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A Dolls House and the storyplot Antigone

"I really do not wish these to have power over men, but over themselves. " ~ Mary Wollstonecraft

Ibsen's "A Doll's House" and Sophocles' "Antigone" are written in two vastly schedules but both give attention to the role of women in their particular eras. It really is observed that the natural strength of the ladies protagonists in both the works is related and parallel, irrespective of the age they have been written.

Henrik Ibsen was a major 19th-century Norwegian playwright, theater director, and poet. He is also known as the "father of modern theatre" and it is one of the founders of modernism in neuro-scientific theatre. His takes on are usually appalling and often immoral to numerous of his age because Victorian worth of family life were completely different to his ideas. Norwegian playwright, Ibsen's, "A Doll's House" is a scornful criticism of traditional and normal roles of men and women in Victorian matrimony. The play focuses on the tasks of a female: a mom and a better half. As the plot of the play accumulates, the emancipation of women is accepted and brought out to the audience specifically through the next dialogue, "Listen, Torvald. I've heard that when a partner deserts her husband's house, when i am doing now, he is legally freed from all commitments toward her. Regardless I establish you clear of all your obligations. You aren't to feel yourself bound in the slightest way, any longer than I shall. " 1(Function iii). Similarly, in old Greece many playwrights used mythological reviews to animadvert on communal and politics issues of their time. This is what Sophocles intended to do when he wrote Antigone. Greek playwright Sophocles published this play as his last part in the Theban Trilogy around 442 B. C. Antigone, girl of Oedipus, the ex - king of Thebes, fights for burial of her brother Polyneices from the decree of her uncle, Creon, the new king of Thebe, "do you want to lend the hands to mine, to lift up your body?"2 (38). It really is a storyline that revolves around the "unwritten legislations" of the gods against the laws of mankind, family associations against state regulations, plus more notably man against woman.

As both playwrights have portrayed the true role of a woman in their specific plays during their respective aeon, it is vital to note the social backdrop of both Greece and Norway. Within the 18th century women were the 'creative way to obtain individual life', as said by many critics. These were considered in a natural way weaker than men, both psychologically and in physical form. Wifehood and motherhood were seen as women's most significant livelihood in Norway. They were forbidden to place themselves into another role of these choice. Also, formal education was never the concern for girls, however, they need to learn to cook, clean and care for children. Also, women didn't have any right to vote, provide on juries or own property in Greece. They always compelled to truly have a guardian beyond themselves. The guardian of a woman before marriage- her father; and after the

marriage- her man. Adding to that, their main duty was to provide sexual gratification and become a perfect marionette in the interpersonal gatherings. Their treatment was similar compared to that of slaves, only difference was in the way they were addressed.

Therefore, showing the audiences the general frame of mind, atmosphere and mood created for women within young families, Sophocles and Ibsen develop the storyline of their works surrounding the socio- political circumstance taking into account the close knit relationships within the Helmers and the family of the ruler of Thebes.

According to critics, Ibsen's A Doll's House examines various public issues of the contemporary society. Critic, Gail Finney talks about that in the Doll's House, "Ibsen is actually arguing for public justice. "3 In support of that NY Times contributor Walter Goodman declared a Doll's House is "a great record of feminism"4 as Ibsen's concerns about the position of ladies in society are taken to life in the play. He thought that women had a right to develop their own individuality, but in truth, their role was often self-sacrificial.

Nora, the key persona of the play, lives in a desire world, a child fantasy, where everything is perfect, and everything appears to look like a fairly picture, "If that were to happen, I don't imagine I should care whether I owed money or not. "5 (Take action i) Her persona is pampered by her own dominating husband as she actually is called by several labels, "skylark", "spendthrift", and "squirrel"6. Yet, towards the end of the play she chooses to step out of the delusion and appearance beyond her family. Her first rung on the ladder towards it was by making a decision to leave her partner, her home and her children in order to find herself. Nora's previous words are hopeful, yet her last action is less optimistic, "Both you and I have to be so altered. . . I don't imagine any more in wonderful things happening. " 7(Work iii) Just as she slams the door it symbolizes the finality of these relationship.

Nora leaves the role of the doll like wife which she performed her expereince of living, and wishes to become an unbiased self-confident adult. Many critics simply didn't accept the theory that a submissive girl of the first two functions could display a lot strength in the third action. The audience just cannot imagine a woman exhibiting the type of behavior shown by Nora as it was beyond their understanding that a girl would voluntarily choose to sacrifice her children to be able to get her own personality. On the other hand, respected critic Finney cases that "Nora can be an icon of women's liberation. "8 Also, he thought 19th century feminists praised Ibsen's work and "saw it as a caution of what would happen when women generally speaking woke up to the injustices that had been dedicated against them". 9 In addition view, the character of Nora, from Ibsen's point of view, displays and stocks with the viewers that a girl lacks the data a man has about the earth outside.

Overall, Ibsen shows a trip of an ordinary female in Norway who's eligible to look after her home, children and spouse. Though, there may be much more undiscovered in her life. Thus, for Nora the have difficulties commences after she abandons her family and human relationships of home.

On the other hands, Sophocles' people are sophisticated in terms of these feelings yet simplistic in terms of the moral code of demeanor. De Romilly, a critic, says that "Sophocles' characters have different mentalities because each embodies some other moral ideal, to which she or he adheres. "10 Hence, the character of Antigone in Sophocles' play is vital as she shows up as a young girl who increases up exclusively against state electricity and leads the tragedy. Her sister Ismene details Antigone as "You seem so dark and grim"11 (25). Furthermore, in taking a look at the first few exchanges between Ismene and Antigone in the play, it is greatly clear that we now have a lot of societal issues surrounding women from early Greece, "We should understand that we were delivered women, never to fight men. "12 (54- 55) Furthermore, to point out on the sociable issues a point of view suggests that Creon is the protagonist and Antigone the antagonist. It is because it was not suitable for a female to have a leading role in a play. Additionally it is worth noting that there is a similarity between the name of the heroine Antigone and the word antagonist. Thus giving the audience the feeling that Antigone has been fated to be the antagonist and to die for it in a tragic manner.

Further, when Antigone was led away to be buried alive she makes a assertion which many critics have sensed is a contradiction to her figure, "If I were a mother, and my children were rotting in fatalitytaken on this task from the city's will. "13 (871-874). This dialogue makes her seem less noble than she actually is in the beginning scene. Dissimilar to A Doll's House, Sophocles improves Antigone's boldness and courage from the opening of the play. Her persona has been constant and continuous. She stood by her stand constantly and may bare all the results of the function. The writer has intentionally shown Antigone as a chivalrous and a daring character. He intends to portray that women have been caged and need to speak out their opinions in the world. This play is just about the method of communication between your playwright the audience. The first meaning conveyed is every time a woman works an take action which is from the wish and will of a guy the girl is penalized and could be placed from the world, as seen in the play with Antigone. Antigone stands as a role model to all of them. Her characteristics share that a female has her point of view and she should put across to the contemporary society, whether right or wrong.

To conclude, it is pointed out that the inherent durability of the woman's nature hasn't changed taking into consideration the periods the takes on have been written in. The audience feels that the role and the treatment given to a female presented in both eras had become a norm and accustomed by everyone in the modern culture. Nobody ever tried to improve it or protest against it until we experienced such playwrights conveying a solid impacting meaning through their particular works. The audience observes that as the intentions of the playwrights, Ibsen and Sophocles are similar; the theme surrounding the two female protagonists is akin. Further, the people contain the similar inherent power because, as mentioned earlier, it was just how everybody looked at the gender. They were regarded as inferior compared to men and it continued till past due 19th century before economies of European countries didn't require ladies in the workforce.

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