Thomas Berger (July 20, 1924 - July 13, 2014)
Born: 20th July, 1924
Died: 13th July, 2014
Nationality: American
Profession/Occupation: Novelist
Region: Cincinnati, or Ohio, Nyack, New York
Notable works: "Crazy in Berlin", "Little Big Man"

Thomas Berger Facts


Thomas Berger, in full Thomas Louis Berger, (born July 20, 1924, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.--died July 13, 2014, Nyack, New York), American novelist whose darkly comic fiction probes and satirizes the American experience.

Berger graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1948. His first novel, Crazy in Berlin (1958), grew out of his experiences in the U.S. Army during World War II. This work inaugurated a tetralogy about Carlo Reinhart, who in the first novel is an adolescent American soldier in Germany. Reinhart's story is continued in Reinhart in Love (1962), Vital Parts (1970), and Reinhart's Women (1981). Perhaps Berger's most popular novel was Little Big Man (1964; film 1970), in which the narrator, the 111-year-old Jack Crabb--who claims to be the only white survivor of the Battle of the Little Big Horn--tells his life story. The Return of Little Big Man (1999) is purportedly Crabb's long-lost addendum to the original story.

Berger's other novels include Killing Time (1967); Who Is Teddy Villanova? (1977), a humorous pulp detective story; The Feud (1983), a commentary on people's hostile reactions to minor situations; The Houseguest (1988); Meeting Evil (1992), Berger's most serious work; and Suspects (1996). He also wrote modern versions of several ancient myths and literary classics: Arthur Rex: A Legendary Novel (1978) is a parody of the legend of Camelot; Orrie's Story (1990) retells the ancient Greek tragedy of Aeschylus's trilogy the Oresteia; and Robert Crews (1994) is a modern version of Robinson Crusoe, concerning a middle-aged wealthy alcoholic whose struggle for survival in a forest cures his lifelong depression. Later novels include Best Friends (2003), about a decaying friendship between two men, and Adventures of the Artificial Woman (2004), concerning the exploits of a female robot who develops sentience.

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Why do writers write? Because it isn't there.
The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.
Asking questions
No matter what side of the argument you are on, you always find people on your side that you wish were on the other.

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