Tom Kristensen (August 04, 1893 - June 02, 1974)
Born: 4th August, 1893
Died: 2nd June, 1974
Nationality: Danish
Profession/Occupation: Athlete
Region: London, England, near Svendborg, Denmark
Notable works: "Fribytterdromme", "Havoc", "Abenhjertige fortielser: Erindringsglimt", "Paafuglefjeren"

Tom Kristensen Facts


Tom Kristensen, in full Aage Tom Kristensen, (born August 4, 1893, London, England--died June 2, 1974, Thuro, near Svendborg, Denmark), Danish poet, novelist, and critic who was one of the central literary figures of the disillusioned generation after World War I.

Educated at the University of Copenhagen, Kristensen taught briefly before he turned to writing. He was particularly influential as a literary critic for the respected Copenhagen daily Politiken (1924-27, 1931-63). He also translated much literature into Danish, including works by Friedrich von Schiller, Theodore Dreiser, D.H. Lawrence, and Erich Maria Remarque. His art was considered radical both politically and artistically, but its treatment of anarchistic themes is mostly flirtatious and its formal discipline is rarely in doubt.

Kristensen's first volume of poetry, expressionistic in style, was Fribytterdromme (1920; "Pirate Dreams"), which speaks of the beauty of the city and of technological achievements; the second, Paafuglefjeren (1922; "The Peacock Feather"), expresses his love of exotic-sounding names and brilliant colours and was inspired by a journey to China and Japan in 1922. A later volume of poetry, Den sidste lygte (1954; "The Last Lantern"), is meditative and philosophical. Haervaerk (1930; Havoc), his best-known novel, is a brilliant examination of disillusionment and identity. As it probes the consciousness and conscience of its characters, it also gives an account of the interwar years of Kristensen's generation. A chapter from his autobiography, En bogorms barndom ("A Bookworm's Boyhood"), was published in 1953, and in 1966 the complete autobiography appeared as Abenhjertige fortielser: Erindringsglimt ("Candid Concealments: Flashes of Memory").

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Every time
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Change the world
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Financial support
Hard way
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Better person
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