Richard Savage (.. - August 01, 1743)
Died: 1st August, 1743
Nationality: English
Profession/Occupation: Poet
Region: England, Bristol
Notable works: "Miscellaneous Poems", "The Wanderer"

Richard Savage Facts


Richard Savage, (born c. 1697, England--died Aug. 1, 1743, Bristol), English poet and satirist and subject of one of the best short biographies in English, Samuel Johnson's An Account of the Life of Mr Richard Savage (1744).

By his own account in the preface to the second edition of his Miscellaneous Poems (1728; 1st ed., 1726), Savage was the illegitimate son of Anne, Countess of Macclesfield, and Richard Savage, the 4th Earl of Rivers. His exact date of birth is uncertain. In any event, in November 1715 a young man taken into custody for having written treasonable (i.e., Jacobite) doggerel identified himself as "Mr. Savage, natural son to the late Earl Rivers" and continued so to describe himself for the rest of his life. This was the poet Savage whose life Johnson chronicled. In 1727 Savage was tried for the murder of one James Sinclair in a tavern brawl but was acquitted.

In 1717 he published The Convocation, a poem about a religious dispute known as the Bangorian controversy, and in 1718 Love in a Veil (published 1719), a comedy adapted from the Spanish of Pedro Calderon de la Barca, was produced at Drury Lane. There, in 1723, his Neoclassical tragedy Sir Thomas Overbury was also produced. His most considerable poem, The Wanderer, a discursive work revealing the influence of James Thomson's The Seasons, appeared in 1729, as did his prose satire on Grub Street, An Author to be Let. In 1737-38 he met Samuel Johnson, then newly arrived in London, and to Johnson's perceptive and compassionate biography he owes his continuing fame. Savage was a quarrelsome and an impecunious man. His friends, Alexander Pope prominent among them, eventually provided him money to convey him out of London. After a year in Wales, he died miserably in debtor's prison.

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Anger is implanted in us as sort of sting, to make us gnash with our teeth against the devil, to make us vehement against him, not to set us in array against each other.
When anger rushes unrestrained to action, like a hot steed, it stumbles on its way. The man of thought strikes deepest and strikes safely.
Such, Polly, are your sex - part truth, part fiction; - Some thought, much whim and all a contradiction.
He lives to build, not boast, a generous race; No tenth transmitter of a foolish face.

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