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A Report Titled Hope English Literature Essay

His name was not significant although street urchins categorised as him with names which were making him miserable but he previously received used to them because they were the only possible company that he would have. He was not a negative person but people didn't like him by any means which was probably because his appearance had not been affable or perhaps because he did not speak very much. In fact what he had only was a piece of a vintage and torn cloth, eaten by the mice and scrabbled by the road cats which frequently been to him while he was asleep. His home was the streets It had been one particular main roads where nobody found the particles that was enshrouding the asphalt or the foliage accumulated across the bare trees. The automobiles were rushing with an unbelievably high speed which usually made the encompassing properties tremble and shiver. He never trembled or shivered as he was more robust to get through the constant noise of hooting electric motor horns and squawk of slammed brakes. Crashes and accidents happened nearly every day and he was a witness of hundreds of deaths. That had made him indifferent to life and death. The expect a better life was disappearing daily and near was the moment when he was about to become hopeless and completely desperate. Every day on the road was a day of longing the luck another. But instead it was disgusting to watch people with their luxurious suits and dresses come and go without even turning their mind or whispering a phrase or big massive autos with darkened eyeglasses and refined appearance Oh, what was that host to indifferent, stone-hearted, correctly looking, glittering creatures? The smiles, the tears, the gleam in the eyes all were gone. All the survived was haughtiness and overlook.

Most of the days went like that and there is still no panacea for the man who was simply begging not for the money, not for food or alms. All he required was desire. One morning before him stopped an automobile. A door opened up and behind the dark-colored shiny wheel staid a woman. A wide black hat was almost covering her face and none of them was seen of it. Her hands were extravagantly furnished with golden rings and there is a pearl necklace on her behalf neck. Just what a surprise was that, maybe it was a coincidence or maybe the lady got lost herself, because seldom did autos stop exactly here, on this corner.

"Hey, old man! We're kind of lost. Where's the closest mall or restaurant?" And now this arrived of nowhere because the person was wondering who was she conversing with. Who was the old man? Was she really referring to him? As the woman saw no effect from the man she nervously opened up her wallet and took out her budget. "Ok. Here are 5 pests. Now inform me where is the closest. . . ?"

"Hmm Are you. . ? You are talking to me, right?"

"I am certainly talking to you which is obvious that you have not replied me yet even though I am in such a rush that you can't even consider!" The woman grabbed a 20-leva charge but as she was searching into her wallet the wind needed her head wear and an unexpected picture was exposed in front of the person. Her entire face was livid, so when she found that the man was looking at her she noticed embarrassed and ignominious. Her beauty was brutally stolen after a cosmetic surgery failure; those eyes of her were vacant and colorless as there was no glitter. Her rotund tone of voice suddenly altered and through tears the very last thing that she said was "What exactly are you taking a look at?!" And she returned into her car and stepped on the gas.

The man didn't know what to say and he was sorry about someone for first-time in his life. There is a lump in his neck which he steadily swallowed and began considering life. Perhaps he had not been the only person who needed expectation. Maybe there have been so many other people feeling frantically and only concealing their concerns behind the black glasses and not showing to the earth that they were weak. The man didn't feel how quickly the finish of your day came and sunlight fell beneath the horizon. As the sun fell down behind the high apartment properties the waiting finished and the targets for expectation sunk into him to give way to a life that was replete with pleasure and which he could only experience during his sleeping. But sometimes even this right of him was taken without plausible excuse. Around 3 during the night the silence on the street was broken by way of a cacophony coming from the near by discotheque. Some folks who were clearly drunk were arriving and their clothes and tendencies definitely exhibited opulence. One of these was still having his trendy sunglasses on even though it was night time. His trendy clothes were wet and smelled of vanilla cigars and expensive whiskey.

"Look at this bastard that's lying down over there. Hey old buffer, why are you staying here on the street?" asked he.

"I am begging for expectation. "

"Why do you need trust? Ask me for money or food! That's what I could share with you. I could even offer you authority and power if I want!"

The beggar received angry because of the insolent words of the young drunk.

"I don't want your electric power! I have enough of computer!" replied he.

Noise and laughter burgeoned out. This is more than humiliating, but nonetheless this was not really a moment for slipping down. The old man viewed them with haughty eyes. This drunken youngsters was thinking that his deceitful generosity is a demonstration of ability and authority! This is so funny to the old man.

"You know what! My vitality is higher than the power of all of you! I am dependant only upon this dirty torn cloth when you are dependent on everything you have. You are just like a slave who assists on his anxious interest. You are in servitude to your money and expensive clothes and beverages and all your women and your cars and properties! You look like a parvenu!" This was accompanied by silence. Nobody dared to talk or to make a little noise. "The thing is that! Now I am stronger than you, I am even manipulating you and causing you to feel angry. Who is the beggar now: you or I? Perhaps I should give you something that you need?"

This made the drunken man remove his sunglasses and think "This man can be really powerful. " He said "Ok, tell me the type of hope you need? I can certainly tell you that you're unconventional and unique. You definitely can control people and that means you should find supporters! You should have the power at the feet 1 day!" The young ones man still left silent and thoughtful along with his company.

The angry manifestation from the old man's face momentarily vanished and a look delivered on its place. He had been waiting for this look to come for such a long time. But the holding out was worth. Just a few phrases made the old man feel passion to reside. He was still impecunious but he had a big wealth in his heart. Previously life have been immutable for him and what he previously only missed have been simply a little support. While alcohol and clear plastic surgeries were the remedies for a few people's desperation there was just a sole feeling; anticipation made the old man more robust to conquer his own desperation. Life did not look so dusty and grey any more. The old man went to rest again with the idea that happiness was not only a fantasy but a possible certainty of the approaching day.

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