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3 Dimensional Modelling in Architectural Design

Computer software technology is an important part of computer technology, because computer comprises of computer software, software applications technology is one of the most concerned area in the computer technology, individual today manipulated by the fast development of computer technology. Today's software development tends to be more professional and directionality, as students whom is studying design, we tend to be in pursuit of greater results and had to use special design software to attain our goals.

As a design learner we must be all acquainted with computer 3 dimensional modeling software programs

Today I'll discuss the most frequent known & most recurrent used 3 dimensional modeling computer software using by not only design university student but also many professional structures designers and earrings designers, products designers, urban, interior, outdoor designers!

Introduction to 3 dimensional modeling:

The so called 3 dimensional, according to the theory, is where in fact the human describes any point in three-dimensional space by means of three coordinates, and we labeled each coordinates, the x coordinate, y organize and the z coordinate, where the x coordinate represent still left and right of a space, y coordinate signify up and down of a space and z coordinate represent forward and rear of a space. Thus it concluded the forming of the individual stereoscopic vision; the 3 dimensional models are made of 3 dimensional software applications programs, this to attain further development of computer technology in variety of business.

We live in a three-dimensional world; in the mean time, we also are in an informatization age and informatization age which is seen as a personal computers and digital. Computers are widely used in all establishments. Today's two-dimensional imaged computer would no longer be satisfied, we required the computer to have the ability to express a far more truth form and the 3 dimensional modeling software programs can change this into fact.

The so-called three-dimensional modeling is to use 3 dimensional data to develop existing objects the truth is or our thought things and reconstructed this items in computer. It includes the basic information like the 3D coordinates establish the locations of thing points, the color of the thing surface, Transparency, and consistency etc. . . 3 dimensional modeling programs is trusted in a variety of areas, and it provides an Intuition, so 3 dimensional images play an extremely important role in a variety of fields.

There are many benefits and reasons of why using 3 dimensional modeling software packages, Firstly, focusing on how to use 3 dimensional software applications programs can develop our intelligence to enhance our imagination. During our study life time, Because of our learning system and the surroundings, we've become less in a position to produce unique imaginations and less able to sophisticated on ideas. Mainly because of the stress we have been dealing with every day, we have become uncreative; most of the time we thought copying would be a easier way to produce work. However focusing on how to employ a 3 dimensional modeling computer software will complete this vacancy. Second of all, those who learn how to use 3 dimensional modeling programs can make abstract graphic image are more intuitive and easy to comprehend.

Introduction to Rhino 3 dimensional modeling techniques:

Rhino is a powerful three-dimensional computer software; it's the first powerful AGLib NURBS modeling technology complete the benefits of the Home windows operating system software. Rhino is not hard to make use of, highly adaptable and highly correct modeling tools. Rhino provides virtually all tools to be used in the creation of three-dimensional models; it can create any imaginable shape, additionally, it may create any job can't be completed the truth is therefore Rhino is a very powerful 3 dimensional modeling making software program

3 dimensional modeling making is the basic consensus in design making process, without model building, the look idea would be difficult to present. It plays an important part in the design process, because a genuine 3d model can reflect the turn quality and the materials of the model, it truly made our design ideas becomes real.

Rhino 3 dimensional Modeling discussion:

Modeling making is the essential modeling strategy; Today's 3D modeling software packages has its own unique modeling system, modeling method can have many different types, but the main 3 types will be the NURBS modeling, Polygon modeling and Patch Modeling.

The rhino computer software provides NURBS modeling making, subdivision modeling, Carving Modeling and polygon modeling.

Polygon modeling is the oldest method, and it is also the most common method; polygon modeling is the splice of triangles and quadrilaterals, the 3 dimensional model we see on display screen is connected by the "face" of polygons, and every "face" are different sizes and orientations, by arrenging these "encounters" it complete a very complex 3 dimensional model.

NURBS modeling, Is the most popular modeling method, it includes great overall flexibility and perfection for handling model designs, is a much more simply and efficient method, it appears everyone can create their 3 dimensional model using the NURBS technology.

Subdivision modeling is also sometimes called the sub modeling, is a means of as it named, it can be applied subdivision surfaces to build new geometry that has the result of smoothing out geometries, like cubes, pyramids, it produces erase render forms.

Usage of rhino 3D modeling in my own project analysis:

To have the ability to present my imagined design idea to my audience and translate my imagined design idea to certainty, at this stage I began to use 3 dimensional software program rhino to create my imagined 3 dimensional model. To build up a 3 dimensional model using rhino, it sometimes take longer times, so that it would be better for us to choose a final development model to make instead. In this manner we can concentrate on every information on the model.

When utilizing a 3 dimensional modeling program setting up a model, we have to be cautious about its structure, we should have a complete understanding of this model, if we aren't certain about the model structure then the model that people are going to build would not have an authentic appearance, the facts would be missing. Therefore I favor the product quality, not the number.

The usage of this 3 dimensional computer software rhino has obviously improved the quality of my design, rhino provides models with structure, the textures of the model is in fact just an image we see on display, but after making, it can make the model came out more detailed plus more realistic. Compared with wireframe models, it is a higher level technology.

Design process:

  1. Collect relevant information, research relevant artworks
  2. Design concept: sketch out all functional and suitable ideas
  3. Deleting unusable and unsuitable ideas
  4. Set up your final development model
  5. 3 dimensional modeling making using 3 dimensional computer software rhino

Knowing how to utilize this 3 dimensional programs rhino, I've discovered many valuable know ledges, first of all, to truly have a well provided three-dimensional model is an essential process when creating a design work, with out a good 3 dimensional model, it is impossible to complete a good design work. And by making use of this 3 dimensional program rhino, it made design work become easy, easy and effective.

Design theory:

My design is named the rain position, the rain viewpoint was encouraged by the elements of Auckland, where the i did a record of the elements of Auckland, i noticed the elements of Auckland was interesting because of the quickly rate change of heat. The temps is colder each day, the temperatures is hotter during lunch time, the temperature goes up at lunch time and temperatures drop in the late afternoon. i also noticed Auckland is usually high in level of moisture, before it rains, humidity usually increases, When it's raining, relative wetness draws near 85%-100%, Auckland average humidness is between 75%-98%, therefore it amounts up a summary that Auckland rains very frequently, i did a record of Auckland weather by collecting data on the site "the accuweather. com" the red dot signifies a day it rained, and bottom on these red dots, I did a graph that shows the rainfall data of Auckland! Yet Auckland has unstable temperature, and rains frequently, but it does not effect on untamed life's living, people always say New Zealand is the last paradise for the parrots, as New Zealand has more species of flightless parrots - both living and extinct - than any country. i registered a weather data graph and translated the weather data graph of Auckland into a 3 dimensional model (the rainwater viewpoint) the flow and the geometry allows the model to accumulate rain water, rain normal water will be used again by birds, birds' uses as a water fish tank and a bird's bathtub! This model is specially suitable for birds.

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