William Warburton (December 24, 1698 - ..)
Born: 24th December, 1698
Nationality: English
Profession/Occupation: Critic
Region: Newark-on-Trent, England, Gloucester
Notable works: Alexander Pope

William Warburton Facts


William Warburton, (born Dec. 24, 1698, Newark, Nottinghamshire, Eng.--died 1779, Gloucester, Gloucestershire), Anglican bishop of Gloucester, literary critic and controversialist.

Ordained priest in 1727, Warburton was appointed to the parish of Brant Broughton, Lincolnshire, the following year. During his 18 years at Brant Broughton, Warburton wrote The Alliance Between Church and State (1736) and The Divine Legation of Moses, 2 vol. (1737-41). In The Alliance he advocated tolerance by the established Anglican church for those whose beliefs and worship were at variance. In The Divine Legation, he sought to demonstrate, on deist principles, the divine authority of the Mosaic writings, which deists denied.

In a subsequent series of articles (1738-39) defending An Essay on Man, by Alexander Pope, against attacks by the Swiss professor Jean-Pierre de Crousaz, Warburton gained Pope's friendship. He wrote a commentary for the Essay, persuaded Pope to write The New Dunciad (published in 1742), and served as the poet's literary executor on his death in May 1744. In 1747 Warburton published an edition of William Shakespeare's works incorporating Pope's earlier edition, and in 1751 he issued an edition of Pope's own works. Through Pope, Warburton also became involved in numerous lively and acrimonious debates and literary controversies. Having become bishop of Gloucester in 1759, Warburton aroused opposition from Methodists for his attack on them in 1762 in The Doctrine of Grace. In general, his works were admired more for their imagination and satiric wit than for their scholarship.

Top 3 William Warburton quotes

Orthodoxy is my doxy - heterodoxy is another man's doxy.
Reason is the test of ridicule, not ridicule the test of truth.
Enthusiasm is that temper of the mind in which the imagination has got the better of the judgment.

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