A marketing channel

A marketing channel


"A marketing route can be define as the structure linking several individuals or organisation trough which something or service is made available to commercial end user or consumer"(brassington. F and prttitt. s, 2003)1.

The intermediaries such as real estate agents, wholesalers and merchants play an important role along the way of getting products and services to the end end user, i. e. the consumers. In conditions of the four major components of a marketing strategy, product, place (or approach to circulation), price, and campaign, the selection of a marketing channel influences both place and advertising, because it describes the road that goods or services ingest moving from manufacturer to consumer (Scarborough, M & Zimmerer T 1996).

This report is for the new proper option on marketing and syndication stations for chaud sound, same but so far successful Scottish supplier for high quality home audio accessories.

There is a dependence on change in the marketing and distribution channel, as chaud sound make a commitment to improve the production center and also have to find different channel to aid the new strategy.

Presently chaud is using the exclusive marketing and circulation strategy, which will be incompatible with the new strategy for enhancement of production volume. Strategy should be to overcome issue of bottleneck, as creation will be higher then sale, there is a need for getting space in the shelf handily to all or any kind of consumer classes to attain higher sales.

The limitation in writing this article is closure of university or college library and locating the relevant materials for research. Being new to metropolis and culture it requires somewhat problem for me personally to communicate and discuss issues with my course mate however the people are so cooperative including educators and students which helps me over come my hesitation.


It can be define as, "a process of moving products from its manufacturers to its customers. Circulation involves different channels and intermediary like wholesalers, stores, distributors, traders, franchisees, agent and brokers. " (Brassington & Pettitt, 2003, p. 472-474)

Explanation of Distribution Available:

With the utilization of different intermediary products are changed into the market. Right decision plays an important role keeping in mind that company is dealing with the clients or business to business goods. Furthermore different programs of distribution are required for different products.

Here are the several possibilities for the syndication which a processing company can take up to move its product to the clients.

Direct supply route: Inside the direct supply route only producer and customers are involved. They both package directly with one another. Various ways are being used by the various manufacturers to sell their products to the customers for example with a email order, company shops, door to door offering, telephonic order, internet selling and a great many other innovative means of direct connection between them. Direct selling is performed on high-value products and services. It can help in making connection with focus on customer and strengthening relationships.

The advantages in adopting this type of channel are:

  • Good control in marketing and offering strategies.
  • People prefer to buy through direct offering as they get maximum satisfaction.

"Relating to recent research, 74 percent of People in america have purchased goods or services through direct selling. "

Disadvantage of immediate selling are:

  • It is the priciest sales channel as it calls for higher staff and premises costs.
  • Travel time and costs can be significant. A going salesperson might spend a complete day on the highway for just one appointment. Where possible, plan travels so that several customers in the same area can be been to.

Short channel of syndication: In the short channel producer, store and customers are involved. Manufacturers who are really conscious to make their product exclusive choose this channel. Strong manufacturers select strong suppliers to package in huge quantities. Product gets to customers through suppliers.

Advantages if brief channel:

  • The stream of information between manufacturers and merchants become effective.
  • Retailers can get special prices and control over the delivery preparations.

Disadvantages in implementing short route are:

  • Customers who like to acquire immediately will be ignored.
  • Information won't reach customers straight.

Long channel of circulation: Involvement of designer, wholesaler, merchants and customers occurred. This channel is more effective for the smaller manufacturers and vendors who want to involve wholesalers. It is because they do not have much resource to attain a wide range of customers. Wholesalers buy variety of products from the manufacturers and split them into many small sellers. Using this method wholesalers provide essential range of products under one roof top. For the manufacturers, wholesalers are likely involved of marketers. From the wholesaler product would go to shop then to the clients.

"In some situations wholesalers might action with respect to relatively large manufacturers trying to sell large level of frequently saved products to a broad retailer network. For example, Daily national reports papers are delivered from the presto the wholesalers. "(Brassinton & Pettitt, 2003)

Advantages for adopting long route are:

  • Small manufacturer's products can simply reach to the extensive selection of customers.
  • Retailers can get numbers of product under one rooftop.

Disadvantages for long route are:

  • There will be no control over prices.
  • Customer service may not be satisfactory.

Producers-agents-wholesalers-retailers-customers: In this channel the participation of four intermediaries demonstrates this is the longest and the most circumlocutory channel. Manufacturers who are enthusiastic about going into the global tag mostly take up this channel. Within this channel the main role is played out by the agent. That is because of the local knowledge which providers have for reselling the products in a specific country. They get incentives on the sales they made. Manufacturers have faith on the skills of the real estate agents. Product goes form agent to the wholesaler then to the stores and customer buy form them.

Advantages for implementing this type of route:

  • Helpful for creating a broad network.
  • Different expertise plays role for the merchandise promotion.

Disadvantages of this channel:

  • High cost for the manufacturers for product distribution.
  • Intermediaries show commitment to the top selling products.

In these channel, activities are done by negotiation, compromising and recognising that both need each other. Any route being adopted should reflect market and product characteristics. There are factors has to made in factor by the manufacturers before choosing the route, such as market coverage, number to be sold, marketplace, demand etc. This helps in selecting the intermediaries and identifying the needs and desires of the clients providing them maximum satisfaction.

Three Alternative Types of Distribution

There are three different models of circulation that are discusses below.

Intensive distribution: In this kind of distribution products are propagate in the whole market. Product can be observed in many outlet stores. Customers fell easy to get the merchandise from any spot. This helps them in conserving hard work. But on the other palm manufacturers face difficulties in calculating the sales and the way the product is being displayed.

For example, if the coke cans are located in the fridge then customers would not have the ability to reach. So they have to be put in the shelves.

This syndication has an extended channel which includes manufacturers-wholesaler-retailer-customer. Here product supply is much more considered rather than the kind of outlet where the product is being inserted. Manufacturers have to handle high distribution cost.

Selective syndication: In this model products are located in the selective store. This will be in a little number within a specific geographic area. Customers have to search for the best product and do contrast. Here products need help from the intermediaries because of product articles that ought to be guided. Manufacturers have to invest on the exhibits and on the excess services provided with the products.

Branded and luxury products are placed at selective stores. They are really well watched and good assistance are given regarding the products.

Exclusive syndication: In such a model products are put in only one wall socket in a particular area. This may have large investments on the displays, showrooms, highly qualified employees and services after purchase. Sometimes company directly deals with the clients or agent may also be engaged. Manufacturers and intermediaries should assistance to provide the best standard and show their best efforts. This process helps to make the merchandise more valuable.

"For example, Kodak declared in early 2007 that the firm's new line of EasyShare printers would be available only in Best Buy stores for the first 90 days. " (http://www. yourdictionary. com/business/exclusive-distribution, accessed January 4 2010).

Recommendation For Chaud Audio In Taking Actions

Chaud sound is a little but successful Scottish manufacturers of high quality home music equipment which happens to be working on a special distribution. This means that there are limited outlet stores where products are placed but weren't reachable to all or any the customers. Suppliers are playing significant role by providing excellent facilities to the clients. On the other large investment is done on this route.

As company had planned to increase their processing and want to expend their retailer network, there needs to be a big change in distribution route. Being a marketing director of Chaud audio, I would like to recommend the business to look at selective distribution route. This will raise the intermediary and wholesaler will also be involved.

Distribution channel presently used is:

By adopting these channel company will immediately package with the wholesaler. As company have good a reputation in the market so they need to select wholesaler meticulously. Wholesaler who has good experience, market value, excellent turnover, financially strong and good service provider should be preferred.

Retailers are receiving small quantities of products by placing your order through phone of fax. By using the recommended channel company will give products to the wholesaler in a bulk variety and suppliers can get the product according to their requirements and needs. Rather than looking forward to the delivery they can go directly to the wholesalers and get the merchandise. Retailers also needs to be selective, who acquired standardised means of selling and provide good services to the clients. Retailers should have knowledge to provide assistance to the customers. Rather than single outlet retailer there would be multiple retailers in a physical area. In this manner product placement will get expend and product will be reachable to all the clients.

Company will deal with wholesaler and sometimes wholesaler will need certain decision on behalf of the Chaud Appears to be. The investment of company will become less in many ways.

In the current policy company's sales team recruit the vendors and visit them regularly for providing trainings makes more expenses but through the selective syndication company's team only targets the wholesalers and rarely visit the vendors. Advice for the promotional activities will get to the wholesaler and they'll forwards it to the sellers. There will be no need for the company to go to each store. For Chaud Audio selective distribution insurance plan will succeed and can give good turnover when adopted.


Being the most successful Scottish maker of sound equipment they have to select the best intermediary. The quality of the product should increase not reduce. As the business has to moving form executive to selective distribution they have to very careful in satisfying the clients and not enabling down the image. Products will be widely available so they have to well been able and properly located. Being truly a marketing director of Chaud Sound I would advice the business on some execution issues and ways to deal with these issues.

1. Conditions for selecting intermediaries: It is very important for Chaud Sound to select the desired intermediaries. Selection is performed meticulously as channel represent the business. The wholesaler and stores which will be select should have good market value, excellent turnover, economically strong and good service provider. Should have an identical products of audio equipments. Before selection these exact things should be considered.

2. Providing training opportunities: After selecting the intermediary Chaud Sound should provide a well maintain training program to them. This training curriculum will include knowledge about the audiophile accessories and ways to give the utmost satisfaction to the customers. Technical teaching also needs to be given.

3. Intermediaries to be encouraged: For motivating the intermediaries company should provide different programs such as marketing research, identity building program to develop their performance. On their performance company should give rewards and bonuses to the intermediaries.

4. Judgement of intermediaries: Company should examine performance of the intermediary timely. It can be done by calculating the average sales, noting product delivery timing to customer, treatment after issues from customers. If they're functioning well company should give some discounts to them on there performance.

5. Changes in channel: Company should monitor the distribution route. If the route is not working to the expectation of the company then some changes should be achieved. If market gets change or customer change their means of buying effect the route. Intermediaries should succeed in undertaking these changes. Need of the customer should be centered if company will increase its making.


Brassinton, F. , & Pettitt, S. ( 2003). Ideas of Marketing, 3, p 477.

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