Thomas Otway (March 03, 1652 - April 14, 1685)
Born: 3rd March, 1652
Died: 14th April, 1685
Nationality: English
Profession/Occupation: Dramatist
Region: England, London
Notable works: "Venice Preserved"

Thomas Otway Facts


Thomas Otway, (born March 3, 1652, Trotton, near Midhurst, Sussex, Eng.--died April 14, 1685, London), English dramatist and poet, one of the forerunners of sentimental drama through his convincing presentation of human emotions in an age of heroic but artificial tragedies. His masterpiece, Venice Preserved, was one of the greatest theatrical successes of his period.

Otway studied at Winchester College and at the University of Oxford but left in 1671 without taking a degree. He went to London, where he was offered a part by Aphra Behn in one of her plays. He was overcome by stage fright, and his first performance was his last. His first play, a rhyming tragedy called Alcibiades, was produced at the Duke's Theatre at Dorset Garden in September 1675. The part of Draxilla in this play was created by the well-known actress Elizabeth Barry, and Otway fell violently in love with her. Six unsigned love letters, said to be addressed to Barry, were published in a collection that appeared in 1697, 12 years after Otway's death. His second play, Don Carlos, produced in June 1676, had an immense success on the stage and is the best of his rhymed heroic plays. Titus and Berenice, adapted from Moliere, and The Cheats of Scapin, adapted from Jean Racine, were published together in 1677.

In 1678 Otway obtained a commission in an English regiment serving in the Netherlands, and he was abroad when his first comedy, Friendship in Fashion, was staged. His next play, Caius Marius, a curious mixture of a story from Plutarch with an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, was staged in 1679. He published his powerful, gloomy autobiographical poem, The Poet's Complaint of His Muse, in 1680.

Otway's most memorable dramatic work was done in the last years of his short life. In the spring of 1680 his fine blank-verse domestic tragedy The Orphan had great success on the stage. On March 1 in the same year his best comedy, The Souldier's Fortune, probably drawn from his military experience, was produced. Venice Preserved, also written in blank verse, was first performed at the Duke's Theatre in 1682. Until the middle of the 19th century it was probably revived more often than any poetic play except those of Shakespeare. John Dryden, who wrote the prologue, praised it highly. Otway's tragedies, particularly Venice Preserved, are notable for their psychological credibility and their clear and powerful presentation of human passions.

Top 7 Thomas Otway quotes

Ambition is a lust that is never quenched, but grows more inflamed and madder by enjoyment.
Honest men are the soft easy cushions on which knaves repose and fatten.
Honest men
Justice is lame as well as blind, amongst us.
Let us embrace, and from this very moment vow an eternal misery together.
Let us
Clocks will go as they are set, but man, irregular man, is never constant, never certain.
Shining through tears, like April suns in showers, that labour to overcome the cloud that loads 'em.
No praying, it spoils business.

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