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A Front Office Or Entry Desk Tourism Essay


Front office can be defined as the sales, marketing and service departments that are a direct connections with the client and cooperating with the back-office departments to keep a two-way circulation of information. In hospitality industry especially hotel, leading office team play an important role or can called as the nerve middle of the hotel. The responsibility for leading office staff is to welcome the guest, carry their baggage, help them sign-up, give them their room tips and mail, answer question about the activities in hotel and encircling area, and finally check them out. Beside, forward office functions can be grouped into five general areas:

Cashiers and Nighttime Auditors


Mail and Information

Bell Service


Five General Regions of Entry Office Functions


Front office office or front workplace (reception) is the first impression for lodging establishment. Therefore, the staffs in the department got to know their own responsibility and their process. The next is the staff in the front office office.

Telephone Operator



Night Auditor

Front Table Representative

Assistant Entrance Office Manager

Front Office Manager

Front Office Staff

Firstly, leading office director can be a immediate supervisor of the front office department. The main duties of leading office supervisor are maintaining a higher degree of efficiency among leading office staff. Other that that, the obligations of the front office manager are include presenting assistant the training and cross-training of leading office employees. Besides, planning monthly accounts and prepares the workers budget related to the salary levels throughout the lodging establishment. Then, assists the rooms department director in formulating and implementing leading office insurance policies and techniques. The manager usually be the main one who in charge of dealing with the client and taking appropriate action when you can find special requests, problems, or claims from the friends.

After the front office manager, involves the assistant leading office director that helps on the manager's work. The assistant front office administrator is a person who is responsible for coordinating the front desk procedure. Besides, the helper manager may teach the front workplace personnel, monitoring the visitor accounts and obligations, and authorize checks and special credit technique. Besides that, the assistant director also giving aids at the front desk through the active period. In additional the associate manager also maintains an eyeball on reservations for the current day and planning daily room occupancy forecasts

Thirdly, leading table representative or can call as a prominent desk agent. The primary responsibilities of leading desk agent are pleasant and enroll the guests when the visitor arrived. Besides that, assigning rooms and concern room secrets or credit cards to the visitor and also provide information about the hotel services that available in the hotel. Through the check out of the guest, the office clerk must show the consideration to the visitor and also accumulate their payment for the accounts. The total amount cash accounts then return back to the guest when there is an equilibrium. In additional, inform housekeeping department about the option of the room so they can start their cleaning job. Leading desk representative will inform the bell attendant to transport the guests' luggage to the lobby, and prepares to help the visitor to carry it to the area or to the automobile. Besides, the obligations or tasks of leading desk representative are to keep an area as reservations rooms and also supplying react to reservation enquiries. Then, providing reviews to the administrator about the issues and dissatisfaction of the customer.

The fourth is the night auditor which only works in the night time time around 2300 to 0700 as a receptionist. Besides, the night time auditor has a dual role which is working as a forward desk representative during the night and preparing the machine balance statement. . Therefore, the individual who works as a nights auditor will need to have the ability to understand the concepts and the capability to solve the financial discrepancies because one of the functions of the night time auditor is to balances the daily financial orders. Besides that, the night time auditor also produces reports and summaries of the income. In large hotel, the night time auditor my work with other nighttime staff such as security officers, cell phone attendants, room service attendants and bellhops but in small hotel, the night time auditor may work exclusively. Which means person must have experience as a workplace clerk and good communications with the controller in order to are a nights auditor.

Then, is the cashier of leading office team. Cashier can be explained as an job which is targeted on the handling of cash money. The responsibilities of the cashier in front office not only handling the cash circulation of the hotel but handling guest checkouts and guest legal sensitive and also providing change for the friends. Besides, the cashier also helps the front desk workload manageable when full house this means the hotel that has its complete entire guest rooms occupied and sometimes known as 100% occupancy. Other than that, cashier also prepare and negotiate the guests' accounts. In additional cashier also take care of the safety deposit containers in the hotel. Leading office cashier also offers a forex exchange service which allow guest from other country to get their money to the country's money.

The second previous of the staff in the front office section is the reservationists. You will find four types of reservation, walk-in reservation, through phone calls, through fax, and finally through emails. The in charge of reservationists is to adopt reservations that created by the visitor and giving the info about the facilities of the hotel to the near future guests. The primary responsibilities that performed by the reservationists are giving friendly and a respectful service to future friends while affecting in phone sales. Besides, answering all the reservation calls, taking reservations, and working with the reservations correspondence. Other than that, having offer with group bookings such as changes, cancellations, and rooming lists. Then, the reservationists should do a negotiation about the rates in the hotel to get an improved sale by supplying a more costly room to the client. The reservationists also must be sure that all accessories will work properly and that the needed amount of products is readily available. On the other hand, the reservationists have to keep an accurate room inventory by using the reservation component of a property management system. In additional, the reservationists must have a good and effective communication with the marketing and sales section.

Finally is the telephone operator which really is a one who provides assistance to the caller. Cell phone operator plays an important character in the lodging establishment therefore the operator must have the full knowledge of all the facilities in the hotel so the people who call won't get any incorrect information. Besides, the operator also helps to transfer phone calls from beyond the hotel to the visitor room. To be able to maintain the safeness of the visitor, the operators cannot hand out the room number of a hotel guest to the outsider. In additional, the operator also must know the emergencies types of procedures such as phoning doctor, ambulance, authorities and fire department when necessary. Although the chance of the operator having face-to-face talk with guest are very hardly ever but operator performs very important role in representing the hotel to the visitor. The person as the operator should always maintain an agreeable and courteous modulation of voice. Besides that, the information distributed by the guest should be retained carefully and totally confidential. Through the occupied period, the operator may also assist the table clerk and cashier when necessary.

The Front Office Organization Chart in a little Hotel

Front Office Supervisor

Front Office Cashier

Front Office Assistants

The Entry Office Organizational Graph in a Mid Size Hotel

Front Office Manager

Assistant Manager Front side Office

Steno Typist

Night Auditor

Front Office Supervisor

Front Office Cashier

Telex Operator

Reservation Assistant

Registration Associate of Receptionist

Information Assistant

The Front side Office Organizational Graph in a big Hotel

Corporate Owner

General Manager

Assistant Basic Manager

Front Office Manager


Telephone Operator

Desk Clerk

Reservations Manager

Elevator Operator

Bell Staff

Room Key Clerk


Night Auditor


In the hotel industry, the front office department is the section which welcomes friends and it is the first impression to the friends. Therefore, due to the increase of the traveller day-by-day, whether it's for business, vacation or for just about any other reason, there is a self progress inside the hotel whether it's big or small hotels. Hence, the needs of trained persons who have the ability to perform the essential front office operations in a hotel successfully are increasing. Giving training to the individual about the front office skills, the hotel only can generate or increase their income.


Front office staffs will need to have certain skills to attract guests during the first impression. Reveal Front Office personnel in guest relations.


Social skills are an important qualification that arranged by almost all of the experienced hoteliers for forward office work. This skill means having the ability to achieve a particular objective efficiently. We know that the power of producing suitable quality text message without taking all over the day or spoiling twelve sheets of newspaper during the writing or typing are called typing skill. Besides, cooking food skills means ability to produce food which is often consumed and appetizing. Therefore, social skills are communication with living things instead of typing skill, interacting with key pad and preparing food skulls, conversing kitchen elements. The cultural skills tend to be more different compare to the other two skills since it needs hire words, expressions and gestures in order to achieve the objective. Therefore, interpersonal skills are skills which have the best way to influence other's attitudes and habit by using those elements. Many people know how to do this normally and interacting with other people but there is always a place for improvement. In order to use the abilities properly and correctly, the individuals need to take a lot of time to apply. Besides that, some customers are very easy to handle or can say as easy-going, although some of the client might appear impossible to please no matter what you are doing. So, it's important to understand the variations of the customer which means we must ensure what feeling that the client is in. Interpersonal skills are same with any other kind of skills which only can form through practice. These procedures are a form of unscripted face-to-face interactions, or 'role-playing exercise'. Finally, decrease the question on the kind of solution as the way you start the connecting it that counts.


As a leading office staffs, there are certain skills that are need to find out or master to be able to appeal to the guests through the first impression. The shape below is the skills which front office staffs should learn or have.

Non-verbal Speech Elements


Eye Contact





Self- Presentation


Skills needed for Front side Office Staffs

Firstly, behavior is just how that a person behaves, especially towards other people. For example, you as the guest had booked the room one week before the day you walk into the hotel. Obviously the very first thing to do is to check in the room you had booked with the standard letter of confirmation on your side at the reception table. The reception should welcome and greetings such as 'howdy, welcome, how do i help you?' before start coping with the visitor. Beside, the receptionist should speak out the phrase and tone correctly, means the tone that ideal for the situation. Other than that, the receptionist should show respects to the guest by attending to the visitor first even there are keeping track of or other jobs are ongoing. Then, the receptionist should maintain proper clothing and suitable hairstyle. These are the actual behaviour means such as what we do, that which we say and how they present ourselves for the guest.

Secondly, self-presentation means that the social of the receptionist such as their dressing and grooming. The dressing and grooming of the receptionist are essential because the guest can know more before having a dialog with the receptionist. Then, lots of the hotels require their employees to wear consistent according to the departments. Example, food and beverage section, chefs should wear apron, hats, pants as the security department, the security guard should wear the security shield uniform which there's a weapon and correctly. For leading office team, the staffs require to wear formal clothing or uniform blouse. The reason behind the personnel to wear even in line with the department is basically because guests may easily discover and get help from the personnel directly according to what they need. The personnel of leading office department must ensure that their attire or even are clean and tidy. The guests will think in case a filthy and untidy receptionist, most probably the rooms, restaurant, and kitchen are the same, grubby and untidy.

Thirdly, is the standing up position of leading office staffs through the working time. The positioning means that where an individual or something is situated. The place that the staffs stand is important where not only with regards to equipment such as desk, but also connection on working with people. In addition, everyone have their own section of 'personal space', and interruption by a stranger which makes them feels uneasy. This position can be taken further this means like people will feel divide the barrier into two equal 'territories' without being aware when they are seated or standing straight opposite the other person with a desk or table in between it. When the receptionist slapped the enrollment form in front of the guest and then shifted forward to start to see the guest filling up it out. These varieties of action or attitudes done by the receptionist are totally incorrect and called rude which may causes the invasion that causes people feel unpleasant. Therefore, these sorts of action or behaviour should be averted in this industry.

Then, position means that the position in which you possess the body when standing or seated. In leading office, the pose includes the way that the staff stands or sit down in relation to other folks. Besides, when involves facing people, usually signifies interest, and leaning frontward shows sustained interest unless it requires an invasion of personal space. Furthermore, some actions such as using our limb to catch the attention of the person that people interested or can put it to use as obstacles to shut out the people we feel worried or anxious about. Therefore, the front office staff will leant forwards the desk watching the guest filling up form. Although, the personnel looks interest, however the arm of the personnel stored in folded which show that the staff is not so stressed to help the visitor.

Then, the fifth skill among the nine skills is gesture which has the closest related to the posture. Gesture means a movement of a part of the body especially the head and hands. Besides, gesture also a means of sending impulses by moving parts of our bodies which mainly is our hands, biceps and triceps, and shoulders. Besides that, shrug also must be disregarded because the person who demonstrates is unconsciously trying to get themselves away the issues. Besides, opening palm is a sign of a friendly relationship for the more mature get older people and also an indication of honesty. On the other hand, a few of the gesture such as hand-to-face gesture will bring out negative sense or action. For example like touching others nose or mouth can show the deceit or some of the negative sense such as fear, uncertainty, worry or suspect. Therefore, the movement of the hand is vital.

After that, the 6th skill is expression which means a look on a person's face that presents their thoughts or thoughts. As a front side office staff or can say as the first impression towards guest, the staff should have a positive expression. There may be the number of possible manifestation but some we can generally understand friendliness when seeing it. For instance like smiling with the oral cavity curves moving upwards and the eye crinkle a bit at the corners. Besides, it will make the visitor feels nervous or uneasy when get together those personnel which looking to them with a blank, no appearance face, and even get greeted with a sullen expression such as reduced brows, a closed, downturned mouth area and marginally pouting lip area. Therefore, as a forward office personnel should placed on a serious manifestation which shows that you will be caring about what the visitor needs.

Then, attention contact can be explained as an take action of looking directly into one another's eyes. Eyes contact is an essential part of the hospitality industry especially in the front office department. The reason is because by looking at someone usually bears not only interest but liking as well, and the regular and longer you look, the much more likely to bears these impressions. If the individual is avoiding the gaze of others who is discussing, this means that person might talk or offering dishonest answers. Besides, there's also two types of direction on looking. First is the business enterprise gaze this means mostly the direction is concentrated on the eye and forehead to maintain a serious and logical atmosphere. Then the second is the interpersonal gaze is the activity of the other person's sight and mouth area which showing a better fascination with reactions such as laughter. Therefore, the front office staff or can say as receptionist must understand the kind of gaze and put it to use correctly to the guests.

Then the next last skills among the nine skills of the abilities needed for prominent office staff is speech. Naturally, speech is an essential because it is the simplest way to express the staffs' affinity for the guest's welfare by using phrases such as 'Good nighttime' and ' I hope you love your stay'. Other than that, call the guest by their name or simply called them 'Sir' or 'Madam' will be exhibiting a kind of value to the guest. Of course it will be better if contacting the guest by their name because this implies that the staff recognizes the guest as a person and not simply an unnamed visitor. Therefore, possessing a good ram will be very helpful in this case but addititionally there is other way to utilize for phoning the guests' name. The way is take a quick look at the guest's subscription card.

Finally the previous skill among the nine skills is the non-verbal talk elements. It means the tone that people use to talk to others. Words can be spoken out loudly or quietly, quickly or slowly, flatly or brightly. Besides, words also can add a pause so on 'Welcome. . . sir' which show that the personnel uncertain about the guest deserves. Other than that, lifting the tone a little by the end and so transform the saying into a question 'Welcome, sir?'. Therefore, in the front office team, the staff ought to know how to use the best tone in the best situation.


It is important to acquire interpersonal skills in the front office work especially for the first impression of the visitor. Besides, communal skills not only get together the guest's subconscious needs but also making them feel welcome. Other than that, receptionist may use these skills to relax an irritable visitor, for awhile or just to help make the stressed one feel pleasant.

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