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A Impact Of American Culture History Essay

This newspaper discusses about impact of the Traditional western culture on the non Traditional western culture like Africa. It also describes about loss of centeredness in the middle of nineteenth and twentieth century and details the idea lack of centeredness to the social groups. This paper provides the early on conditions of the Traditional western Culture on African culture and also examines the changes of the African culture anticipated to development of the European culture. In addition, it details how this change represented as loss of centeredness. This paper concludes with this idea by providing the precise cases and details in about the impact of european culture on African culture.

Impact of American Culture

The lack of centeredness of the culture has recommended something for the non European culture and the increased loss of centeredness have observed by Sayre in the mid of 19th and 20th century. The increased loss of centeredness was an issue that provided the earlier conditions of the ethnical incidents. In non traditional western culture, that point the tribes were colonized and hence the olden culture was very critical.

Loss of Centeredness of the culture

The early culture people were devoid of any basic requirements such as money, vitality, weapons, knowledge and the focused id. The Non -traditional western culture had influenced by the negative factors such as environmental factors, military and having less economics. Hence these were suffered for working in their places. This lack of economics in the middle of 19th and 20th century was the major negative result for them and this loss suffered quite definitely to their culture. The olden non european culture was not having any politics, inexpensive, and the interpersonal factors because of their solution. Hence these were influenced negatively by this insufficient requirements. The Africa is one of the non western countries which were also influenced by this lack of basic requirements. This is the problem in the mid of 19th and 20th century hence the Sayre was known this as the increased loss of centeredness of the culture.

After the 20th century, the impact of the Western culture has altered the non Western culture such as Africa, local America, The contribution of the Western european culture was the significant in charge of the improvement of the African social development. The ethnic development was occurred after the 19th century by the effect of the Western culture. The African people were in critical condition during the 19th century and they were in the low level in technology, development, arts division, military when compared to other Western cultures.

Impact of the European Culture on African Culture

After the contribution of the European culture they were developed in the case of political, cultural and the economical departments. The globalization was the accountable in the 20th century by the influences of the European culture to the African culture. The African culture were faced many influences due to the impact of the Western european culture. During the 20th century, the number of departments were improved upon in the case of African culture because of the impact of the Western culture. The major departments of the African culture got improved regarding fashion technology, music office, traditions, mass media, and communication and so forth due to the growth of the European culture. The adjustment of the African culture was took place by means of the westernization of the Western european culture upon this African culture and the African individuals were satisfied with this modernization.

African political department had improved and they were provided many sectors form the African people. The educational corporations to the African students and hence the training system had revised in Africa. The political department completed the sectors in making them better. This improvement led the African departments better and the financial, marketing departments 've got profit by making the quality product. They made the exporting business effective by the development of the European culture. European culture was the technical one and that can made many technical elements and the applications to the African culture and by the effect of the Western culture that they had developed day by day. The musical contribution of the Western european culture was one of significant contribution to the African culture and the technical applications of the Western culture were very useful to the African culture to build up. Hence Western european culture was the accountable for the enlargement of the African culture.

African culture

The African culture possessed their own traditions and their region was extended before the Europeans. The African areas were made up of the traditional region before the growth of the Europeans in their areas. The Africans villages were made up mainly of individuals and the each community of the Africans had one leader to arrange the villages. The first choice was the liable and the environment of the villages established upon the leader.

They have given the correct response to the decision of the first choice. The arts, music and the party were also the entertainment of the African prior to the European culture and their party performances was excellent as well as attractive. These entertainments were the top part of the Africans. In the 19th century, the agriculture was the job of these culture plus they were proved helpful very heavily so you can get the profit. During that time, these were not having any technical movement to modify their life and the old traditional equipment only offered for his or her occupations. In the earlier century, the African region was the one of prosperous region and Ghana acquired manipulated all trading such as gold, silver, ivory, flat iron and the slavery. During 19th century the slavery was the the one that took place in African culture and lots of the African were evolved their religious beliefs into Islam for avoiding the slavery and they were affected a lot prior to the Western culture.

Result of Western Extension on African culture

The African culture hade produced by the enlargement of the European in their culture and they made many positive impacts to the African culture. The consequence of the Western european culture made the results to the African culture. Their enlargement was given the right decision in taking all departments better. Their politics, cost-effective and the interpersonal ideas had given the improvement to the African culture.

In the 19th century, the type of the European expansion motivated for colonial imperialism that customized considerably in African culture. Following the extension of the Europeans the industrial evolution of the African was growing require for new resources and marketplaces. The European growth had covered the politics system of the African and therefore the laws and the laws of the African became powerful in handling the contemporary society The European contribution was also the importance one in avoiding the international tensions of the Africans. The Western military offers acquired a more realistic view of the Africa following the extension of the Europeans and they were focused in increasing the cultural life of the Africans. The Europeans were manipulated the federal government of Africa at every level and they were appointed the high level governors for overseeing the villages. They have got setup the hospitals, drinking water system rail street, communication, transportation system for the augmentation of the African population.

The lack of centeredness records the mid stage of 19th and the 20th in non European region and during that time, Africans were experienced without any social, inexpensive and the political backdrop to them. For the reason that time, the negative effects were occurred plus they cant live with satisfaction. The main one negative effect is the slavery and for this reason effect these were lost their basic requirements home, food, characteristics and everything and a lot of people were became the Islam faith due to the slavery effect. According to Sayre, the middle level of the 19th and 20th century was called as the loss of focused of the non American culture.


The idea of the increased loss of centeredness was discussed and the African culture was complete. The impact of the European culture on African culture was defined and the earlier conditions of the African culture were examined and the positive aftereffect of the European expansion was concluded.

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