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What Is a 10 Page Research Paper?

A research paper is a work that reflects the results of a research activity of one author or several authors. Complex sentences are very specific to research papers. The information is presented clearly, specifically, and in details.

No matter what your subject is, writing a 10 page research paper in the humanities, economics, pedagogy, philosophy, or sociology does not differ from each other.

In any research paper you should describe the relevance and novelty of the research, its goal and objectives, and conclusions.

Relevance of a research is a description of the existing problems of the subject you’re writing your paper about.

Novelty of a research paper is the difference of your paper from other authors. In most cases, students write research papers on various popular topics. The author’s task is to study scientific works of other authors, determine the side of the issue, which they have not disclosed, and try to study it in your paper (in the main part of the work).

The goal of a research paper answers the question of what you want to do. You should state the goal of the paper after writing about the novelty of a research. For example, other authors haven’t used mathematical methods of analysis in the study of the problems of small businesses and therefore their data forecasts can’t be considered adequate. In this case, you can set a goal to identify the problems with the help of economic and mathematical methods, which will build a reliable forecast for the next few years.

The objectives of the research are the actions necessary to achieve the goal. Based on the previous example, you can set the following objectives:

  • Updating of statistical data for a certain period.
  • Construction of a mathematical model.
  • Assessment of the adequacy of the mathematical model using various evaluation criteria.
  • Forecast for 2 periods ahead.

In general, the objectives answer the question of what should be done to achieve the goal.

Conclusions of a research paper are a description of the research results, a summary of everything that was written in the main body. Conclusions should be formed in a way to prove that the goals and objectives have been realized, results with a value (economic, social, sectoral, etc.) have been reached.

These were basic facts on writing a 10 page research paper. Below you will learn the structure of the scientific paper in details, as well as find out how to write an introduction, main, and final parts of the project.

Where to Start Writing a Research Paper?

In order to write a paper succinctly and in a logical sequence, it should be structured.

The structure of a 10 page research paper:

There is a traditional approach to structuring papers. It is best to stick to it to raise the chances of the publication of the paper.

  • Title of the paper.
  • Information about authors.
  • Annotation.
  • Keywords.
  • Introduction.
  • Main part.
  • Conclusions.
  • A list of references.

The content of the article depends on the chosen theme.

Choosing a Topic for Scientific Paper

Selecting the research topic is a very important moment. The topic must be relevant and meet the new trends. View different articles online. This will help you to effectively analyze information and choose the topic.

Any research process is a creative process. Therefore, the topic of your paper should be interesting and exciting for you. Typically the volume of a research paper is from 8 to 10 pages, therefore the chosen topic should be narrowly focused and affect a particular problem.

When using materials from the internet, remember that the information provided on the network is often of a commercial nature. This method can be well suited only for general study of the issue interested to you, expansion of you outlook, and making the choice of the direction of research. However, when writing the paper, use only the special literature.

After choosing the theme, make a plan of the paper.

A Plan of a 10 Page Research Paper

Briefly state the main statements of your project, which will help you in building information in a logical sequence without leaving important arguments. Thesises will also make it easier to structure the text and highlight its sections.

Conformance of a plan with your supervisor is necessary in order not to rewrite the paper several times. Plan is a kind of a task. The task should be clearly set.

Write the plan, indicating what you are going to write in the main part (for example, relevance and a few words about it). Describe how you see the main part (for example, what authors you are going to study what research you are going to make). Then make the structure of conclusions (for example, the most important thing that needs to be emphasized in the end of a research paper).

After you confirm your plan with your supervisor, go to the next stage – the search for a scientific journal where you want to publish your scientific paper.

How to Choose a Scientific Journal to Publish a Paper?

To choose the right scientific journal, identify the targets of publication and objectively evaluate the level of your training.

Students shouldn’t publish their papers immediately in prestigious journals. There is a high probability of getting a negative review and comments, which you won’t be able to fix. As a result, you will only lose your time.

It is better to publish your research paper in the collection of abstracts and materials of student scientific and technical conferences. The requirements for such publications are not high.

Another option is choosing your own university edition. You can also participate in online conferences and publish your article in an electronic collection of materials of the conference.

Once you choose where to publish your paper, start your work on the project.

Formatting Requirements of a 10 Page Research Paper

Do not forget that you need to professionally format your paper. Projects that don’t meet the requirements of a scientific publication will be denied in publication.

The default font of scientific papers is Times, size 14, one and a half inch of line spacing, 1.5 cm for the paragraph. Lists can be formatted in digits and dots.

The tables are aligned in the middle of the sheet. The title of the table is right-aligned and placed above the table. Images are aligned in the middle, and captions are placed beneath them.

It is better to make diagrams, charts, and graphs in the form of drawings.

There requirements are applicable to any scientific paper. In any case, scientific publications formulate the requirements for the formatting of scientific papers so you can read them more carefully.

How to Write a 10 Page Research Paper of a High Quality?

There are several aspects that can help you write a good scientific paper and publish it successfully.

  • Consultations with Your Supervisor

If this is your first time in writing a research paper, it is advisable to consult with your professor or supervisor on what your steps should be. Everybody will agree to help you. The desire of a student to engage in research activities and write scientific articles is always appreciated.

Your supervisor or professor will not only help you in researching and writing the paper, but will also advise you on a scientific edition for publication of your paper.

  • Involve Co-Authors

The variant of writing a paper in collaboration is quite promising. Teamwork is interesting for the authors themselves, and usually turns out to be better. You can choose your professor, a graduate student or a student as your co-author.

  • Don’t Forget to Use Terms and Definitions

Fluency in terminology is a very important aspect. All terms must comply with regulations. You should give definitions only for the concepts you’re mentioning for the first time, or if the definitions of these concepts are absent in the national regulatory framework.

  • Pay Attention to the Formatting of a Paper

If the formatting rules are not complied with, the article will not published.

Always read the rules for formatting of articles, as various publications may have different requirements.

  • Check the Paper on Literacy and Uniqueness

Reread your paper several times. Correct grammatical and stylistic errors. If you are not sure that you can do it yourself, ask for help from others, or use internet resources. After making corrections, reread the paper again.

Uniqueness is the most important criterion. Works with the uniqueness lower than 80% are not accepted for publication. Some journals and editions put more stringent requirements and do not accept papers with uniqueness lower than 90%. Check your research paper for uniqueness using various online services.

Keep in mind that in places where you make reference to any author or their work (in the form of square brackets), plagiarism is allowed.

Do not forget about the deadlines for applications for publishing a paper

Strictly follow the deadlines for the submission of papers to the editorial board. Dates are appointed on the basis that, firstly, your paper should be further reviewed, and secondly, in case of negative reviews you should have time to correct the observations.

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