bitter competition exists since last four generations mainly between modern and traditional shop i. e. Supermarkets and Local groceries.

So, in this study we will analyse and measure the impact of starting of New Supermarket (ASDA) on Local Grocery (SPAR) at Leith.

During the previous three generations UK has been transformed with innumerable smaller businesses to a supermarket culture dominated by handful of large suppliers. Supermarkets wield huge power over the way UK market is growing. They are really shaping our environment, our health and the way we interact socially. These changes have ended up unchallenged because consumers have been sucked into superstore standards of living, persuaded that the chance to pick from variety of items i. e. cheaper to expensive, top quality to non-branded. Various Superstores because of bitter competition from competitors run price cuts which at the end of your day benefits the customers. The supermarkets at instant comprises of 75. 3% of the grocery store market talk about.

A local grocer is a small store or shop that sells daily items such as chocolate, ice-cream, carbonated drinks, lottery tickets, tobacco and other tobacco products, magazines and magazines, along with a selection of processed food and perhaps some groceries. In UK convenience grocers are known as newsagent, Off-License. The Local grocers have limited resources to deliver all what the customer demands for. The neighborhood market share all together including all the indie and image stores contain only 4. 2% which when compared with Jan 2006 acquired decreased from 7. 41% of the market share (Semester of 3. 21%).


A term which can be used for a form of franchise in the retail sector is known as symbol group. They do not own or operate stores, but act as suppliers to unbiased grocers and small supermarkets and produce stores which in turn trade under a common banner. Rather than by actively producing new outlets they have got expanded mostly by offering their services to existing stores. SPAR is a well-known symbol group with stores in many countries.

SPAR was founded in Netherland in 1932. SPAR is the world's major international food retail chain with nearly 16, 000 stores, with a turnover is in excess of 2. 7 billion. The SPAR at Leith has been in business since last 4 years. SPAR at LEITH presently has 11 employees in which 7 are full time and 4 are in your free time.

ASDA was founded in 1965 by group of farmers from Yorkshire. It is the 2nd major food retail in UK market after Tesco and has 17. 10% of the marketplace show. On 26 July 1999 ASDA was bought by an North american Company WALMART for 6. 7 billion. You can find 346 ASDA store all around the UK. According to this ASDA has opened another new branch at Leith on 7th December 2008. So ASDA has been around business at Leith since last twelve months.


To complete any research every issue must have some set objectives which explains the idea, reason for choosing the topic. So, in regards to this I had selected some goals for my above subject which can only help to extract the best information.

Evaluate the consumer Trends to the new Supermarket ASDA.

To find out the conception of local customers about the release of ASDA at Leith.

Assess the scope to which ASDA beginning have impacted on local SPAR (local Grocer).

To gauge the effect of ASDA on the shopping routine of customers.

To gauge the business performance of Spar over the time notably on turnover, income.

Calculate the inexpensive impact of ASDA on SPAR.

These objectives provides the basis of understanding the existing retail framework at Leith in terms of convenience stores and supermarket. Because in the past ten years the top supermarket operators have gained an ever increasing market show of the convenience sector at the trouble of local and indie convenience retailers. A clear picture is emerging of any network of large dominating superstores, and a matching decline in the original smaller retailing sector.

The occurrence of large superstores in cities and locations e. g. across Edinburgh has triggered the amount of smaller grocers and food specialists including greengrocers, newsagents, butchers and fishmongers in decrease. Within the last six years more than 1, 600 of the specialist shops shut down across Scotland.


It is a proper planning method to evaluate the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats involved in an enterprise. Every organization has to undergo this type of strategic likely to evaluate and progress better business techniques.

As studied during my HND Course different techniques, theories about businesses the SWOT research has been always most important to understand behaviour, performance, movements, and market position or framework of the firms e. g. Spar and ASDA. So, for better article building it is vital that I will perform the SWOT examination which in return will allow achieving the goals of my article and will help me on paper the advice.



One of the most significant independent sellers in UK market.

The local SPAR has better good buys on daily usage products e. g. Bread, Milk, Butter, Fruit and vegetables, as compare to other local grocers and ASDA.

Offer different selection of services that are not offered by ASDA e. g. Pay Point

Strong management team with better personnel connection and working conditions.

Local SPAR has a strong team of trained 7 full time and 4 in your free time employees.

Better connection of employees with local community of being in business since previous 4 years.

(Advantages Extracted from Appendix 2)

Actions: The Director of Spar explained "after taking a look at a few of the talents, we as a team of trained personnel spent some time working hard on these talents and developed better strategies for providing customers the best experience of shopping while making them realize Spar works as a community store which knows the needs of customers e. g. more training is held for staff and programs are conducted at hq, extra promotions receive on daily products".


Lack of deals and advertising by SPAR.

Average size of SPAR at Leith is small as compare to its rival ASDA.

Lack of space for stock to put up has brought on different products to be positioned on different edges or floor which gives a weak design to the store.

Fewer types of products are available than ASDA.

Lack of auto parking areas for SPAR can cause Trouble for customers.

Limited sources of investment.

Less buying electricity of goods as general.

(Weaknesses Extracted from Appendix 1 & 2)

Actions: The administrator of Spar has reviewed the weaknesses and she says "As being a director I am always seeking to keep the store a fairly easy access for shopping much better than ASDA. Also as the delivery will come in morning two of employee are there to sort out the delivery and throughout the day i always check it out the parking areas to permit only the spar customers to use the available spaces".


Expand as an prepared supermarket.

Introduction of Home delivery for the clients.

Working with the local community, SPAR can change the image to be as retailer to community constructor.

Technological changes e. g. computerized doors, fast pay.

(Opportunities Extracted from Appendix 2)

Actions: As Spar have hardly any opportunities but nonetheless the Manager feels if they actually work on these plus some others can result in a major change which will help to improve the sales. She Says "I have spoken to head office for the house delivery and loyalty cards services and she is positive to have it as soon as possible".


Aggressive competition strategy by ASDA.

Opening of new ASDA within 1 mile radius.

Economic uncertainty in global market.

There are certain Safety issues for SPAR, because of being in a hard area which is usually damaged by Local gangs.

Other local retailers in the same locality offering the same products.

(Hazards Extracted from Appendix 1)

Actions: The Spar has serious concerns on the dangers and is trying to resolve the problems by introducing services and techniques different than what the neighborhood groceries and ASDA is providing in same area e. g. discount cards, pay point etc. Also the Administrator of Spar is looking deeply in to the strengths and working hard with the personnel to produce an image of community service provider.



One of the largest stores within an area.

Offer comprehensive range of different product and services from homes to clothing.

Strong management team e. g. Collection administrator, Customer services administrator.

Strong financial performance of ASDA since its starting.

ASDA products and services are comparatively more in variety, attractively displayed.

346 free carpark for customers.

Customers get everything in a single place.

Frequently new offers on food and non-food items.

Customers can enjoy cafeteria services where they can have hot meals and refreshments.

(Advantages Extracted from ASDA. com See Bibliography)


There is too little connection with costumers because of huge volumes to arrive every day as compare to SPAR where they know customers in person.

Pay point service is unavailable for costumers.

Lack of romance building with communities.

Bigger region of shopping makes it difficult for more aged and disable to find the products.

(Weaknesses Extracted from Appendix 1)


Introduction of online buying and delivering the products to consumer homes.

Due to recession customers are likely towards cheaper and bulk buying shopping and ASDA has a policy of slicing prices every day.

Technological changes e. g. availableness and checking of stock through personal computers.

More environmentally friendly will help to build-up good moral relation with community.

Introduction of pharmacy can help to attract later years customers.

(Opportunities Extracted from Appendix 1)


Greater number of staff for Leith ASDA make a difference the individual motivation in a manner that less attention is directed at each worker.

Fears on the government imposed new plans of price environment and taxation rules e. g. Liquor reselling durations. These among others can cause the drop of gross annual revenue.

Enquiries made by OFT relating new ASDA? Issues regarding effect on the local grocers?

Economic uncertainty in global market.

Issues regarding a day beginning time i. e. troubles made by local gangs, less access of customers at night.

Survey out at Leith ASDA show that nearest Morrison has effects on ASDA business.

(Threats Extracted from Appendix 1)

PEST Research:

It is the tool used to make strategies for organisations supporting them to understand the external environment in which they are operating today and in future.

The launch of PEST evaluation will define the business enterprise development and decision making for both stores e. g. Spar and ASDA. When it comes to my report it can help me in gaining my objectives effectively by stimulating the proactive thinking.

Political Effect:

Planning restrictions may straight or indirectly impede competition (OFT, 2006). They could also limit the range for profitable restructuring and efficient extension by existing operators. Given the partnership between efficiency and store size, this is probably significant. This has led ASDA to improve the planning of this new building and was not allowed to exceed building size like ASDA at Jewel and was allowed with limited carpark, and much more environmental friendly techniques of garbage, and pollution handling.

The office of good trading OFT known that "consumers have benefited lately from dropping prices, a rise in product range within stores, and an obvious improvement in service" (OFT, 2006). However, it determined features of the market that have the actual to damage consumers, including:

Areas of the planning system and landholding which might restrict competition between supermarkets in a locality;

It's been seen in recent years that Supermarket like ASDA have been investing in localities like Leith in purchasing the local properties which might limit merchants choice because of increase market rates. This may stop the probability of expansion of independent vendors like SPAR.

Technological Impact:

Latest technology has allowed merchants for further development in logistics circulation, warehousing and purchasing. Greater retailers have come to organise inexpensive and logistic systems themselves and effect supply chains. Inexpensive markets have declined, subsequently narrowing the source base for independent sellers. 1. 5 million Homeowners now employ internet shopping for groceries. Here again can be an area in which independents are less in a position to compete because SPAR do not have websites from where they can take the order and supply the customers at their home in contrast to ASDA which has this service of internet shopping.

Demand and technological trends have strengthened each other. ASDA with wider product amounts have prompted consumers to make larger, less frequent shops. Technological improvements (i. e. stock control; checkout scanning; fresh produce; longer shelf-lives) have further reduced costs and captivated consumers. Loyalty card strategies have given retailers new perception into consumer tastes and enabled them to get more involved with product development. According to the administrator of SPAR "the thought of loyalty structure has been used for the future consideration, as ASDA does not promote this kind of program". (See Appendix 1)

To add other features local SPAR is seeking to provide the customers with the center of self-checkout which might help the clients to avoid ques.

Socio- Economic Factors:

Past purchase encounters can effect the store selection of consumers which are further afflicted by these Socio-economic factors such as income, geography, personality, time, etc. Relating to Economic review (2009) Edinburgh has the highest Gross Home Product (GDP) per capita of any UK city outside London and is predicted to continue outperforming the majority of the UK with expansion of 3. 3% per annum until 2010.

Social-classes would be another aspect impacting the consumer behaviour. This refers to national position hierarchy where groups and individuals are recognized in terms of self-esteem and prestige (Consumer Behavior & Market Strategy 2005 p. 339). Furthermore the study conducted (Appendix 1) implies that elderly people are less price mindful compared to youngsters. This implies that aspects such-as convenience and familiarity of corner-shops will be of higher importance than cost savings made at supermarket. Supermarkets to some extent do not interest elderly people. Instead, shopping at ASDA is recognized as leisure activity (because of Caf and food) and hence is likely to be on entertainment value or experimental shopping where a costumer can enjoy variety of services.

This retail trend has been underpinned by socio-economic movements on the demand part:

Busy consumer lifestyles, with rising incomes;

An increase in household numbers and women working;

Wider car possession and the slipping cost of car travel;

Wider ownership of fridge freezers.

Figure 1. 1 the Loan consolidation of the UK Food Market, by Value Market Share

Above chart clarify the result of Supermarkets on impartial suppliers and Co-ops; SPAR has been under the same impact because of starting of ASDA at Leith. The Administrator of SPAR explained the economic effect on their business while doing an interview that "a lot of the local outlets has been shut due to the sharp reduction in sales and few want to relocate the businesses as ASDA had a severe influence on their income". In regards to SPAR she described that "our business has been seriously struck with the same factor. The sales of your store has been down in first 6 months to 55% but recently the existing customers returned and sales increase to 70% but as a whole the individual sales of a few of the products have been declined a lot". (See Appendix 1)

Spar Administrator also identifies the beginning of ASDA as a "blow for his or her turnover" because which she's to cut some of the working hours of staff to help slice the expenses. (Appendix 1)

Environmental and Atmospheric Impact:

Kotler (1973) advises atmospherics as an important aspect for vendors. Most customers find multiple motives within a visit to stores which may include socializing or browsing refer to as experimental shopping, not necessarily purchasing corresponding to which atmospherics and entertainment aspects should be focused upon. In-spite of the trend less relevance has been paid to the shopping motivations in local grocers.

Staff-attitude, queue-lengths, etc. influence consumer store choice style. Hence, tangible and intangible factors such as staff-attitude, location and ambiance are essential for consumer understanding. Compared of SPAR to ASDA the second option has an advantage in conditions of space, mood and other physical characteristics, creating a much better environment to get more customers. Furthermore, services such as coffee-shops and restaurants are also offered at ASDA. Convenience, companionship is the key basis of choosing a store for consumers which is most beneficial provided by SPAR because to be small in proportions and old in business.

As examined in HND Business (managing people company) about Cleanliness factors detailed by Herzberg in his theory are the key factors for both Spar and ASDA to keep their staff motivated which is most beneficial found in Spar to be small grocer more attention has been paid by management to the issues and concerns of their workers, While gathering the information for my task I found that in Spar the staff relationship between people, their desire for the job, and responsibility of process is better when compared with ASDA since it is easier to motivate every single employee being smaller in proportions. (See SWOT Pg. 5-7).

Research Findings and Examination:

To conduct the study I've chosen to carry out a review outside ASDA to learn the styles, behaviours, attitudes of costumers on the beginning of new Supermarket in Leith area all of this data being accumulated survey attached as an Appendix 1. Regards to this I also conducted an interview with the Store Supervisor of SPAR to know her views regarding the effect of ASDA on the sales and the way the business is behaving the results of this interview has being added as conclusions and questionnaire as an Appendix 2. So, 99 respondents are there for this survey which my results are based mostly.




Table 1. 1

The conducted questionnaire (Appendix 2) outside ASDA and an interview kept with Spar Director (Appendix 1) will discuss and describe the goals of my subject matter. Therefore the below conclusions has been extracted from the Appendixes.

The Fig 1. 2 Show that 50% of customers take grocery shopping as an important part of their life and 29% take action as a recreational duty where they can enjoy abroad. Alternatively Spar Manger says that "80% of customers who shop in Spar do come for essential products like dairy, bakery etc. " (See Appendix 1)

Fig 1. 2

ASDA to greater extent has influenced almost 50 % of the populace of Leith where customers can do shopping with their most essential products alternatively than heading to other convenient stores e. g. Spar. That's show the big drift in the shopping design of customers who previously using the local stores like Spar.

The Fig 1. 3 below shows us that Leith ASDA has affected shopping habits of customers e. g. Almost 1 / 2 of the shoppers are being fascinated by services offered by ASDA i. e. restaurant or Caf which allow customers to socialize while keeping time and extra money spend in expensive restaurants.

The results of survey conducted (fig 1. 3) has provided with an important information that customers are more interested for shopping in places where variety of product and services are present, which not only help trim cost of shopping and also allow them to carry out the essential part of activity e. g. FOOD SHOPPING (fig 1. 2 results show us grocery at ASDA is an essential part of life) in way which is most liked by the clients.

Fig 1. 3 Release of Recreational facilities at ASDA

The table 1. 2 claim that almost 60% of customers are much more likely attracted due to lessen prices. Hence, value added services are essential but the key factor is price.

Lower prices are impact in my store choice and purchase

Opinion of Respondent Man/Female


Strongly Agree




Neither Agree or Disagree




Strongly Disagree


Table 1. 2

The desk 1. 3 results will vary from table 1. 2 because some customers give goal on convenience than price e. g. Later years customers who cannot walk to ASDA or the existing customers which have been shopping in SPAR since last 4 years and are impressed with the service.

But some customer's i. e. girls and boys were willing to travel longer distances for the sake of price or because of lack of availability of products in SPAR. The existence of ASDA at Leith gets popular because people living at Leith have better variety of substitute.

Some families chose to shop in ASDA because being spacious, having fewer queues better option of variety of products, and the prices are cheap when compared with other stores. E. g. a respondent "I love to do shopping from ASDA because its cheap and own brand products are of good quality". This offer clearly explains the result ASDA have on individuals as they aspire to improve their quality lifestyle through the use of new services and form positive values and attitudes towards a better life.

Convenience for me personally has more important over price generally in most aspects

Opinion of Respondent Guy/Female


Strongly Agree




Neither Agree or Disagree




Strongly Disagree


Table 1. 3

The desk 1. 4 implies that 92% of the customers use the judgment of others to make their own decision. This reveals the amount of trust society has developed amongst one another. This is because of high doubt that people think it is hard to adjust to new tendencies.

Fig 1. 4

The results of above graph show us that the opening of ASDA has greatly afflicted the shopping style of customers at Leith. Now customers tend to do regular shopping alternatively than on daily basis. This shows a big change in way people react at Leith.

I wish to get one of these new store if suggested by family/friends

Opinion of Respondent Men/female


Strongly Agree




Neither Agree or Disagree




Strongly Disagree


Table 1. 4

The results of above desk is being backed by 50% of people which would not like to give us the traditional SPAR even if ASDA is more beneficial e. g. One customers says "there is definitely a catch behind the low pricing, because how can they sell cheap products but still provide same quality?". The concerns are clear by the comment of customers. However, these attitudes are not created by most the respondents as other commentary show understanding and understanding towards the importance of ASDA in their part of Leith.

The Fig 1. 5 provides us the clear results that 15% of the customers in Leith area will shop in SPAR as a result of personal interactions with the employees being the oldest grocery store shop stated by SPAR Director "Whenever my personnel is focusing on the floor we specially care about the prevailing customers and give them extra time and treatment". 54% of customers are drawn towards ASDA because of providing their customers with the services of home delivery and also the convenience of supermarket close to their homes.

Fig 1. 5

Fig 1. 6 demonstrates the belief of customers on the opening of new ASDA at Leith. Out of 99 respondents 65 of Customers has understood it will impact the neighborhood business. Again majority of customers 80 of these will be shopping from ASDA for price factors. A lot of the customer's surveyed (80) welcome the starting of ASDA at Leith because they think it'll produce a competition that will benefit own personal in terms of price, quality, and better services. (Appendix 2)

Fig 1. 6


Evaluate the buyer Trends into the new Supermarket ASDA. ASDA had changed the lifestyle to a great level. This is an trend and it is too early to ascertain its performance. Contrarily, level of popularity as a whole has increased leading to an increase in market-share. After much dialogue (Research Finding & Examination Pg. 13-17) it can be said that Consumers are manipulating sellers, using both services to their own advantages. Hence, there is no-set tendency that employs one type of shopping.

To find out the understanding of local customers about the release of ASDA at Leith It had been discovered that (Appendix 2) consumer belief, attitude-and-behaviour changed in different demographics. Variant in perception of youngsters and elders will probably determine the success of ASDA as both groupings have different needs. But in the long run youngsters will tend to be the main individuals of the sector as their convenience and behavioural habits correlate with the assistance provided by ASDA.

Most response accumulated in relation to ASDA was positive 80 of the respondent were happy to have ASDA at Leith. While in addition they realized it would affect other local businesses. But as a whole customers welcome the new terms of shopping structure at Leith. Evaluation from the findings works as an data in support of these arguments. (Fig 1. 5)

Assess the magnitude to which ASDA beginning have impacted on local SPAR (local Grocer) Spar is run proficiently e. g. it has effective cost control measures and therefore has lower costs in many of the products like Loaf of bread and milk. It also offers consumers a variety of attractive services alongside a simple range of groceries e. g. Pay point and are planning to introduce Loyalty Design cards. But due to unequal buying electric power, better option of more products, large space area for shopping, and 346 auto parking spaces adversely impacted on Spar, makes it problematic for Spar to compete with ASDA. (SWOT Analysis Pg. 5-7)

To gauge the aftereffect of ASDA on the shopping design of customers Consumer market at Leith is changing, as people are beginning to spend additional money they expect maximum degree of service-standard in exchange (as information is compiled through the review made at Leith). The changing behaviors of customers at Leith have paved method for many corporations towards the start of supermarkets like Morrison at Granton and ASDA at Leith.

The graph 1. 4 also points out the drift in the shopping design of customers at Leith. 63 out of 99 people surveyed have been afflicted by beginning of ASDA. In ways that people tend more towards bulk buying.


To gauge the business performance of Spar over the period notably on turnover, earnings According to the Administrator of Spar "the future of Spar is excellent and her team will be keep working hard to benefit the city and show greater results in all aspects in our business. We will motivate hard to get the utmost out of less by changing the strategies of management, training the personnel, providing best of services we can. This will help to get the income figures back everything we lost following the beginning of ASDA. The upsurge in profits during last 3 months show that customers are coming back back again to their local grocer Spar".

Calculate the economical impact of ASDA on SPAR The retail market at Leith has been swept away by ASDA and the tiny stores are found in the wave like SPAR. That is likely to increase competition which would improve services. Because of this consumers will take advantage of the improved upon services. Local grocer Spar however has been adversely afflicted by ASDA because of lack of financial strength and political vitality. Presently massive investment funds are being made by ASDA for the introduction of Leith area while providing a program for a better current economic climate and increasing the potential to generate higher amount of money. Over time if consumers spend more the ASDA sales are likely to rise and it will cause the revenues of Spar to collapse sharply as more folks will shop at ASDA.


Government intervention must promote healthy competition. Hence, to triumph over severe situations of destroying the neighborhood businesses supermarkets should be restricted to a certain area. E. g. only one supermarket in the radius of 15-20 a long way. This might save careers and at exactly the same time small-shop-traders may continue their businesses in local/smaller high-streets.

By adding online-selling Spar can focuses on various customers e. g. later years, cash affluent, youngster, and time poor customers which will help to generate more profits. As internet consumption has become popular. 1. 5 million Homeowners now utilize internet shopping for groceries.

The lack of local, independent shops e. g. Spar can cause serious problems in terms of usage of food, particularly for individuals on lower incomes or those who don't have the utilization of a car. A recent study (Appendix 1) of shopping practices found that there's a strong bias towards use of SPAR in multi-ethnic and low-income areas (Leith). In addition, it found that people in these locations were much more likely to use local shops for his or her main shopping. So if local retailers close down, the consequences are more likely to be felt by those who may already battle to get their food each week.

Spar has better advantage over ASDA in conditions of being oldest within an region of Leith, has better terms with customers. These and others factors can be used by Spar to develop new planning and strategies in getting the existing or clients e. g. advantages of loyalty plan, following a survey on the product and services.

As examined in HND business (behavior Skills) utilizing a Fayol theory can bring a major difference in the overall performance of Spar i. e. by making use of strong management team Spar can help to improve the personnel training, plan ahead of the promotions, advertising campaign in the store can be produced better, effectively organising enough time. Usage of the correct management tool allows Spar to entice the prevailing customers within an organise method.

In order to reach your goals business Spar should apply S. M. A. R. T (Specific, measurable, achievable, genuine and time established). Techniques of defining work within company for occasion, what are the specific requirements of Customers at Leith? Whether they want reduction in price or payment option by cards, it should be achievable whether it affects business or not. These SMART goals would be easy and ideal for Spar to make focuses on natural and easy attainable and for that they need to create a plan. Specific; e. g. , they need to give attention to their charge card payment. Measurable; Spar should be able to meet the needs and requirements or they can carry out a survey to measure their services/products and they can improve it. They ought to know that when we are going to achieve it. Achievable; after dividing the tasks they should have to be sure that all are possible, e. g. , providing 1 customer in three minutes. Realistic; it should be within the availability of resources, knowledge and time. Only those jobs should be taken which are natural, such as providing hot and fresh food. Time based mostly; all the tasks should be enough to attain the goal, it will not take too much time such that it impact the performance. This is exactly what I discovered from in HNC Business (MPO). They also needs to focus on their queuing system card payment option, which could be considered a strong reason behind customers never to choose Spar.

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