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A Freedom Writer Toast For Change English Literature Essay

A Freedom Article writer named Maria inserted class through the Toast for Change and was the first person to declare what she wished to change in her life. Maria didn't want to conclude pregnant at fifteen like her mom, finish up in jail like her dad, or find yourself dead at age eighteen like her cousin. She needed a clean slate, and a glowing future, but she didn't want to begin by reading Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. Maria noticed she couldn't relate to Anne Frank, and on top of that she hated reading. Ms. Gruwell thought Maria would find herself within the web pages of the reserve, and Maria wished to prove her incorrect. So one nights as she read about Anne and the hardships she endured while surviving in the attic she came to the realization Ms. Gruwell have been right! Anne and Maria have lots of things in keeping.

Even though Anne wasn't Latina, and didn't grow up in the same area as Maria, these two girls encountered both discrimination predicated on the way they looked. After Maria finished the booklet Ms. Gruwell started out to note changes within her pupil. She had a better attitude in school, more focused on her studies, and became more thinking about class materials.

# 2 In nov 1995, a freedom writer was dispatched on a mission by her family. Her goal is to guard her own against and testify against a rival gang member. This young woman was a see to a murder dedicated by her friend Paco. A rival gang member sat on the opposite part of the courtroom room falsely accused of the murder. She was always taught to protect her family no subject the circumstances. Her mind must have been made up, lie and go back home, but as she sat on the see stand two natures were at conflict within her, good and bad. The good nature informed her to do what's right and inform the reality, the evil mother nature stored chanting protect your own and send an innocent man to jail. The decision was not so easy any longer and someone made what Paco thought would be a simple trial into something her relatives and buddies never thought could happen.

On the opposite area of the judge room, sat the rival gang users family. Her sight gazed over their encounters, almost all were filled with anger except one. A woman the author described as being strong with tears in her eye. Out of all the encounters in the court docket room this one was familiar. The strong female with tears in her sight resembled all the writer and her mom went through when her dad was on trial. She observed her mom and herself in the woman's shoes, and a flashback of the day her daddy was delivered to prison. At that moment she knew what she had to do. It frightened her because this is not area of the plan, if she do that which was right the mission wouldn't normally be completed and the one principal that presented her family mutually would be shattered. The image of her mom gave her the power to end the combat between right and wrong. In this courtroom room she understood the energy she possessed. She could give this woman what was denied to her mother so long back, the truth and her family.

The lawyer starts to provide questions; she snaps back again to reality no longer thinking of Paco, the loyal gang people, or the code she was raised by. Everything was kept was the lawyer's previous question ringing in her ears. "Who taken the person?" The best obvious answer, the reality was on the tip of her tongue and in that moment she provides her testimony, "Paco did it. Paco shot the man!" (The Liberty Writers, 66)

Question # 3

In The Flexibility Writers Diary, each Freedom Article writer explains their hardships and experience during their amount of time in Ms. Gruwell's school. Most Liberty Writers in one time or another battled with finding stability at home and their surrounding environment. In Ms. Gruwell's course the students find a home abroad. How Ms. Gruwell's course became a sanctuary to each writer is different, but what remained the same among these students and their educator was a bond only a wholesome family could attain. I'll review the hardships and difficulties from Diary 62 from the Freedom Writers Journal. Where a young woman discovers her own form of sanctuary in Ms. Gruwell's school, and exactly how this school helped her to understand that she actually is not alone.

The freedom writer has what many kids can only dream about, a loving family consisting of a mom, a father, brothers, and her Uncle Joe. Even though her family is poor, they reside in a small apartment and the author has to rest in the same room as Uncle Joe and her siblings. The unconditional love that engulfs this household fills her up with more riches than the richest man.

But the truth is nothing last permanently and strong wall space of love and trust amidst her family members quickly crumble. It amazes the writer how quickly life can change from normal to unusual. One perfectly regular day turned into a sour nighttime when she wakes to find her Uncle Joe groping her, touching her in places she estimates as making her feel soiled. She feels stuck and alone, who is able to she tell? Who would imagine her? Would she risk breaking the surfaces of happiness that her other members of the family feel? She can no longer be comfortable at home.

Ms. Gruwell's British class isn't really a "school" by standard meaning. It really is a home on her behalf students. Each college student in a different way has embraced Ms. Gruwell's course as a home, some with Ms. Gruwell individually and others with the materials she trained. What most kids can only just share aware of their own families each student is able to express their emotions, fears, and reviews. In the classroom, these students discovered how to raised themselves. Ms. Gruwell was a mom to these children and through her educating she led these adults giving them resilient advice only a parent can provide.

In the author of Journal 62 she embraced the course through reading, The Color Purple. She linked with a persona named Celie who was simply from another life, and some far off place. She learned through reading about Celie how to channel her anger, and her pain and turn it into something positive. After all her hardships Celie possessed the courage to reside in. Realizing she actually is not alone the author of Journal 62 made a promise to herself that she will survive.

Question # 4

A quotation that resonated strongly beside me was from Diary 17. "I understood a peanut is still a peanut even if the shell differs. Some flavour better, others look fresher, but in the end they're all just peanuts. " I had been strongly handled by this quote in a good way. The circumstances that made this price important if you ask me were the storyplot behind it.

The author of Journal 17 was overweight at that time she composed this accessibility. She describes being made fun of because of her weight. I couldn't believe that her fellow peers threw garbage, and spit at her. It angered me once i read this. How do people be so cruel! Who gives others the to judge how exactly we should look? I really believe people are made the way they are supposed to, and nobody has the right to put someone down for the way they look.

The quote affected me profoundly because I too believe that people are just like peanuts. Some are high, some are brief, some are big, some are small, some are light, and some are dark. By the end of the day we are all just people, looking for ourselves. I have spent a long time trying to learn what I truly like about myself. Was it my scalp, my eye, my lip area or my own body? I couldn't choose because I didn't like anything about what I noticed in the reflection. ! I remember a period as i became so frustrated because I didn't appear to be by domain flipping thought I should, that I put in months trying to attain what I observed in fashion journals, on tv, and in videos. Obviously I never come to these goals, because my body was never designed to look because of this.

I have been told i am very, and I certainly was never told which i was ugly, but I realize a million people can notify me that I am beautiful until their all blue in the face. But if I don't feel beautiful inside and out what others say means nothing. So I chose to stop trying to switch my body to what I believe other folks want it to appear to be, and just continue steadily to love myself and enjoy what God provided me, because in the long run we are all just peanuts!

Question #5

Only one parent arrived for back-to-school nights, but any particular one parent or guardian helped Ms. Gruwell bring other parents along to form a group The Independence Writers nicknamed as Desire Team Mothers. The Aspiration Team Moms helped Ms. Gruwell become familiar with the community, chaperon field outings, lobby for donations, and made treats for the student's potluck. The Desire Team Moms played an important role in helping to develop and nurture the students, which helped condition them for success.

Question #6

Basketball for Bosnia was a charity event organized by Ms. Gruwell and her students. The function consisted of a basketball event to aid children in Bosnia. Food and medical resources were accumulated from people who went to the event. A great many other events had occurred that day other than golf ball such as cheer camps, and expertise shows.

Over 500 people attended the function, but these five hundred people symbolized something for the youngsters of Ms. Gruwell's course. They represented a unity of family, and togetherness. 500 people from different cultural backgrounds came mutually one day to support a cause for the kids of Bosnia. For the very first time I believe these adults began to start to see the world isn't always about preventing, drugs, and gangs. Folks are able to have fun with other people who are similar and different than them and no matter. This is actually the local impact the project brought to individuals at Golf ball for Bosnia.

A selfless function as a result of people in California to help children who have suffered in Bosnia is the international impact. The children in Bosnia may never forget the kindness proven to them by others a huge selection of a long way away. Children afflicted in a time of battle and destruction will see that kindness still is available.

During my trip to Scoul, Switzerland I participated in a volunteer task benefiting the environment by cleaning the Alps. My friends and I along with people I never fulfilled before came alongside one another to keep carefully the Alps beautiful. I had been far away from home, and on holiday. I didn't have to spend my time cleaning the Alps, but I knew that I adored living upon this Earth and wished to show her how much I cared to keep her safe. I also knew it was my responsibility as a human being to keep the planet safe and clean. Like Golf ball for Bosnia I contributed to a location far from home. Not merely do I help the Alps but also the folks who visit to enjoy these mountains.

At the end of the task we cleared cracked branches, fallen trees, and planted new trees to replace the ones that were lost. It had been a really beautiful site that I am going to never forget. I felt as though I was on top of the world, the only thing higher than I were the snowy hill tips.

Question #7

Labels are like game titles, and adjectives, quite simply labels summarize people, places, and things. I think people label each other for most different reasons, the right plus some bad. Often labels are influenced by appearance. Maybe this is why labels get such a poor connotation because you need to never judge a booklet by its cover. We as a contemporary society are so keen on brands because people like to put the other person into containers. Also grouping people makes it easier for others to distinguish individuals who are similar and different.

The funny feature to brands is nobody fits into just one single. One person can get caught in so many categories. It's hard for me to decide which label I believe someone in Ms. Gruwell's school would give me. If I tried out hard to envision myself in her class as some other student considering myself, I'd see someone weakened, and tender. So easily could guess what someone would label me in Ms. Gruwell's class it might be a punk.

Sitting in my own Psychology class I had been speaking to a friend about assignment work, and I guess it was a subject she and I constantly spoke about because one day a man who sat two seats over told me I spoken to much about school and that I was a nerd. I used to be shocked because I never considered myself a nerd. To become a nerd you'd to be smart, socially uncomfortable, and all that jazz. I for one didn't think I fulfilled the requirements it took to be always a nerd. I thought about it for some time and decided to take it as a compliment. I like college, and while I am at school, I tried hard to do well and I discuss my assignment work, so if doing those things made me a nerd in someone's sight then so whether it be.

Everyone passes judgment before they get to know someone, I think its human character, but there are ways to limit how much wisdom is approved before learning who a person truly is. Get together people and requesting questions I feel is a good way not to pass common sense. By asking questions it retains others from just supposing based on appearances this is what someone else like.

Question #8

I made a major decision not to go to the prom my mature year of senior high school. Before I made my decision not to go I needed a night out, and reserved a lovely dress that could arrive in April. My mom was baffled and couldn't understand my choice never to go. Most girls can't wait to visit their prom, but I had been on the other side of the spectrum and dreaded even considering it

I am a outgoing one who loves to laugh, and have fun but sometimes I get this cloud of insecurity that keeps me from being who I am. I sensed if I went to the prom people would stare at me or talk about me, all these crazy things that would have never happened if I gone. One day, considering all the negative what if's that could happen if I went to the prom I made a decision never to go. After I made the decision never to go, it was just like a burden was raised off my shoulder blades and all the negative emotions went away. The only problem remaining was to tell my family and friends I got no longer participating the prom. I informed my mom the truth and she thought I had been silly and attempted with all her energy to get me to travel. My sister told me, "You're an adolescent. Teenagers don't squander their lives being worry warts. Each goes out and have fun! Head to your prom, if you don't you will repent it. "

At the time, it was important for me never to go directly to the prom because I wasn't confident with who I am on the inside. Even today, a total 90 days later I do not regret missing my prom, so my sister was incorrect about this. Although in a roundabout way she was right about a few things. I only reach be young once, and I don't want to look back and realized I haven't savored my teenage years.

Question # 9

My dad is big on misogyny between women and men. I am his only little princess and he constantly sees ways to cretic almost everything I really do. Just yesterday I was eating small chocolates chip cookies the ones that can match ones mouths in a single bit, and I did that. I put the complete cookie in my own mouth. He basically blew a casket! I am supposed to bite the cookie, not toss it in my own mouth. Now every other time, I'd have to recognize but this was a little cookie and I was in the comfort of my own home. Then my father had his own soliloquy how it is incorrect for women to eat a in the way I had been. He went on to provide me imagine if scenarios. What if a guy observed you eating this way? According to my dad the young gentlemen would wish nothing in connection with me as soon as I stuffed just a little chocolate chip cookie in my mouth. Bottom line women are supposed to have superior etiquette all the time, because one never understands whose watching.

My other exemplory case of an inequality between women and men is something I saw on the tv show, Better half Swap. One better half solely depended on her behalf husband for everything, food, shelter, and money. The spouse would not allow his better half to have any job. He thought that a woman's obligation was to stay at home and take care of the children. The husband's job was to give the family, and the workforce was room for a female. Even though taking care of the family is a full time job, the girl wished to have her own flexibility, and her own money. ONCE I watched this episode I couldn't imagine people still thought women had restrictions on what they can or must do.

My mother understood a young female who's Asian, and 1 day they were talking about college or university, because my mommy works for SUNY Downstate INFIRMARY. The young girl told my mother that children used to make fun of her when she was young because she wasn't on the stereotypically degree of brilliantness that is included with being Asian. She would always be reluctant to raise her hand in course, because if she acquired the answer right kids would tease her to be a nerdy Asian of course, if she clarified the question improperly people would look at her funny, like isn't she likely to know the answer. She couldn't understand why some people thought Asian's were smarter than other races of individuals.

An inequality that still contains strongly today deals with erotic orientation. People, who are straight can receive a marriage license but in some states individuals who are homosexual cannot. Some individuals believe being gay is a difficulty that will only heighten if they're allowed to marry, but if someone talks about it simply on the top: Gays can't get hitched. Upright people can get wedded. That is an inequality, gays and straights are both people but yet one group is allowed something as the other is denied.

I believe America prides itself as being a melting pot filled up with all different cultures, and ethnicities. If American society is plagued with inequalities the people of this country try their finest to correct them. Sometimes inequalities take main and it beings to impact not only the American world but also the world in a negative and positive ways. People can start to believe in these inequalities, which can harmed the certain group being discriminated against. Or people can rally from the discriminations and fight for change.

Question # 10

Yes, I believe the media tends to concentrate on the negative qualities to a story, and has a behavior of posting articles, or broadcasting information that is unhappy and upsetting. Social networks and other press outlets will try to add details to a story, or blow a certain area of the story out of percentage. This can impact just how viewers will interpret the news taken to their attention.

The ability to have so much information accessible allows visitors to be educated quicker, that could save lives, and make people more comfortable. Having information easily accessible has its downsides. Life has become an open booklet, and security has become stronger in order protect the level of privacy of individuals. With strong enhancements in technology it isn't difficult to find home elevators people, and places. Life can be very stressful if someone is in a position where privacy can be an concern. People such as politicians and stars constantly have difficulty for normalcy with surveillance cameras that can identify someone a mile away.

Technology defiantly will not place a role in the disengagement of people and their communities. I could only think of ways technology boosts the engagement of individuals. Whether good or bad, technology allows people to interact globally, the planet earth has never believed smaller. I can speak to someone a large number of miles away through phone, Facebook, or email and I'll never have to feel the length. Technology such as tv, cameras and computer systems have allowed individuals to see other cultures, and customs and never have to step outside of their community, therefore boosting the connection between people and their neighborhoods.

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