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A Analysis On NEED FOR Leisure Sociology Essay

Societies contain men, girl, and children and of varied age groups. If these components are not present there may be no world. They constitute world collectively. Our contemporary society responds in another way to entertainment and leisure and in turn so do the individuals. The individuals play an important part of how they function in culture and exactly how they react to recreation and leisure. The way in which we perceive our tasks in society influences on our recreational and leisure activities. We must consider how we as individuals and our culture get together in terms of entertainment and leisure. As individuals we have to ensure our roles in society impact positively. Contemporary society in general will not consider the impact of the roles and exactly how it influences leisure. They both are two different entities but function collectively. I will consider the factors that have an effect on us as individuals in modern culture and how it pertains to our leisure in the following discussion.

Leisure as a Sociable Phenomenon

Leisure is known as to be always a complex social phenomenon that impacts many social organizations and should not be looked at as just past time activities. Recreation and leisure significantly impacts several social corporations. However if utilised improperly they can have unwanted effects on many aspects. Within our societies leisure can be practised in various ways. It could be undertaken alone or in solitude, or it could be occur in a cultural environment that can be private or community based.

We can all take part in leisure in its different varieties and this will not necessarily mean that it is not affected or affected by other people. Our leisure is in fact more often than not affected by other people.

Our surroundings and environment can affect our privateness in terms of leisure in three ways: particularly by aiding it, by infringing onto it and by forcing us into it. Parents can support the leisure activities of the children by purchasing toys for the kids, which can motivate them to go after a specific profession or cause in life.

Our leisure may also be infringed after by others, for instance competing in the television with a mature brother or sister when your favorite show is on.

Circumstances can also push us into solitary leisure, for example writing. A famous example is J. R. R. Tolkien, the writer of the, The Lord of The Bands novels. Inside the trenches of World Warfare I, he commenced recording the shows of war that brought horror to him. He used this as escapism from the severe truth he was facing. These recordings of the harshness he experienced were later transferred into the catalogs, The Lord of this Bands. The writing of his catalogs not only provided a feeling of entertainment and leisure to him. It has additionally provided these benefits for millions round the world. This shows how one person's leisure can immediately and indirectly have an effect on people around them. His literature have been developed into multi - million dollars earning movies. The movies have lead to memorabilia and figurines being collected by children and people as hobbies. People have flocked to the premieres of these movies. This means that the domino aftereffect of his entertainment and love on the rest of the world. It has also positively afflicted numerous people and economies.

In contrast to the a person's solitary recreation can also have negative repercussions. In February 2004, Warren le Blanc murdered his 14 season old friend by savagely conquering him with a claw hammer and stabbed him after luring him to a playground in Liverpool, Britain. Warren re - enacted assault from a favorite gaming that he used to try out called Manhunt. Warren played this game as a recreational former - time but there is a negative transfer from his experience. The game gained interest for all the wrong reasons. It was played on the personal computer and Sony play - stop platforms. These are both popular past - times for those age groups. This demonstrates what sort of video game, a favorite previous - time, became a societal hazard which stemmed from a persons solitary recreation. This emphasises the need for control of technology inside our societies in order to alleviate negative consequences. However it must be kept in mind that the positives of solitary recreational activities outweigh the negatives.

Leisure does not only take place in solitary options. It can also directly involve other people. They can take the proper execution of bystanders and members. Both bystanders and participants collectively contribute to the experience.

People can further be divided into primary and supplementary groups. Primary groups are small categories in which there are in person relations which can be fairly personal and personal in character. These primary communities contain two types specifically: family and cliques. Supplementary groups are thought as a larger relatively temporary, more anonymous; formal and impersonal group predicated on some interest or activity and whose people interact on the basis of specific roles (Henslin, 1993). Secondary groups can be considered a cooking class, book club or Weekend golf little league.

Primary communities have several factors such as communal custom, family values and kinship which effect leisure activities. Secondary communities on the other palm aren't only influenced by the group but the individuals in - switch make a difference the group.

The type of groups that people as individuals form part of will offer an effect on our leisure activities. It will impact the people for the reason that group. Our role in these groupings will have an effect on our societies where we exist. It has individual implications as well as group implications.

Leisure, Entertainment and Gender

In our post - modern period the types of gender are slowly but surely being divided and multiple types of gender are arising. With post - modernism people are able to point out their gender and sexuality with fewer limitations and constraints.

As history advises men have been the superior intimacy in most western cultures. In earlier centuries outdoor recreation were reserved for men only. There is also an over-all segregation of genders.

Males were the bread winners and woman in were in charge of the household. For this reason most of the girl undertook their recreational activities at home. In recent times the anticipations of girl and men have changed. Men and girl have a tendency to change and show roles in your post - modern society.

Men have a desire to have leisure as it is motivated by their hard work. They contemplate it as an incentive for the work they experience. Women generally have a weaker determination for this as they need to package with the constraints of the household first. Women have a tendency to combine their leisure with household tasks, such as designing or supervising activities for the children.

I certainly believe that leisure opportunities do can be found for women beyond the household but other responsibilities and concerns take precedence. There may be cases where similar opportunity exists for women and men but women still have a tendency to perform the feminine tasks. They will naturally get worried with meals and health care of children at various activities.

Another problem facing women's involvement in these activities is that they find it hard to take part in them. Other woman may be too active with family, lack physical capability or merely not knowing where to learn the experience. It's important that women enable themselves in aspects of leisure and entertainment. This will ensure that they can also experience the advantages of recreation and leisure. Men need to accept them into programmes and provide equal opportunities inside our communities.

In recent years there has been an increase in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals. People now feel absolve to disclose their alternative sexual identity. In the past however leisure didn't offer with issues of sexuality. They are now being openly accepted into communities; however few opportunities are present for them in conditions of entertainment and leisure. They are really becoming increasingly parents, which signify that they also have families. All individuals need to take pleasure from the benefits of recreation and leisure including the gay and lesbian families. You can find few programmes that are suitable for them, which re-enforces that they need to be accepted into all programmes without discrimination. There were programmes including the gay game titles and Olivia cruises but this creates segregation. We should design programs that provide everyone regardless of their sexual orientation. In this way we eliminate any misconceptions and preconceptions that individuals may have within our societies.

Leisure, Recreation, Competition and Ethnicity

Involvement in recreational and leisure activities is influenced by ones contest or ethnicity. These factors also donate to how programmes are given for communities' people. Contest and ethnicity both influence entertainment and leisure but have different meanings.

Race refers to the genetic constitute of your person. This consists of characteristics such as vision colour, skin color and locks. Ethnicity refers to our social and cultural history. Ethnic groupings can be recognized by language, customs and religion; this is what distinguishes them from other organizations.

There is still racial and cultural stereo types inside our society regardless of the ongoing have difficulty against discrimination. This effects significantly on recreation and leisure due to the fact that most programs do not cater for all races and ethnicities. In addition, it creates segregation amidst groups in programs. That is one of the reasons that the division of Sport and Entertainment of South Africa has generated the indigenous video games project. The project is trying to trace and generate indigenous heritage to life amongst folks of South Africa. European cultures mostly oversee these programs. Leisure services should try to merge the various groups in order to give people the opportunity to learn about the several races, ethnicities and ethnicities collectively. This might create a knowledge between the differences that individuals may experience. This would also prevent under representation in the diverse races and ethnicities. We need to ensure that groups feel safe and feel a feeling of belonging when participating in these programs. Everyone should be asked, included and involved. By having programs which include these factors we can create understanding and positive associations between groups. This can allow us to conquer the prejudice and racial discord which may be still within our communities.

I feel that one way in which we can ease the challenge of under representation is made for the so called minorities to provide themselves another id. They must no longer consider themselves as a minority. By creating an alternative id they can give themselves a fresh representation. This might lessen the belief of them being minorities by others. Therefore would make sure they are more available to participation in programs. This may develop an attitude in them in which they assume that they are area of the group. We must strive to provide programmes that ease inter-group misunderstandings and promote favourable relationships.

Socio - monetary Status and its own Impact on Leisure and recreation

Socio - monetary status is a means of classifying people into categories based on their income, education, job and wealth.

People within a specific school have similar attitudes, values and pursuits. These exact things can impact on entertainment and leisure selections. Socio - monetary status make a difference leisure in several ways.

Firstly, the amount of education and/or the amount of money a person has influences the amount of leisure time and income available for recreational purposes. In general the low classes have been minorities when it comes to participation in outdoor recreation. They also hardly ever participate in health and fitness programs. Those in higher classes who have more education and throw-away income look for further refined and exclusive leisure. For instance, in america it's been discovered that the poor working class and middle income have been the predominant users of open public and non - revenue services. The businesses that function in the many sectors provide programs for all income levels but concentrate on the lower and middle class particularly. This is a rational procedure as it offers opportunities for many who cannot afford the more costly recreational options. Nevertheless the upper - school may have access to these programmes but often choose going the commercial way. They could utilize these services as most contemplate it as providing a higher quality of service. Top of the class may also choose the choice of commercial services because of the issue of status. Position may be designated to things such as exclusive club memberships or spectacular travel destinations.

There are also activities which may appeal to all sociable classes such as reading or socializing but there are others that can be put in each communal class exclusively. For instance, participating in the opera or yachting may probably be assigned to top of the class, where as a camping trip would much more likely be a task of the middle category. Sometimes there are activities that are popular to all classes but may be relished in various ways.

Socio - monetary status has a substantial effect on entertainment and leisure activity options. If we should be justified providers of recreation and leisure we have to understand these influences and offer services that meet the needs of everybody. It may not continually be possible to provide these services to all people but we need to understand the versions in needs and leisure habits for the ones that we target. In this manner we can ensure that no person is denied and unrepresented of entertainment and leisure opportunities.

An essential aspect that has restricted many people lately is the global recession. The capability to finance recreational or leisure services is an issue that socio - economical classes have encountered. With the existing status of the overall economy all providers have to generate income to remain alive, even the non - profit and general public organisations. The idea of pay that can be played is now more prominent and this eliminates the indegent and working school almost entirely. Many programs are being retained alive by sponsorships and in - convert keep our essential recreational programs alive and accessible to all.

Is leisure good or bad?

Most if not absolutely all leisure activities we can do have positive effects. There are really good leisure activities, however, only if these are carefully moderated. Some of the activities that folks participate in during their leisure time include sports, ethnic activities, technology as well as socialising with friends.

Sporting activities e. g. going swimming or playing soccer provide great positives in the sense that we exercise, we relax, just forget about our problems for some time and meet people. I feel that leisure activities which require sport should keep the aspect of competition as low as possible. The emphasis should be on having fun and consuming the knowledge. When it develops into a serious competition it might deter other people who are simply just there for the fun aspect. Everyone should be included at all times with the goal of providing some sort of satisfaction to all or any involved.

Cultural activities like understanding how to play a drum, reading or writing can offer a bunch of positives. Many people use music as a setting of personal manifestation of the thoughts and thoughts. This can help provide an outlet for the average person. There are various traditional instruments that individuals can figure out how to play despite being of different ethnic or racial backgrounds. The instructional classes teach people on the culture behind the music as well as supply them with the skill of learning how to play these devices. This also allows us to overcome obstacles of contest and ethnicity in the sense that folks spend more time with other races.

Technology provides us with alternatives to traditional leisure and recreation. It sometimes removes the physical component but can stimulate the mind. Playing video gaming, web surfing around and watching tv can be quite interesting as well as educational. You will discover video games which can provide us an idea of what must be done to pilot a planes or be a front series soldier through the Second World Conflict. It creates encounters similar to the actual thing and escapism from the reality of life. We ought to however be very careful with these activities; they can make people socially incapable, by making them shy or quite and restrict in person encounters. It can also make people spend a lot of time indoors. We must draw a firm balance when taking part in these activities to be able to remove the positives. Television has numerous good or bad programs which can educate, provide rest and alleviate stress in an individual. It also has negative affects, which means we should select what we should watch carefully.

Most individuals enjoy hanging out with friends, such as heading to the cinema, going out for dinner or going out at night. These activities give a lot of advantages to us but there are problems associated with it as well. A problem is the misuse of drugs and alcohol during the night time meeting areas. People have a tendency to over drink on evenings out with friends and engage in substance abuse. Substance abuse can have serious emotional and physical implications. Home - control will lead to happy and exciting experiences in these situations.

Science and technology has provided our societies with the highest degrees of comfort. Technology in addition has made a lot more time available to us. Vacations and vacations have also increased and the period is much much longer.

If we do not control our leisure and recreation it may end up being the core of our existence. Our leisure time must be put in constructively rather than being damaging to us. It's the responsibility of the societies to make entertainment and leisure a secured asset rather than liability.

How is leisure beneficial to the individual in Culture?

Leisure has many implications to the individuals inside our society and it generally does not discriminate against race, class or gender when providing people inside our contemporary society with positives. Culture must be educated about how entertainment and leisure programmes can be beneficial to them. This will likely promote participation and emphasise the importance of it in our societies. Leisure is a major force inside our lives, to the level that it has become a major concern for government authorities, parents and leaders.

People are now spending more income each year on activities such as sport, tourism, outdoor entertainment and a great many other earlier - times. There has also been a drift towards organised leisure with changes in basic living and competition between our hobbies. However leisure can still be spontaneous, solitary and amazing.

Apart from physiological needs such as sleeping, leisure is exactly what we take part in mainly. Corresponding to Leitner and Leitner (2004) if you are 18 now, of the probable 60 years that you'll live for, it will cost 18 years completely time leisure. This may be an alarming statistic but it is quite exact. Recreation and leisure has the ability to educate and provide us with essential components for our health and wellness and development from our labor and birth to our fatality. It really is in this sense that leisure provides us with a sense of health and fitness, satisfaction and improved upon standard of living. Recreation and leisure can offer the actual to significantly donate to our physical, sociable and emotional well being.

Having considered the value recreation and leisure I'll now discuss the huge benefits that it can provide us with.

Emotional well- being can be an important aspect for a good life. If we are mentally healthy we have been filled with positive emotions. Entertainment and leisure can offer us with positive emotions.

Recreation and leisure provides a channel for us to improve do it yourself - definition, self actualization and a feeling of empowerment. It offers us with opportunities for personal - exploration of our skills, capacities and our potential. Recreation and leisure do not have any constraints and may be used to reinforce our identities. Being positively involved in Recreation and leisure pertains to our mental health in way that leads to our intrinsic drive being increased in daily life. Iwasaki and Mannell (2000) discovered that by simply thinking in it, it can donate to our psychological well - being and is enough to reduce mental condition symptoms. This can be quite precise in the sense that in whichever we do we have to think positively to be able to achieve our goals. On the other hand, energetic leisure and entertainment may become more stimulating than unaggressive recreation and much more good for our internal health. If the both are linked the outcomes may be even more positive.

Stress is a significant issue for everybody. Numerous studies have pointed out leisure's capability to help people cope with stress. Stress could make us very ill and can lead to difficulties such as heart disease, hypertension and body aches and pains. The effects of those complications can be reduced by entertainment and leisure.

The research in neuro-scientific recreation and leisure has confirmed that enjoying life's pleasures, having satisfying social connections and pursuing personal - expressive behaviour can help lower stress and have positive effects on our immune system. This suggests that we have to support our entertainment and leisure to avoid these complications. Psychological well - being can be marketed by activities that are meaningful, fulfilling and lively. It provides an equilibrium for the requirements of life even during times of crisis.

Our physical health is strongly related to emotional health. Our physical health may benefit greatly from leisure and recreation. By staying lively in recreational and leisurely activities we can gain numerous physiological benefits. The cardio - vascular, respiratory system, musculo - skeletal and metabolic systems gain greatly. Entertainment and leisure can help the body respond favourably by lowering the risks that of cardiovascular system disease, hypertension, colon cancer and diabetes.

An lively lifestyle also helps decrease fatigue, provides us with coverage against obesity, keeps bone density and joint ability to move and could even protect us from urinary system infections. Constant physical activity promotes enjoyment, motivates support from others and improves our confidence in our capability to regularly participate. It also really helps to reduce any negative perceptions of being physically energetic.

Technology and peoples life-style have made life in general more sedentary. This emphasises the importance of activity during recreational and leisure activities much greater. It does not matter on the sort of activity that has been chosen. It can be a game of Frisbee, surfing, group exercises or even tai chi. They'll all provide some kind of physical benefit. Numerous studies also have confirmed that regular involvement in these outdoor recreation supply the necessary aerobic benefits.

Recreation and leisure also provide benefits such as sociable well - being and sociable development. They both donate to our friendships and the ability to get along with others. Entertainment and leisure promotes cultural connection for both children and people.

Participation in activities that are highly sociable promotes communal support. Our cultural well - being requires public support. This can help test contacts or relationships among individuals an can also improve and test the relationships during recreational encounters. When people believe that they may be being cared for and supported they have a tendency to feel better about themselves and their lives. This assists people to develop and maintain their family lives.

With the improvements in technology activities that emphasize sociability aren't as common as they used to be in our societies. Folks are moving further from the concept of socializing. Some favor to view a movie exclusively at home on the Dvd and blu-ray player somewhat than at the movie theatre with others. People invest in home gym equipment instead of participating a fitness center at a recreational centre or a health and fitness center. It's important to preserve the elderly methods to be able to promote cultural benefits to the individuals inside our societies.

The many great things about entertainment and leisure converge to create a sense of well -being in people. It is important as it stresses the vitality in our surroundings and the globe. It helps us develop strenuous and caring areas and gets the capacity to create harmony on the list of diversity where in exist.

Life satisfaction is what we strive for everyday. It is difficult to explain but we can identify it whenever we have it. It is an psychological and inner experience. Entertainment and leisure helps us achieve this satisfaction. When we are satisfied with our lives we target less on our selves, become less hostile and abusive and generally less susceptible to disease. These are qualities that need to be removed from our societies. We need to be more adoring, forgiving, trusting, creative and sociable. Recreation and leisure can help provide these characteristics for us. This will in turn provide a snow ball impact as happy people tend to be more positive about their leisure activities. They feel positive and recognize the fact that these activities are actually supporting them and the individuals around them.

For the importance and benefits associated with leisure and entertainment to be experienced by people in modern culture, we have to have leisure pros who possess the necessary skills to ensure it is carried out effectively. Whether you are used at a clinic, camp, theme playground, countrywide organisations or a resort, you must have the ability to deliver positive encounters for people. You must be able to personify qualities that reflect professionalism. He should also possess qualities that enable him to provide the program or activity effectively.

The leisure professional must bottom his efforts on the needs and pursuits of the emphasis group. He should make an effort to develop programmes predicated on their needs rather than his own. Even when he is employed in a profit making company he must focus on the wants and needs of the buyer or else he'll are unsuccessful in his makes an attempt. He should have got the willingness to listen and figure out how to people in order to provide the correct areas of the programme. He should adopt the diversities of contest, culture, gender etc. Esteem should get to himself and the members.

Recreational experiences require precise organisation and planning. He must have the ability to provide a sustained effort in the provision of activities. A determination to set up extended hours and effort is imperative. A whole lot of recreational activities appear on weekends, after hours or public holiday seasons. This means that he must be inclined to work during other's free hours. That is a major sacrifice that a lot of people are not prepared to make so it is important to consider.

The leisure professional should own a high amount of integrity. Our world is constantly confronted with functions of misconduct and inappropriate behaviour. When delivering something you must maintain a higher level of honest responsibility. That is important particularly when working with the diversities amidst people. Individuals should be treated with dignity and fairness by the leisure professional. This can transfer between individuals; they will figure out how to treat one another graciously and with admiration.

The leisure professional must have got the ability to project the path of the programme or activity. He must be able to visualise the positive results of the service. The program will only come together if he is able to first view it happening. This provides direction and intent. The individuals will generally expect a great service but he muse make an effort to exceed those prospects.


The need for entertainment and leisure to the individuals in our society has lots of implications. As reviewed earlier it pertains to contest, gender, socio - financial position etc. , it influences a wide array of men and women and institutions. We should try to teach people on the importance of these types of activities to be able to overcome the many barriers our societies face. It really is one of the best developments within the last century to help overcome barriers such as variety and health related problems. The reality is that recreation and leisure programs do work. That is correct to the stage where specific projections of what recreation and leisure can perform have been help with. There are national departments that have multi -million money budgets surrounding the world in order to make it a part of everyone's lives. It's been making a difference to an incredible number of lives surrounding the world.


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