An evaluation of This Attitudes About Love and Marriage to those in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

A Comparison of Today's Attitudes About Love and Marriage to people in Bill Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Attitudes to love and marriage include changed greatly throughout

time. Different practices, morals and private beliefs are becoming

more noticeable in today's behaviour.


William Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' portrays probably the most

stunning view of affection ever crafted, and displays us plainly the views of

love in the 16th century. The idea of love is usually complicated to come

to terms with, but it can be my perception that the a sense of love today has

certainly not changed at all from Shakespeare's day. In my opinion it can be

as stunning and passionate as it was when the play was written. Love

perhaps can be not so strong an issue while marriage is definitely, as it is an atmosphere

and not a subject, therefore love cannot be changed.

Marriage on the other hand, today, is usually left right down to free is going to in most

instances, and has a lot less to do with economical well-being and social

position. This is not often the case because a westernised idea, in

most far eastern countries and some religions, organized marriage is still


The attitudes to love and marriage in 'Romeo and Juliet' vary

between diverse characters. Probably this was Shakespeare's way of

laying out the different landscapes that were placed by persons in his time.

Since the 16th century aspects worth considering of matrimony have changed.

Perhaps the biggest difference is that marriage, in those days, was

arranged by the dad of the bride. The father will arrange the

wedding ceremony, the husband of the woman and the dowry (a

repayment made to th...

... ha sido to

the dramatic fight scenes, that will make us appreciate the play slightly

bit more. The truth that the behaviour to appreciate and relationship have

transformed over time will not hinder our appreciation with the play

rather it permits us to see diverse points of approach to the things.

However , the storyplot is meant to be about like, which William shakespeare does

through showing the lengths that some people may well go to for love

(although at times they could seem, unrealistic to us). He would not only

present this through the eccentric Romeo, but through the sonnets that

other characters recite during the play. This I feel, along with every

additional aspect of the play, guidelines out the fact that attitudes to love

and marriage were different in the sixteenth century, and does not

hinder our appreciation of the perform, as there may be so much more to


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