A look at Problems faced by international students in UK

The experience of an international university student is very diverse and includes both learning and adaptation related issues. UK is home to many of the top educational corporations in various disciplines which serve a source of appeal for international students because of this which UK receives an enormous influx of international students each year and in the procedure 2007-08, 15% of most university students in the united kingdom were international students. However the international students face a variety of problems that are very unique and various from what the local student's experience. The aim of the research is to investigate whether International students from producing countries face more problems when compared with students from developed countries; International students find it harder to cope with intangible problems like social surprise and linguistic problems than dealing with a different educational system. To comprehend the issues of international students studying in the united kingdom, a review will be conducted and the mark group will include international students studying in major universities of the united kingdom. The final consequence of the research review will help identify the most pressing problems encountered by international students.


The connection with an international college student is very diverse and includes both learning and version related issues. The many tasks an international student must accomplish include selection of university, classes, understanding the various educational system, language effectiveness tests, trying to get a visa, managing financial issues, arriving at the school, accommodation and dealing with cultural variations. UK receives an enormous influx of international students every year and in the session 2007-08, 15% of all university students in the UK were international students, not domiciled in the united kingdom. It represents a significant proportion of the students and for that reason it is necessary to execute research regarding the problems encountered by these students.

Over the years, international education, especially advanced schooling is progressively more being advertised as a item. The pattern of student flexibility is inspired by a variety of factors including geographical location and accessibility, historical cable connections with host country and similarity in language and education systems. There exists a strong dependence of growing countries on developed countries in terms of advanced schooling. Together with the announcement of the Best Minister's Initiative (PMI), various strategies have been created by the federal government of UK to increase investment in the educational sector and appeal to more international students. In the light of such plans and expectation into the future, it's important for UK to continuously ameliorate the experience of the international students in its educational institutions.

Problem Statement

UK is home to lots of the top educational corporations in a variety of disciplines which provide a source of fascination for international students which ultimately shows as a high percentage of international students enrolled in the universities in UK. However the international students face a multitude of problems that are quite unique and different from the particular home student's experience. These problems include both tangible and intangible areas of a student's experience at the educational institute and could become a source of anxiety and stress for these students. To be able to help these students achieve an easy move, it is first essential to understand their problems.

It is also not to group all overseas students as a homogenous group as country of origins also performs a essential role in adding or alleviating these problems for example a European Union resident is not at the mercy of the visa requirements as students from other countries are. Keeping this because, it is vital to comprehend the pre and post introduction problems confronted by international students depending on the country of origin so that the major reasons and top most contributors to these problems can be determined.

Research Objective

The main target of this research is to examine the relationship between country of source and the amount of problems faced by the students. In this manner, the research analysis will be able to not only identify the most notable most problems being experienced by all international students but also provide insight in to the problems for a particular county of source. The research goals of the particular review are divided into the following hypothesis:

International students from expanding countries face more problems as compared to students from developed nations.

International students find it harder to cope with intangible problems like ethnical great shock and linguistic problems than dealing with another type of educational system.

Students think it is easier to conform in universities which have well developed system of support for international students than those without it.

Literature Review

Even though various research studies have been completed dealing with the issues of international students, these studies often treat international students as a homogenous group and not as people from different locations (Lowe and Tian, 2007). Matching to Chalmers and Volet (1997), sponsor establishments often develop stereotypes regarding students from different parts and these stereotypes are used as an excuse to attribute the problems to the students somewhat than addressing their issues and examining the attitude of the sponsor institution. Another study ranked difficulty in obtaining learner visas and monitoring of international students as the very best most road blocks for international students (Hanson & Zambito, 2003).

The economical and sociable factors existing in the house country serve as press factors and guide students in another country as the decision decide on a host country depends on various yank factors (Mazzarol and Soutar, 2002). The factors that add to the problems of these students include poor knowledge of instructors for working with international students and the social problems confronted by these students therefore both educational and sociable issues need to be addressed (Butcher and McGrath, 2004). In a report conducted regarding the activities of international students in the UK, the top most problems faced by the international students were tEnglish dialect ability, making social modifications and 'culture impact' (Bamford, 2008).

According to Brown (2007), linguistic obstacles are one of the major reasons of nervousness for the international students and that students with good communication skills find it easier to adapt to educational life, as well as gain approval in the coordinator community. Clear and appropriate explanation of the education system, what's expected from the students, evaluation methods and the kind of support they are going to get are essential considerations as a report disclosed that information and assistance is apparently one of the most important aspects in assisting the international students to attain the transition and adapt to the new environment (Sovic, 2007).

A study conducted in Australia likened the international students with the local ones and it uncovered that as the group comprising of oversees students encountered more issues in modifying to academic requirements possessed significantly greater issues adjusting to educational requirements, different review methods, learning separately, language proficiency, participation and time management. The international students also showed higher levels of stress when compared with the neighborhood ones (Uses up, 1991).

Importance and Great things about the Study

The research study would benefit many stakeholders of the society. It will benefit the international students by providing as a realization for his or her unique needs and help in devising ways to reduce these problems in UK. However the complex induction mechanisms and visa regulations cannot be improved, international students can be led in a better way to complete the requirements. Many universities already have their international learner offices. Through the results extracted from the acceptance/rejection of the hypothesis produced above, the international students and these office buildings can work mutually to build up better and better procedures. In regards to the social needs of international students, workout sessions can be established at the campuses to teach students about social distinctions and ways to lessen mental stress induced by such changes so the academics performance is not compromised.

Research Design

The basic purpose of the research study is to identify most of the problems confronted by international students in the UK and identify the most recurring problems. In addition to this, the analysis will also determine the country specific problems being confronted by the test students. Finally, based on these results, the study research will suggest ways through which the problems of these students can be reduced or alleviated.


Te intent is to carry out a research study that will stay valid in the future as well and for that the study will try to develop a mathematical model including the various factors. Certain reliant and independent parameters have been established. As the subject of the study suggests "problems" experienced by the international students will be the dependent changing as it is dependent on several other factors. The 3rd party variable therefore is "Environment of Host country". It is represented by the next factors:

Presence of procedures in organizations that allow enrollment of international students.

Existence of international university student facilitation centers in colleges.

Scholarships available to foreign students

Presence of large immigrant society in the web host country.

Presence of good educational institutions in variety country


To understand the problems of international students studying in the UK, a review will be conducted and the target group will comprise of international students learning in major colleges of the UK. The first activity will be to obtain foreign university student enrolment information from the universities and concentrating on the universities with the highest proportion of foreign students. The research study is designed in such a way that this considers the pre and post appearance problems experienced by these students on a local level. For studying the results, students in one country will be grouped alongside one another. The info will be gathered from Interview Discussions and Self-administrative questionnaires. The suggested research depends on quantitative as well as qualitative techniques which would be utilized throughout in our research. The use of statistical tools and research is a vital part of this research design.

Target Population

Target population of your research design includes all the international students learning in the UK universities irrespective of the kind of degree they are seeking. The students in the universities are aged 18 and above. The study incorporates participants (students) from all areas of to make our study comprehensive and impartial. A country will be looked at as another category only if at least 20 students participate in that country among the list of test surveyed.

Sample Size

The sample size would be at least 300 students. After obtaining the filled questionnaires, they will be classified and segregated regarding to country of origin. It will be made sure that we now have not an extreme volume of students from one country of source; the maximum quantity of students in one country can be 50 while there is no lower limit. The selected number of test size is adequate enough to capture all the relevant information required for our research study and the 300 test size will stand for all the several aspects of focus on population.

Instrument Design

The types of way of measuring scales used will include a four point balanced Likert size, Multiple-Choice, Multiple-Response/Checklist and open up concluded questions. The parameters which will be analyzed can be about divided into pre and post arrival issues. Pre introduction issues of international students are:

Finding the desired course may be considered a task as the course may be trained under a different name or educated in combo with another course.

Selecting the college or university is also a complicated activity as various factors like location, access, fee structure, existence of international students etc may be considered by the potential student.

Another task to be completed before entrance is awarded is fulfilling entrance requirements for lessons in the UK such as taking aptitude and language proficiency testing and sending the leads to the selected college or university.

Once the school is picked the international pupil may try calling the international university student office buildings, advisors and discovering special induction programs.

Ina addition to the other requirements, the student may be required to obtain health certificates and get certain vaccinations done.

After receiving verification of entrance, the international university student applies for students visa.

Post Appearance issues of international students are as follows:

Applying for insurance.

Applying for university accommodation or trying to find an exclusive accommodation.

Registering with the neighborhood police.

Opening a bank account and obtaining debit and credit cards.

Getting authorization for part time employment

Registering for Tax and nationwide insurance

Obtaining a driver's license

Dealing with Cultural shock

The students will be asked to rate the issue degree of these problems on a five point likert Level the following:

1 2 3 4

Extremely easy somewhat difficult Hard Extremely difficult

The preliminary set of questions to be included in the questionnaire is shown as follows:

What is your country of Origins?

Why did you decide to come to the specific college or university?

How did you hear about the preferred university?

How much information was provided to you by the university or college before your appearance?

Did you receive an invitation to a induction programme from the school for overseas students?

Was altering to the new environment as easy as u got expected?

List down the most challenging factor that you encountered here?

Is the British system of coaching and learning easy to look at?

How could you rate, adopting British as a second language in conditions of difficulty?

Do you think it is easy to communicate with other students and acquaintances in this vocabulary?

How easy is it that you should socialize with UK students?

How difficult was it that you should find accommodation?

What can you find most nerve-racking in this course?

Have you used the international pupil support system at the University?

Was it easy to get hold of this office out of your home country?

Did the office cooperate in handling related granted like starting a bank account?

What do you enjoy about studying at your selected university?

Name things that you'll change if you could actually do so in your university.

Data Analysis

Tables, Graphs, Scatter Diagrams and other tools will be utilized to interpret the resultant conclusions derived from the data. Pareto graphs will be made to determine the highest contributing problems for international students and suggest and standard deviation of the responses will be determined. Next the questionnaires will be grouped relating to country of source and then the top most causes will be discovered again.

The final result of the study study would include either rejection or approval of hypothesis. However for the international students and then for universities, who will be the stake holders, the final interpretation in conditions of popularity/rejection of hypothesis carries great relevance. The results would help the universities to understand the ways through which problems can be reduced which can improve students' performance. The study findings would make clear why or you will want to our hypothesis has been proved or disproved. Within the light of this we will also suggest further regions of research.


The basic assumption of the research paper is the fact foreign students automatically have a negative experience and face problems when they come to review in UK. However, this might not exactly continually be true and there could be accompanying benefits like exposure to better quality of education etc that are not being considered in the analysis.


This study will be constrained mainly to the university students in major universities in UK but overseas students come to virtually all institutions. The results will be based on the questionnaires and interview however immediate observation of the students' patterns will never be feasible. The level of skepticism of students regarding the study can't be judged because which they could not answer fully the question truthfully which can cause data distortion.

The main source of information would be the students who'll complete the questionnaires while the other facilities and resources which will be required in our study include online journals, literature, interviews and prior studies.

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