A Record On Company Job Satisfaction Management Essay

Job satisfaction will involve a person being contented with his/her job. Folks are reported to be satisfied with their job if they're happy. A firm can make the employees satisfied through job enlargement, rotation and enrichment. Various theories have supported job satisfaction saying that, it also enhances job performance. Job satisfaction is affected by various factors such as management culture and style, empowerment and staff involvement (Spector, 1997). Employee satisfaction is important as it ensures that they can be creative and effective to the company. It also means that employees stay focused on the employer.

When you compare two companies one with high job satisfaction, for example, coca cola and another company with low job satisfaction, for example, big eight, the businesses differ greatly. When comparing companies like coca cola and big eight, it is apparent that the employees in the coca cola company rarely live the business to move work someplace else. In big eight, the staff turnover is high despite being a large accounting firm. The employees in Big Eight absence commitment to the organization whereas the employees in Coca Cola Company are fully committed to the organization and they almost never leave to other companies. Coca cola also has better management and organizational strategies than Big Eight. Coca cola will not waste the majority of enough time and resources recruiting new employees as opposed to Big Eight. Coca cola has great marketing coverage because their employees are happy and therefore makes everyone think that their products are good too. If you ask everyone including a tiny kid, people realize Coca cola more than the Big 8 Company.

Both companies are large companies with high turnovers and income. However, despite of this similarity their employees' turnout differs greatly. The coca cola company gives the employee a chance for professional development. The worker prefers to stick around because they learn new skills providing them with an chance to develop in their opportunities. Big Eight on the other hands do not give their workers an opportunity to learn new skills or mentor them. Even though both companies have best as well as performing employees, who are qualified in the many fields the two companies are different in providing positive work environment. THE TOP Eight fails in providing inter-workers socialization and co-operation. Every director works on a job and accounts to the senior. There is absolutely no time left to obtain retreats occasionally beyond your working environment to handle their problems and interact. Coca cola on the other palm plans outings once in a while, which stimulates co-operation and develops their morale up.

Dr pepper Snapple is a marketing firm with low production as compared to Coca Cola Company. The two companies despite the differences in productivity have similarities in their functions for the reason that, they both ensure there is job satisfaction among the list of employees. Both Coca Cola Company and Dr Pepper Snapple give a positive working environment for their employees ensuring you can find teamwork among them. Both companies give a chance for profession progress to the employees. Dr Pepper Snapple and Coca Cola Company give their employees good working conditions guaranteeing they get leave to adopt their children to hospital and other emergencies.

The difference between Dr Pepper Snapple and Coca Cola company is the fact that employee in the Coca Cola company have significantly more benefits than Dr Pepper Snapple in conditions of gas mileage, company car. The jobs in Dr Pepper Snapple are alternated or taken out because of the nature of job, which is not common in Coca Cola Company.

In conclusion, once the employees are satisfied the business carries out well and gets popularity worldwide. Coca cola works much better than Big Eight in terms of efficiency. Coca Cola functions better than Big Eight because the employees are satisfied. Dr Pepper Snapple also carries out because regardless of the low productivity, its employees are satisfied. Job satisfaction is an integral element in company production and development (Kalleberg, 2007). Employees will always be committed to a firm that offer them job satisfaction though it has low production or will not pay well.

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