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6 master plans Essay

1 . LOI 39/2001 "SANDIGAN GRASP PLAN" (Anti-Criminality Master Plan) dated goal December 2001 This Plan shall serve as the Master Plan in which most plans and programs in the PNP shall conform with and supplement. It shall prescribe the grand strategy to be performed by PNP Offices and personnel upon crime prevention, control and suppression, inside the total combat against all forces of criminality. installment payments on your LOI 40/2001 "SANDUGO EXPERT PLAN" (The PNP ISO Master Plan) dated '04 December 2001 This serves as the long-range and holistic master strategy of the PNP in waging an internal secureness support functions nationwide. Premised on the calculate of the countrywide situation and other considerations, this prescribes the counter-insurgency support strategy, operational concept, scheme of rendering, service support and matching instructions to be able to accomplish the PNP's inside security support mission. three or more. LOI 42/2001 "SANGYAMAN EXPERT PLAN" went out with 06 12 , 2001 (Pnp's Master Want to Help Protect And Protect Our Environment, Social Properties And Natural Resources) This learn plan prescribes the guidelines to get followed by tasked PNP Units/Offices in assisting lead government agencies in the enforcement of regulations over Filipino territorial oceans, lakes, waterways, mountain amounts, forest, to incorporate laws and ordinances which have been set forth to preserve, protect and enhance our environment and organic resources, in close skill with the Office of the Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and other requested government agencies. 5. LOI 43/2001 "SANG-BANAT EXPERT PLAN" (Pnp's Master Cover The Advertising campaign against Illegal Drugs) went out with 07 12 , 2001 This master plan sets out the concept of functions, operational recommendations and tasks of all PNP units/offices inside the total fight against unlawful drugs: integrating/orchestrating the activities of most concerned Nationwide Government Agencies (NGAs) in the conduct of anti-illegal drug advertising campaign at the national down to barangay levels.

LOI 44/2001 "SANG-INGAT MASTER PLAN" (Master Anticipate Security Preparations) dated 12 December 2001 This Expert Plan sets forth the strategic concepts and operational guidelines, as well as contingency intend to ensure the maintenance of tranquility and buy during the year-round observance of holidays, which involves great matter on motion of the citizens, international, countrywide and local meeting/conferences/events, and rallies/mass action in protest to wide range of issues. 6. LOI 45/2001 "SAKLOLO LEARN PLAN" (MASTER PLAN ON CATASTROPHE PREPAREDNESS) went out with 12 January 2001 This Master Prepare sets out the strategic concepts, detailed guidelines and coordinating instructions to be undertaken by Positives and requested units/offices on disaster management. With this kind of Letter of Instructions, the action that will be undertaken by concerned PNP units/offices will probably be as responsive and likely with the support of the gov departments and community.

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